Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Korean Pancake Version 1 (bu chim gae/haemul jeon)

This is the non-spicy version. I think they both taste good in different ways... hehe~ You guys can be the judge after I post both version. Better yet I would love to see pictures of the final products of my recipes!!! :)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

mixing powder
green onions
seafood mix
olive oil or any oil
soy sauce
sesame seeds
red pepper powder

Step 1:
I used this mixing powder instead of flour. You can use flour, but in my opinion I think the mixing powder taste better. You can get this mixing powder at any Korean market.
In a big bowl, add the mixing powder and water until the powder becomes a liquid-y consistency like the picture above.

If you want to use flour, do the same process as above. In a big bowl, add flour, water, 1 egg, and a pinch of salt until you get a liquid-y consistency.

Step 2:
Now you can add whatever items you want for the pancake. I added leeks, green onions, squash, and seafood mix. I used this bag for the seafood mix.

Step 3:
In a frying pan, add olive oil or any oil you prefer. You need to scoop some from the big bowl and fry both sides. The key to making this is making the pancake as thin as possible!!!
Now you eat the pancake alone or with the soy sauce mixture. In the soy sauce, I cut some green onions and added sesame seeds and red pepper powder.

My last post so many of you guys were interested in this product, Epistick (facial hair removal). Most of you guys are curious how it works (click here to see my post). I'll try my best to explain this product... hehe~
This is actually my second time buying this. I've had one for half a year or maybe longer. I can't remember... hehe~ :X Some people think it works and some don't from what I've heard. I actually think it works for me! Just in caution, it might be painful in the beginning depending on the person! I have OCD when it comes to pulling hair. When I first used this, it didn't hurt for me since I'm use to pulling hair (where my OCD comes from). :X
The ends, the pinkish-purple handles, are where you will grab the instrument. You will need to use both hands, one hand for each handle. The middle, rings, is the part where it will grab the facial hairs.
I marked an "X" on a piece of paper. The "X" marks the spot that has the facial hair. You will bend the instrument and put the middle/top of the ring on the facial hairs. With both hands on each handle, you will twist back and forth. By twisting, it will grab the hairs. PLEASE ignore one hand on both handles! I wanted to take a picture so you can see how to bend the instrument... hehe~ :P I hope this explains it or you can check YouTube... lol~

credit: thinkbeauty, YouTube


M said...

woman i'm coming over for dinner, that stuff needs to be in MAH belly right now!

fuzkittie said...

that is such a cool instrument, hahaha. Mmmm my mom is great at making those pancakes... yum!

Sofee said...

that looks pretty easy...have u tried it???

and thanx for the comment on my niece

Askmewhats said...

Korean pancake looks DELISH!!! Love it!!!! Yumm You have to send them to me! hahahah I love to eat it now!! :)

That facial hair removal thingy looks interesting! I felt the ouch though :)

Kimberly Tia said...

I always make these pancakes!!!
im obsessed with them for lunch/dinner/snack... omg...
i buy those pancake batters by 5's ahhahahha -- i put shrimp, squid, leeks, daikon, onions in mine!

mmmM now u got me craving girl!!!

Jnie said...

Oooh.. I've seen those on soompi and have been wanting to get one. I just epilate, probably hurts just as much.
Pancakes look yummy!

ladystarr said...

mmm yum! my old boss made that dish before! I don't remember that optional?

kawaiikao said...

OOH! so that's how you use it!! I might give this a try...but I'm scared of it hurting :[

xJUDYx said...

mmm! looks delish! that hair remover tool looks painful! lol

FuN and MakeUp said...

wut is that stick thingy? so interesting.. how does ti work? lol

mMmmm u gotta cook for me someday eh!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i missed u! are u any better?

and yummy pancakes!! i cant wait to see the version 2!!

i finally found the local koreantown, wish u were here so u can tell me whats what!

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

i am still on msn though ^^

*Jen* said...

aly is this something you can use on your eyebrows? i'm thinking no based on the video, but was just curious as to what you used it for!

Anonymous said...

whoa - that looks yummy! and the hair remover? i think i might just need one. haha

CuttiBeBe said...

omg i made those pancakes a week ago and was a total disaster! you are exactly right about it has to be thin, cuz otherwise it's like you are frying a cake forever...

the seafood packet, is that frozen? i see that alot. so do you defrost it first?

that hair removal thing looks interesting... does the hair grow back thicker?

miRaCLe said...

cool epistick :D
i love korean pancake!! :))
i once follow maangchi's recipe but only the bf manage to get a decent shape! :p mine ended up in a mess. hahas. He said the key is to put more oil so that the pancake can stick together. he has got such an unhealthy way :p but is it true?? hahaha

Vanessa M. said...

looks cool and scary lol

gio said...

That hair remover is intersting but it looks painful!

The pancakes are yummy!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Kimchi pancake mmmmm! one of my fave :D

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ouch! yes, it looks painful.
The pancakes... oh my! Im hungry again..

LadyJane said...

I LOVE KOREAN PANCAKES!! I dunno anyone who doesn't :)

I have the hair remover stick but I have really fine hair so it's really hard to "trap" the hairs - gets pretty frustrating. Maybe I just dunno what I'm doing haha. I'll try again.

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