Thursday, November 22, 2018

Everyday Wigs

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When it comes to hair, I usually don't do much. I like simple styles, as well as, one colored hair mainly for the simplicity. For some reason this year, I've been into changing up my looks. Earlier this year, I got a perm. It's more a wave than a curl. Several months ago, I got a balayage which did not turn out well. That's a whole different story. To get my motivation, I've been looking through my emails and internet. I found a great website that gave me some ideas, Everyday Wigs.

For the last several years, I wanted gray/silver hair. It was the in thing. Since I work in a conservative corporation, I cannot get unnatural hair color. For this particular reason, I wanted ash blonde balayage. I also thought it'll help when my dark hair grows out at the roots.
I wanted something like this. While searching ombre wigs, I learned what ombre is. It seems similar to balayage but I'm not 100% sure. I definitely need to look more into this. While looking through the website, I actually thought about purchasing a wig. It can simplify my life. I can get the unnatural hair color I want and wear it when I'm not at work. Not only that, I don't have to spend so much time and money into a hair I want. It's just a thought.
When I saw this particular blonde wig, I thought of Kylie Jenner. Since she's so popular and everybody wants to be her, this wig might be a good one. If not Kylie, then Kim Kardashian. Either way, the hair is nice. Also, doesn't the model look like one of them? She could be part of the family.
I'm not a purple person, but this purple wig is hot! The mixture of her blue eyes and blue shirt makes the hair stand out. I believe last couple of years purple has been one of the it colors. It'll make a great fall and winter hair. If you can rock this color, I say go for this wig.

Would you purchase a wig to change up your hairstyle?

Disclaimer: Press Release

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