Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fruity Lashes Giveaway Prize, Kim Tak Goo, and Los Angeles Korean Festival

Fruity Lashes had a giveaway and gave away 5 wonderful prizes. How nice of her!!! I won her 5th prize... woo hoo~ It came in Monday the day of my Father's birthday, and he wasn't the only one who received something... hehe~
She included more than I expected!
It had sample perfumes.
She included some skin care samples. I can't wait to try out Skin MD. I remember when people had giveaways for these. I was hoping I would win one so I can try this product out... hehe~ It's all good I got a sample now. :)
She also included a Watsons sheet mask. I have heard of this brand and read people's reviews. I can't wait to try this myself... wheee~
Lastly, she included some candies. They were delicious! It didn't even last a day... hehe~ :X Now for the prizes I won.
Urban Decay lipgloss in Lust. This will be my second lipgloss from this line. My first one was in Quiver.
I compared the colors of the lipglosses. The one on the left is Lust and Quiver on the right.
Kanebo sample skin care line; cleanser, toner, and lotion. It came in a cute, plastic container. I can't wait to try this out... wheee~

It's been two weeks since this drama ended, and I really miss watching it!... wahhh~ :( I usually don't mention Korean dramas, but I really do recommend this.
"Baking, Kim Tak Goo"

If you have the opportunity, I recommend watching it. It has 30 episodes and ended with a high rating of 49%. That's pretty high! ;)

I mentioned in my past post about the Los Angeles Korean Festival this weekend starting tonight, September 30th. They finally updated their website with the schedule. I'm so excited!!! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are given to me as a winning prize. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Credit: Soompi

Monday, September 27, 2010

Folica Haul, Buxon Mascara, and Los Angeles Korean Festival

End of August, I received my Folica haul. I wanted to post this haul as soon as I received it to make sure I receive it before mentioning about the glitch on their website. The day I received it, they fixed the glitch *sigh*. :/ Sorry, my bad! Anyways, to my haul.
I bought three Batiste Dry Shampoo (I will review these later), it was a package deal, and received a free, mini Solia 1/2" flat iron. That's where the glitch was. You're suppose to buy $50 worth of products to get the mini flat iron, but it worked out with $11 worth of products. :/

I was really excited to receive the mini, flat iron! I've always wanted one to take for traveling or on days when I only want to do my bangs... hehe~
In the box, it came with the mini flat iron, one hand glove, and an instruction. I've used it couple of times and think it's about time I review it... hehe~
Product Review: Solia 1/2" Mini Styling Iron

Where can you purchase this: anywhere they sell Solia brand, but I got it from Folica
Price: free, it's worth $40

Made in PRC

Information on top: Only 6" inches long. The Solia mini styling iron utilizes a unique concave/convex plate technology that offers you styling versatility from a sleek straight look to flips and curls for the ultimate frizz-free style.
My thoughts: Even though I knew it was suppose to be "MINI," I didn't expect it to be that small... lol~ :X It's the size of a hand or at least my hand... lol~ :P It's really cute to be honest, because of the size. Other than the size, the next thing I looked for was the on/off button and temperature adjustment. This doesn't have temperature adjustment. It heats up to the maximum of 400 degree Fahrenheit/200 degree Celsius. The last thing I tend to look for is the end of where the cord is. I hate any styling tools that can get tangle from styling your hair. Thankfully, this has a turn around cord where it shouldn't get tangles... hehe~
When I opened the box, what really excited me was the hand glove! All the flat irons I have/had didn't come with a hand glove. I had to deal with the heat very cautiously... hehe~ Now that I have a hand glove, I can use this with my other styling tools... yippie~ :)

I finally gave it a try and thought it was decent!

Here's how my bangs/top layer of my hair looked. I have super straight hair, but I have a tendency to tie my hair from the heat... hehe~ :P

Look hot straight it is now!... wheee~

* Solia; a great name brand.
* Mini size to take for traveling, and good for short hair and bangs.
* Comes with a hand glove.
* It straightens pretty decently.

* Only comes with one temperature; 400 degree Fahrenheit/200 degree Celsius.
* Doesn't come with a bag to put your flat iron in.

Would I buy this again: Yes.
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

This past week I visited Sephora inside JCPenny. They are giving out free, good size Buxon Mascara in Blackest Black.
I will review this later... hehe~ You need a coupon to get this freebie. ;)

I'm going to end this post with the Los Angeles Korean Festival coming this weekend. It starts Thursday, September 30th with Kim Yuna (Olympic, female ice skating champion) opening. The concert ends with Wonder Girls closing on Saturday, October 2nd. My favorite is the fair with yummy, delicious food and Korea products for cheap (both Saturday and Sunday)... hehe~ You can get more information on their website and Facebook. I hope for the people who are around LA, you can join. It's a fun event!... hehe~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for the Solia Mini flat iron, gift with purchase, and Buxom Mascara, freebie from Sephora inside JCPenny. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Monday, September 20, 2010

L'Oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me to review. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise any product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Since I'm an agent for BzzAgent, they sent me L'oreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye to try and review. It's been about a month since I received this and thought it's about time I review it.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Napoleon Perdis Event

Several weeks ago, my local Ulta had an event dedicated to Napoleon Perdis. They had a group of makeup artists doing makeup on people, food and drink, KIIS FM came to DJ, and the special guest Napoleon Perdis himself was there. It was actually pretty fun and the food was delicious! Now you know where my mind was at, food... lol~ :X I debated if I wanted to have a makeup done by one of the artists and at the end, I gave in.

To have a makeover, you needed to buy at least two Napoleon Perdis products. If you buy $40 worth of Napoleon Perdis, you get a lipgloss and nail polish set. If you buy $100 worth of Napoleon Perdis, you get the lipgloss and nail polish set AND a brush set.

All I could say is I was pretty disappointed with the makeover... lol~ The makeup artist I had kept telling me she sees fresh face look. She went crazy with yellow, purple, blue, and pink. She didn't even want to line my eyes which I persist for her to do so. She finally gave in. :/ Towards the end of the makeover, Napoleon Perdis came over and fixed the makeup. To be honest, it looked better after he fixed it!... lol~ He was a really sweet guy but hot dang his tan was dark!... lol~ :X I loved his accent and he did what I always see in the movies; give air kisses on the cheeks. He did that to me and I was flattered, because I never got air kisses before... lol~ :P I even got to take a picture with him... woo hoo~

Now for the lipgloss and nail polish set after you buy $40 worth of Napoleon Perdis products.
You had a choice between purple (Milan) and red. I choose red at first, and then Napoleon Perdis's assistant (she had such a cute accent) told me I would look better with purple and that purple is the in thing this fall. For that reason, I changed it to purple... lol~
In all honesty, the Milan is gorgeous! My fear is how am I going to pull this off... lol~
The lipgloss comes with a brush not a sponge.
When I swatched the lipgloss, it wasn't what I expected in a good way... hehe~ I thought the lipgloss would be dark purple, but it wasn't... woo hoo~ It was a gorgeous light purple with glitters. I actually like it a lot!!! :)
The nail polish, on the other hand, was dark purple. It's a gorgeous color as well! :)
Here's the ingredients for both nail polish (top one) and lipgloss (bottom one).

If you buy $100 worth of Napoleon Perdis products, you get the lipgloss and nail polish set AND a brush set.
The brush set comes in a cute, gold brush case.
Here's how the brush case looks when it's open. I wasn't able to take a picture and hold the brush case at the same time. I'm not the most talented person in the world!... lol~ :P
The brush set came with 6 mini-brushes. I was pretty impressed how soft they are, as well as, they didn't bleed and shed through washing! They're actually pretty decent brushes... hehe~

Edit: I debated for a long time about this and decided to upload the picture I took with Napoleon Perdis. I cut myself out to be anonymous, as well as, I look awful... lol~ :P

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are gifts with purchases. I am not affiliated with the company, Napoleon Perdis, nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Imitation of a Look and Maybelline Lipsticks

About a month ago, I had a chance to chill with my friend and her daughter. She was kind enough to drive to K-town so we can window shop at the malls... hehe~ When we passed the beauty store, I grabbed the Laneige monthly brochure/catalog. While browsing the brochure, one picture grabbed my attention.
It's Song Hye Gyo, a popular Korean actress, and she's the model for Laneige Cosmetics. I just fell in love with the light, clean look with a pop of purple on the eyes. I apologize for not the greatest picture! It's on a shiny paper which makes it difficult to take a picture unless someone can tell me how to... hehe~ :P This picture gave me motivation to imitate it to my taste.
For some odd reason, the camera washed the purple out. :/ Oh well, you have an idea... hehe~
Here's how the eye makeup looks. I should have taken a picture of the eyeshadow palette, but I forgot. :/ The eyeshadow palette has 4 colors; cream, pink, purple, and gray. I used all 4 colors of the eyeshadow palette from my collection NOT the Laneige one. Song Hye Gyo had gray on the lids, pink on the inner corners, purple on the crease and outer V, and cream under the eyebrows. I added the purple and pink on the bottom lashes. PLEASE excuse the application of falsie!!! :X I haven't put falsies on for ages and it came out bad *sigh*... lol~ Now you know why I don't wear falsies that often. :P It looked good when the eyes were open!!!... lol~

Recently, I've been into the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolor. I bought two at two different clearance sale... hehe~ I got the first one from CVS.
This is #A12 Sugar Plum Ice.
Here's the swatch of the color. It's a frosty, light pink. I tend to stay away from the frostiness of lip colors but this one isn't bad on the lips. It's not very frosty looking on the lips. It just adds a nice glow which I like! :)

The second one I got from Ulta.
This is #A58 Berry Sorbet.
I don't know if it's because it's the fall season, but I've been into raspberry stain colors. :/ The color is gorgeous but with my pigmented lips, it looks pinkish-red on me... hehe~ I don't apply it much on my lips so I can get the stained color.

These lipsticks are great; moisturizing, they smell like watermelon, and it has SPF. I'm allergic to the Benzone family and these lipsticks don't have them which is great!!! ;)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

NP Lip Gloss Compact

Couple of weeks ago when I went to Target, I saw couple of NP (Napoleon Perdis) Lip Gloss Compact in the clearance section. The first thing I did is to see the color choices and if they were tainted with fingerprints... hehe~ :X They only had two color choices, light pink and peachy color, and both of them weren't tainted... woo hoo~ I decided to get the peachy colored lipgloss (I've been into coral/peachy colored these past two summers).

The best part is it was 75% off the original... woo hoo~ The compact comes in a white, simple compact. It's very sleek looking in my opinion... hehe~
When you open the compact, you have a mirror. It's really nice with the mirror. :) I just wish they had a small lip brush instead of carrying one. I guess it wouldn't matter to a makeup artist, but for personal use you have to carry a lip brush which can be inconvenient depending on the person... hehe~

Product Review: NP Lip Gloss Compact in Vanuatu

Where can you purchase this: Target and Target website
Price: $10 for 3 g/0.105 oz. (I got mine 75% off at $2.50)

Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Information on the back: Supersize your gloss with this captivating compact What's in it for me Sunflower Seed Oil moisturizes with each application.


My thoughts: I was really excited that I got this lipgloss for really cheap!... wheee~ Then I swatched the lipgloss at home and kind of had mixed feelings... lol~ :X
I thought the color of the lipgloss is pretty but I wasn't excited about all the gold specks of glitter. Then I tried it on my lips and fell in love!!!... lol~ The color is a light, peachy colored on my lips. I have very light pink lips and anything I put on my lips tend to turn on the pink side. I was pretty impressed I saw some peach colored!!! ;) It also looks frosty and I tend to stay away from frosty colors. It wasn't overwhelming but had a slight tint of frost which made the lipgloss really pretty! The best part is it's really not sticky and last a long time.

* It has a sleek looking compact with a mirror.
* It's not sticky and lasts a long time.
* Gorgeous color, slight true on the lips.
* Frostiness isn't overwhelming.

* It doesn't come with a lip brush.
* It has glitters, you can feel it slightly when you rub your lips.
* It's has a slight frostiness.

Would I buy this again: Possibly.
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws
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