Sunday, February 1, 2009

OPI Nail Polish Collection and Gold/Brown Look

I'm sitting here with mask on waiting for it to dry (10-15 mins), and thought why not update my blog... lol~ :P Several weeks ago, I posted my hauls on nail polishes (click here and here to refresh your memory). I thought it'll be nice if I posted swatches of the nail polishes I have. I decided to start with all the OPIs I have.
* Don't Toy With Me!
* Girls Just Want To Play
* Give Me A Coral Sometime (Thank you Toma!)
* Curry Up Don't Be Late!
* Kyoto Pearl

* Teal The Cows Come Home
* Yoga-ta Get This Blue!
* OPI Ink
* Baby It's "Coal" Outside!

* Make Love... (Thank you Trinh!)
* Before You Leap
* Route Beer Float
* Katherine The Grape
* Tucumcari Boys 'N' Berry

Next time I will do China Glaze nail polishes I have! :)

I thought I'll end with a gold eyeshadow I did. I took picture for the heck of it... hehe~

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
L'oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in Gilded:
* Gold on the lid
* Brown on the outer "v," crease, and the bottom outer 2/3
CG Sugar Rush as highlight
L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Black
Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Duo in Smashing Beacon on the inner corner and bottom inner 1/3
Hard Candy Mascara


Tina Marie Online said...

oooh! what mask are you wearing? i love your OPI collection. i don't have any! sad huh?? i definitely gotta start collecting. i love their colors!

love the gold & brown look. one of my favorite color combos [:

Askmewhats said...

ohhhhh I love your polish collection :) :) :) And I love your eye make up! Your eyes are pretty :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the POI polishes are so pretty! they are so expensive here and UK, lol! I prefer the cheapy one here lol.

thats a pretty gold/brown neutral look!!

paperdollrevenge said...

OMG I love those swatches! Curry Up is surprisingly a pale gold/champagne, I wasn't expecting that, and that Coral is so pretty too! You're so evil for posting these swatches, hehe, it's gonna make everyone want more OPI! =P

yumeko said...

i looove opi
thanks for the swatches! really helpful!!!!

i loooove gold eyeshadow! and brown too [but u knew that hee]

L said...

omg, u are the nail polish queen and creator!!! <3

i always go into the beauty shop on base but i dont like those girls so i dont buy shit. LOL.

great EOTD too, ur doin a great job!

Jnie said...

My my my... I must have Make Love, Katherine the Grape and Give me A Coral Sometime! So pretty! Cross that about no more nail hauls for me, your bad for me girl.

I get my OPI's for 4.99 and CG for 2.99.

She's doing great, we're taking her to the vet this week for her first set of shots. I love her, she has her cute little acts. How old is Tobey again?

Oh and the Soft & Gentle msf looks so so pretty!

fuzkittie said...

Wow you have many OPI polishes! I love it when you do EOTD!!!

Dao said...

Love the look and your nail collection. OPI is really good, I have a bottle that's 7+ years old and it is still fine :)

FuN and MakeUp said...

i like those colors together.. pretty natural.. and i like how u lined ur eyeliner

Anonymous said...

LOVE the eye~ looks great: )
hahaha...its funny cause i took pictures of my polish collection last night. i almost cried when i thought of all the money i spent on those babies
i love the rainbowish colour spread of your polish collection of OPI's~

gio said...

Just noticed your back. I'm sooo late, sorry *is embarassed* Welcome back hun!

You have a very nice polish collection and the the eye makeup is beautiful.

Neeyuh said...

Ohhh nice collection of OPI as well! I don't have any yet but thanks for the swatches, I seen a few colors I would really like! Pretty look you did, I just love golds!

Madz said...

Hi there!

You have a lot of OPI shades! I'm envious! I only have like 4 shades.

Party in my cabana, thanks so muchness, I think in pink and lucky lucky lavander. :)

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