Friday, February 27, 2009

Soy Bean Paste Soup (dwenjang gook) and Some Goodies I Picked Up Today

I make this soup often, because its simple and my dad loves it... hehe~ I hope you guys like it as much as him! :)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

3-5 anchovies
2 dashima/dried seaweed
1 potato
chopped garlic
1/4 Chinese cabbage
soy bean paste
red pepper paste
seafood mix
1/2 firm tofu
chopped green onions

Serving: 4-6

Step 1:
Grab a pot and add water, anchovies, and dashima. Cook the broth for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on you.

Step 2:
I usually take out the anchovies and dashima, before I throw things into the broth. Unfortunately, this time around I didn't cook the broth as long as its suppose to be *sigh*. Towards the end of the broth, I just threw in the potatoes. :X
After 20 minutes of cooking the broth, I took out the anchovies and dashima (depending on the person you might use this at the end of the recipe). I left the chopped potatoes, and threw in chopped garlic and Chinese cabbage.
I added 2 spoonful of soy bean paste and 1 spoonful of red pepper paste. You don't have to add the red pepper paste, but I do to add some spice to the soup... hehe~
I added seafood mix.
I added firm tofu.
I added squash and let it cook for 5 minutes. At the end, taste the soup to fit to your taste bud. If you need more soy bean paste, add a little bit more. Top of the soup with chopped green onions, as well as, the cut dashima you used for the broth.
Now you can eat with rice and kimchi! :)

Yesterday, I got a postcard from Napoleon Perdis. I must have signed up for something, but I can't recall... hehe~ :X So today I went to the nearest Napoleon Perdis store to pick up my freebie... whee~
They gave me this cute bag! How cute is the packaging and the bag!?!?
The postcard said I get a free Protege Lipgloss worth $25, but didn't expect samples. The salesperson included three samples I didn't know until I came home. How nice was she!?!? :) I got pre-foundation skin primer, foundation, and eye spy eye cream and primer samples.

The back of the lipgloss it says "This limited edition mint-flavored lip gloss is the secret to lustrous lip 24/7. A built-in mirror ensures ease of application, while Bees Wax nourishes and protects your pout. Results: Lips are left super-shiny." I tried it on as soon as I got home, and its a pretty color. It doesn't look orange on me as it does in the tube. It's a very natural nude-ish pink color, and it doesn't sting my lips... woo hoo~ I can feel the mint for 5 minutes max but not to the point of pain. :X

Since I was at the mall, I decided to get my free lotion from Victoria's Secret.
It's a 1 oz. body lotion. You can print your own coupon here. Remember Monday, March 2nd is the last day to get this lotion. ;)

Then I stopped by H&M and bought myself some hair accessories... wheee~
I bought hair pins and hair bands. I also picked up the free magazine.

To end the shopping trip, I stopped by MAC store.
I asked them if they were giving out free Hello Kitty bags since they didn't give me one the last time I bought some Hello Kitty stuff (click here to see my last haul on Hello Kitty MAC products). The salesperson said she would give me one for free. How nice was she!?!? Of course I ended up buying something though. :X I bought Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 in Pink Fish.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

China Glaze in Platinum Silver, NOTW #7, Happy Meal, and Little Something from Vanessa M.

I don't know if you recall my post on $1 off on China Glaze at Sally's Beauty (click here to read the post). This is a reminder this Saturday is the last day to take advantage of the offer! ;)

Several weeks ago, I decided to buy another China Glaze. I couldn't decide on which color I wanted and ended up getting a Platinum Silver.
I thought the color was simple, but nice! :) I also swatched the color so you guys can see it (click here to see the swatches of the other China Glaze nail polishes I have). You can also check out my swatches of OPI (click here).

I was too excited about this color that I had to do a nail of the week (NOTW #7)... hehe~

What I used:
(L-R: OPI Base Coat, Maybelline Colorama in Marshmallow Glaze, China Glaze in Platinum Silver, L.A. Colors Art Deco in Baby Pink, and Seche Vite Top Coat)

* OPI Base Coat
* Maybelline Colorama in Marshmallow Glaze
* China Glaze in Platinum Silver
* L.A. Colors Art Deco in Baby Pink
* Seche Vite Top Coat (Thank you makeup buddy!)

I think it came out really nice! :) It looks very modernized or at least I think so... hehe~ One of the middle school boys I deal with said it looks so cool. He kept grabbing my hand to look at it *sigh*. :/

For my next nail of the week (NOTW #8), I'm going to try to use the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen I recently bought.
I bought the nail art pen in black, because I think its one of the versatile color. If you guys want to buy one of these, go check out Walgreens. They're having a 40% off sale which is where I bought mine... hehe~ I will definitely review this after I try it out.

On twitter, I kept seeing pictures of Miki D's Happy Meal toys for girls. Anyone who knows me well knows I like cutesie things. It might not seem like that on here, but I'm a child at heart... hehe~ I have a lot of Pooh bear stuff in my room, as well as, stuffed animals. After seeing what was given, I had to get some. :X
I went to three Miki D's and they were out of all the cute ones I wanted... boo hoo~ :( I ended up getting these. Oh well, it's better than nothing... heh~

Speaking of twitter, Vanessa M. from Vans Makeup Ride sent me a cute nail polish stickers. :) She said it reminded her of me and Tobey... hehe~ How cute is that she remembers Tobey, my love!!!... hehe~
She also sent some samples of DHC products, and a sweet note... hehe~ Thank you so much for a generous gift and thinking of me, as well as, Tobey!

Thank you Vanessa!!! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Korean Pancake Version 2 (kim-chi bu chim gae/kim-chi jeon)

Here's the second version of the Korean pancake, the spicy one. If you don't recall my first version, the non-spicy one, you can click here. It was in my past post... hehe~

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

mixing powder
seafood mix
green onion
kim-chi & juice
olive oil or any oil
soy sauce
garlic salt
sesame seeds
red pepper powder

Step 1:
In a bowl, mix the mixing powder and water until you get a liquid-y consistency.
I used this mixing powder I bought from the Korean market.

If you don't have a mixing powder, you can use flour. In a bowl add flour, pinch of salt, 1 egg, and water until you get a liquid-y consistency.

Step 2:
Now you add the ingredients you want in the pancake. I added seafood mix, onion, and green onions.

It's the same process as the first version except...
Now you need to cut kim-chi into small pieces. Throw the chopped kim-chi and juice into the pancake. The key to making this pancake is using the old kim-chi and juice. If you use the new kim-chi, it won't taste that good... hehe~ :X

Step 3:
In a frying pan, put olive oil or any oil you prefer. Now scoop some pancake mixture you just made and fry both sides. The key in making the pancake as thin as possible! ;)
Now you can eat with soy sauce mixture. In the soy sauce I added chopped green onions, garlic salt, sesame seeds, and red pepper powder. In my case, we didn't even need the soy sauce mixture because I added way too much kim-chi and juice... lol~ It was spicy without the soy sauce mixture! :X

This is my nail of the week (NOTW #6). It's very simple and boring... hehe~
I just want to enjoy the black nail polish color until Spring comes around... hehe~ I used OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside! It's such a beautiful black nail polish with silver glitters. Gorgeous! :)

I was tagged by Neeyuh at Peace.Love.Makeup.

TAG: What I'm using right now!

Shampoo: Garnier Fructis (smells good!)

Condtioner: Dove (I don't like it much!)

Styling products: N/A (Believe it or not I don't put anything in my hair... hehe~)

Shower Gel: Bath and Body Works in Black Raspberry Vanilla (I love fruity smells minus the vanilla!)

Body moisturizer: The Body Shop Body Butter in Cranberry (gift I love!)

Deodorant: Dove (sample I got)

Fake Tan: N/A (I don't want to turn orange... hehe~)

Cleanser: Mario Badescu (sample I got and will review soon)

Eye makeup remover: Lancome (gift I love!)

Exfoliator: too many to list... hehe~

Primer: IOPE (Korean brand)

Foundation: Maybelline Dream Mousse (trying to finish it)

Foundation brush: I use a sponge

Concealer: Lancome (trying to finish it)

Powder: Debon (Korean brand)

Blusher: MAC Peacykeen

Bronzer: NYX Blush in Taupe

Highlighter: MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle

Eyeshadow base: UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (love these!)

Eyeshadows: UD Smog and Maui Wowie

Eyeliner: L'oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Black

Eyelash curler: Revlon (heated)

Eyelash base: N/A

Mascara: Hard Candy (bad quality but trying to finish)

Lipstick: The Balm Stainiac in Beauty Queen (sample I got)

Lipgloss: N/A

Nail Colour: OPI Baby It's "Coal" Outside!

I'm tagging anyone who wants to do it!!! If you're reading this, I'm tagging you... hehe~ ;)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Korean Pancake Version 1 (bu chim gae/haemul jeon)

This is the non-spicy version. I think they both taste good in different ways... hehe~ You guys can be the judge after I post both version. Better yet I would love to see pictures of the final products of my recipes!!! :)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

mixing powder
green onions
seafood mix
olive oil or any oil
soy sauce
sesame seeds
red pepper powder

Step 1:
I used this mixing powder instead of flour. You can use flour, but in my opinion I think the mixing powder taste better. You can get this mixing powder at any Korean market.
In a big bowl, add the mixing powder and water until the powder becomes a liquid-y consistency like the picture above.

If you want to use flour, do the same process as above. In a big bowl, add flour, water, 1 egg, and a pinch of salt until you get a liquid-y consistency.

Step 2:
Now you can add whatever items you want for the pancake. I added leeks, green onions, squash, and seafood mix. I used this bag for the seafood mix.

Step 3:
In a frying pan, add olive oil or any oil you prefer. You need to scoop some from the big bowl and fry both sides. The key to making this is making the pancake as thin as possible!!!
Now you eat the pancake alone or with the soy sauce mixture. In the soy sauce, I cut some green onions and added sesame seeds and red pepper powder.

My last post so many of you guys were interested in this product, Epistick (facial hair removal). Most of you guys are curious how it works (click here to see my post). I'll try my best to explain this product... hehe~
This is actually my second time buying this. I've had one for half a year or maybe longer. I can't remember... hehe~ :X Some people think it works and some don't from what I've heard. I actually think it works for me! Just in caution, it might be painful in the beginning depending on the person! I have OCD when it comes to pulling hair. When I first used this, it didn't hurt for me since I'm use to pulling hair (where my OCD comes from). :X
The ends, the pinkish-purple handles, are where you will grab the instrument. You will need to use both hands, one hand for each handle. The middle, rings, is the part where it will grab the facial hairs.
I marked an "X" on a piece of paper. The "X" marks the spot that has the facial hair. You will bend the instrument and put the middle/top of the ring on the facial hairs. With both hands on each handle, you will twist back and forth. By twisting, it will grab the hairs. PLEASE ignore one hand on both handles! I wanted to take a picture so you can see how to bend the instrument... hehe~ :P I hope this explains it or you can check YouTube... lol~

credit: thinkbeauty, YouTube

Monday, February 16, 2009

Nail Tutorial: French Tip (NOTW #5), Collective Haul, and How to Top Coat the Labels of Your Brushes

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was good!!! :) I'm sure you guys had it better than me... lol~ I was sick in bed with a 100 degree fever *sigh*. Thankfully, I'm much better now! I also thank the people who wished me to get well!!! I love you guys for caring! :)

Now to my post... I was requested by a reader to do a nail tutorial on this look (click here). It was my NOTW #3, but I'm not too sure if she even reads my blog... hehe~ Oh well, I'll still post it for anyone who is interested in the way I do a French tip. By the way, I changed the colors but it's still the same concept.

What I used:
(L-R: OPI Base Coat, OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue!, L.A. Colors Art Deco in White, and Seche Vite Top Coat)

Step 1:
Start off with a base coat then color the tip with the color of your choice, mine was OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue! (don't you love the name?... hehe~). I swipe it from side to side on my nail. I do it two times to make the color pop.

Step 2:
Then I got my L.A. Colors Art Deco in White and tried to draw a thin line right above the French tip. I apologize it's not the best line ever!!! :X I'm sure you guys can draw a better line than me... hehe~ ;)

Step 3:
I end it with a top coat. I know it's not the best I've done but I did like the color choices... hehe~ :)

I want to show some of the things I got in the past several weeks... hehe~
I know a lot of people buy stuff from ebay but if you ever check out the Soompi selling & trading section of the forum, you can actually buy products cheaper than ebay or some online stores. The only problem is that shipping isn't that fast compared to online stores and ebay. :/ I guess it's a balance thing... hehe~ You take one or the other. I bought these from Soompi. I bought Epistick (facial hair remover), 3-in-1 Mascara Applicator/Protector/Comb, and velcro fringe sticker in pink (comes with two).
I also checked out the Hello Kitty Collection at the MAC store. I knew I wanted one blush, but I fell in love with the brush holder. I couldn't refuse!!!... hehe~ The funny thing is I was so sure I was going to get the pink blush but I ended up getting the orange one, Fun & Games.
The sales person put each blush on each cheeks, and she recommended the orange one on me. I wasn't too sure about what she was saying until I walked to the mirror. I looked like a clown with the pink blush... lol~ :X I'm actually happy with the orange blush because I'm starting to wonder off the typical colors I buy! :)
After checking out the MAC store, I had to check out my favorite hair accessory store... hehe~ Anyone who knows me well knows I love hair accessories or any type of accessories like earrings. I saw this hair clip and I had to buy it!!! It looks like one hair piece, but actually their two hair clips. They're so cute (kawaii)!!! :)

I'm going to end this post with a tutorial how to paint the label of your MAC brushes or any other type with a top coat.

What you need:
(L-R: tape, scissors, and top coat)

With the tape, tape it all around the label as close to the label as possible. Once you did all four sides, you can paint a thin layer of your choice of top coat. I used Seche Vite Top Coat. I let it sit for several hours and then I take the tape off. Now you're done!!! :)

If you're wondering why I do this, its because as time goes on with washing and touching the label. The label will be rubbed off eventually. If you put a top coat, the label will permanently be there for a long time. It goes the same with scratches on your car. If you get a slight scratch, put a top coat over it. As time goes on, the scratch will not get bigger... hehe~ ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etude House Black Head Bond Patch and Samples I Received

End of last year, I was given a chance to try out Etude House Black Head Bond Patch. Of course I took the opportunity since Digital Angel was willing to give me one to try out. No, I didn't recently try this out... lol~ :P I have a pile of stuff to post but I'm taking my time. :X
The packaging looks like the typical nose pore strips by any company, but it is different!
The strip is black!!!

Product Review: Etude House Black Head Bond Patch

Where can you purchase this: I'm sure you can find these online
Price: no clue since I was given this

Made in Korea

How to use: Following facial cleansing regiment, use finger to apply and evenly distribute pack until nose is completely covered. Allow pack to dry for 10-15 minutes before removal. Do not touch while drying.

My thoughts: I actually thought it was pretty cool that the strip was black, because its more noticeable then a white strip. I'll tell you one thing either my nose pores are nasty or that black strip is fancy... lol~ (I'm a dork it rhymes!) :X

* Its more noticeable on the black strip than the white.
* It sticks on your nose well and doesn't fall off.
* It dries, but not to the point it hurts.
* It takes out the nastiness of your nose pores.

* Its hard find some of these around you unless you have a store that sells Etude House.

Would I buy this again? Yes!

Rating: 4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

This past week I've gotten samples from two companies... woo hoo~ I love getting samples to find out which products work for me and what doesn't! :)
The first one I signed up on M Lab ( and they gave you good amount of samples... whee~
The second which you have to pay for the shipping ($4.99) isn't bad for three small tubes of Yu-Be creams ( The reason why I want to try this out is because I heard your eyelashes grow. I already took pictures of my before and I will tell you the results in two weeks of trying this product. I hope it works because I want long, full eyelashes!
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