Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Etude House Black Head Bond Patch and Samples I Received

End of last year, I was given a chance to try out Etude House Black Head Bond Patch. Of course I took the opportunity since Digital Angel was willing to give me one to try out. No, I didn't recently try this out... lol~ :P I have a pile of stuff to post but I'm taking my time. :X
The packaging looks like the typical nose pore strips by any company, but it is different!
The strip is black!!!

Product Review: Etude House Black Head Bond Patch

Where can you purchase this: I'm sure you can find these online
Price: no clue since I was given this

Made in Korea

How to use: Following facial cleansing regiment, use finger to apply and evenly distribute pack until nose is completely covered. Allow pack to dry for 10-15 minutes before removal. Do not touch while drying.

My thoughts: I actually thought it was pretty cool that the strip was black, because its more noticeable then a white strip. I'll tell you one thing either my nose pores are nasty or that black strip is fancy... lol~ (I'm a dork it rhymes!) :X

* Its more noticeable on the black strip than the white.
* It sticks on your nose well and doesn't fall off.
* It dries, but not to the point it hurts.
* It takes out the nastiness of your nose pores.

* Its hard find some of these around you unless you have a store that sells Etude House.

Would I buy this again? Yes!

Rating: 4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

This past week I've gotten samples from two companies... woo hoo~ I love getting samples to find out which products work for me and what doesn't! :)
The first one I signed up on M Lab (www.mlabonline.com) and they gave you good amount of samples... whee~
The second which you have to pay for the shipping ($4.99) isn't bad for three small tubes of Yu-Be creams (www.yu-be.com). The reason why I want to try this out is because I heard your eyelashes grow. I already took pictures of my before and I will tell you the results in two weeks of trying this product. I hope it works because I want long, full eyelashes!


fuzkittie said...

Woot, I can't wait to see if Yu-Be works on your lashes! Haha... I forgot to record mine so I can't really say.

I LOVE that nose strip! I only tried one also, haha.

Neeyuh said...

Thanks for the review!! I'm always looking for a good bh patch since I haven't had much luck with those. Can't wait for your reviews on the samples you got! =)

M said...

I hope the yube works on your lashes!

Askmewhats said...

yay! more product reviews! I am so interested with the Yube, can't wait for long lashes photos :) :) :) *crosses fingers* :)

BeautyJunkie said...

I'm on a mad search for a good pore thingy!
I kinda hate the japanese ones, coz my skin kinda sensitive and sometimes it hurts like a mofo and the regular one just wont cut it :(

miemiemie said...

i have these two big blackheads that i can't get rid of :( i dunno what to do, my area doesn't sell much of those pore strip thingies..lucky you! hmph! and wow at those samples, very generous indeed

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

ooh u got the yube! whee cant wait to see how it goes

FuN and MakeUp said...

does that blackhead remover works good? i gotta find a good one since i have blackheads =(

ning * star said...

uh.. i'm plan to try this.. it is available in M'sia..but the price @__@ (just my point of view)

Anonymous said...

Kkk...what?! no after pic of the strip :P
ahh, its been a long time since I've used pore strips. Used to use them a lot when Biore first came out with them all those years ago. Then read that they enlarge your pores, and stopped using them. I'm smarter and wiser now, so maybe I will start using them again...

miRaCLe said...

wow! i love black black head strip :D
got the satisfaction while looking at all the white shit on the strip :p

i wan some yu-be cream too! :( why they only ship to US for the sample size T.T

can't wait to see the yu-be cream review :D

gio said...

can't wait to see how yube works on your lashes!

kawaiikao said...

i got my mlab stuff too! ;D

Kimberly Tia said...

I always see Yu-Be products at my local marukai market and i'm on the fence about purchasing them because I'm waiting to see more reviews!!! sooo Im waaaaaaaaaaiting ahlaheeeeeezyyy.

btw, I didnt get a chance to try your recipe yet, cuz my rice cakes hardened!!!! Like lil round bricks of YUCK. So I'm going to go to my local korean market this weekend and pick up some more!!
More recipes!!! I love cooking with you!!! - which reminds me i need to print out your last one for my cookbook =)

have a great week lovely lady!

ⓚ☪ from Ť ŧ Ŵįşĥ said...

Cant wait to read your review on Yu-be. I hate my voice, I feel like I have an accent, I don't know why since I was born here dammit. You prob thought that because I gave you the impression since I love watching Asian dramas.

paperdollrevenge said...

Makes your eyelashes grow? Cool! I gotta try that...I hardly have any lower eyelashes haha but I guess that's not the same as making me sprout more lashes. =P

No worries! I couldn't find you on Tia's Poupee Girl friends though...so if you find me, add me! Mine is Kiana. I'm addicted! I think you will be too once you play with it more, basically upload 5 pics at a time to earn ribbons and use the ribbons to buy Poupee items! =)

Sandy said...

unni. bogosippoyo~~ >.<;;

i cannot wait til everything turns back to normal for my life. seriously i cannot wait!

unni, u should make a tutorial on making soondubu jjigae cos its my fav food of all time ^^

Lily said...

alyssa, you are a sweetheart. my friend got out of the hospital yesterday so she's home now. she's doing so much better and so am i lol. p.s. i saw your post about nail polishes. i think i'm gonna stop by sally's today cuz some of the shades are so pretty! and i didn't know china glaze polishes were so cheap with the sallys card!

Jo said...

i saw yu-be at meccacosmetica in sydney but it's really expensive for a small tube/tub of cream. I just thought it was like another Vaseline type of cream - didn't know it can make your lashes long! lucky you get samples.

Anonymous said...

just noticed your twitter update...
get better!!!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

They have totally marketed the Yu-be cream different to here! Theyve named it yu-skin here! but the stuff is for minor skin disorder etc. Ive bought a mini tube of yu-skin but it's specifically used for very dry/chapped skin (so the bf said) so I wont be putting it on my lashes anytime soon! lol. nice review on the nose pack!

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