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The Latest with WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Disclaimer: The post is written by a guest author. I am not affiliated with the company but am getting paid to advertise the post. This post is written with the views and opinions of the guest author.

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The Latest Trend in Hair Care - Cleansing Conditioners

Having healthy, shiny, strong hair is at the top of the beauty wish list for countless women. Unfortunately, almost all drugstore shampoos, even ones labeled 'hydrating' or 'moisturizing' are loaded with harsh, stripping detergents - also known as sulfates - that can cause hair to lose its luster and become brittle and frail.

Chaz Dean, a renowned Hollywood hairstylist, noticed the issues caused by standard shampoo and set out to find a formula that efficiently cleansed hair without stripping away its natural, necessary oils. Chaz ended up developing a revolutionary method of cleansing the hair - WEN.

What is WEN?

WEN is an indulgent, nourishing, cleansing conditioner that cleans hair while adding hydration and boosting the overall health of strands. The sulfate-free system is designed to provide hair with body, shine, strength, and fullness is just one use.

The rich, creamy formula makes an excellent option for all hair types from thick, coarse, unruly hair to thinning, fragile strands. The majority (over 95 percent) of users report a significant increase in shine, moisture, and manageability after using WEN cleansing conditioner for a 3 week period.

What Makes WEN Unique?

Possibly the most noticeable aspect of WEN is its lack of lather. For years, we have been conditioned to equate clean hair with a bubble, soapy shampoo. Although hair feels clean and squeaky after using a typical shampoo, this is actually a sign of damage. Hair that is too clean has been stripped of beneficial moisture and natural oils. WEN eliminates the use of sulfates in favor of natural botanicals that act as gentle, hydrating cleansing agents.

Aside from being free from harsh sulfates and detergents, the luxurious formula is capable of replacing 5 hair products - shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, and detangler.

The formula is also safe for color-treated hair and may even lead to increased color retention. Without harsh detergents stripping hair each time you wash, color is able to stay bright and vibrant.

WEN features all natural ingredients and a variety of unique, high-quality botanical and herbal extracts. A few of the powerful, beneficial ingredients include:

  • Glycerin - A potent ingredient capable of helping hair retain moisture due to its humectant properties
  • Wild Cherry Bark - This natural extract helps thoroughly condition and hydrate the hair
  • Rosemary Extract - This extract contains gentle, soothing properties
  • Chamomile Extract - Possesses the ability to soothe and calm strands
  • Panthenol - Helps strengthen weak strands and bring back resiliency and shine

How to Use WEN

To use WEN, begin by thoroughly rinsing your hair. Next, apply WEN (it is recommended to use 10 to 16 pumps for shorter hair and around 24 to 32, or more, for thicker or longer hair) and rub the cleansing conditioner together in your palms. Apply to hair and scalp, adding a splash of water for easier distribution if necessary. As it contains no stripping, bubbly sulfates, there will be zero lather.

Allow the product to soak into hair for several minutes, massaging occasionally, and then rinse well. If desired, a small amount can be applied to the ends of wet hair as a leave-in. Since the formula is so gentle, it can be used as often as desire, even daily.

Final Words

If you are finding that regular shampoo leads to dry, stiff, brittle strands, consider trying a nourishing, sulfate-free cleansing conditioner such as WEN. With each use, WEN can help hair recover from damage, weakness, and dryness caused by years of using shampoos loaded with sulfates.

Disclaimer: The post is written by a guest author. I am not affiliated with the company but am getting paid to advertise the post. This post is written with the views and opinions of the guest author.

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