Monday, June 11, 2018

Personalized Cart Bracelet Custom Handwriting Jewelry in Rosegold

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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I'll be skipping Manicure Monday this week. I decided to give my nails a rest. With that said, I'm still focusing on my hands. I am fortunate to review a bracelet from Personalized Cart.  If you have never heard of this website, here's some information about the company.

"It's so common for us to come into the problem of finding a proper gift for others. There're so many occasions need to prepare, every holiday and memorable day needs a gift. What gift should we choose? How to make it special? It's the top questions. We've thought a lot, and made quantities of tries, and final got the conclusion that personalization is the best idea for a unique gift.

We name our website as personalizedcart, and in hope that you can find one ideal gift in our shop. We chose high-quality materials, and make each items with our heart and enthusiasm. In the way of personalization, we learnt many different ideas and designs, and practiced a lot, final got our own way for custom orders."

I got this from the website. They said it better than I ever could!

Product Review: Personalized Cart Bracelet Custom Handwriting Jewelry in Rosegold

Where to purchase: online at
Price: $9.99

Description from the website: This bar bracelet can be personalize with any names, dates, initials, short messages and symbols. Give this perfect gift for your favorite girl, or customize one for yourself, it is perfect to all special occasions.

* 18 k Gold Fill, Titanium or Rose Gold Fill bracelet
* custom engraved delicate bar bracelet with any names, initials or short message for free
* charm size is approximately 0.055"X0.16"X1.445" (1.4X4X37.25mm)
* bracelet size is 20cm (7")
* gift box packing
* usually ship within 1-2 weeks after receiving payment
Thoughts: When I first received the email, I was intrigued. I always thought personalized gifts are the best way to go. It's from the heart, unique, and it's something to always remember. While searching the website, the jewelry section stood out to me. I wanted something to remember my sweet Tobey. Even though it's been years that he hasn't been in my life, I still think he's the best gift I ever received from God. Before I review the bracelet, let me show you the packaging.
Here's a closer look at the box.
Here's a closer look inside the box.
Here's a closer look at one of the engraving. This is my favorite one.
Here's a closer look at the other engraving.
Here's a closer look at the thickness of the bar, as well as, how it's attached to the chain.
Here's a closer look at the chain. There's two sizes of chain. The smaller one, bottom left, is closer to the bar and to the clasp. The larger size is to adjust the width of the bracelet.
Here's a closer look at the clasp. You can see the larger size chain to adjust the width.
Here's a closer look at the tag at the end of the adjusting chain.
Here's how the bracelet looks on me.
Here's the adjustable chain hanging down my wrist.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, I'm not too sure why I got two. It might be my bad communication through email. I tried the best to explain what I wanted engraved. My guess is they made one and decided to make another. They sent me both to choose which one I like best. I could be wrong. My favorite is the bigger engraved. That's the one I wear most often. With that said, you will only get one. On the another hand, I was impressed with the company. They could have made one and sent that. To make sure I got what I wanted and was content, they made another. I give them thumbs up for that. Secondly, I was impressed. To be honest for a $10 bracelet and they engrave,  I wasn't expecting much. It's a lot prettier than what I expected. It does look like the bracelets from the website. You do get what is posted online. With that said, it's well-made and sturdy. There's no sharp edges, loose chains, and so on. Best of all, the adjustable chain is a decent length. I was worried it wouldn't fit my fat wrist. It fits perfectly and there's a decent amount of adjustable chain hanging down my wrist. If it fits me, it should fit everyone. Not only that, the clasp is easy to work with. I have had bracelets where I get frustrated because I couldn't keep the clasp open to put the chain in. This one is easy and I didn't even break a nail. Third, the packaging is adorable. They really do package well. It comes in a soft, velvet-like box. I love the box so much that I will use it for something else. Who knows I might gift someone with the same box. Fourth, it's so fashionable. The reason why I got rose gold is how of a trend the color is. If you don't like rose gold, you can get gold or silver. It'll be great for everyone from teenagers to older adults. I cannot see it ever going out of style. It's a classic style that will be around forever. Not only that, it's good all year round. Lastly, it's extremely comfortable and light-weight. There's some bracelets that are heavy to wear and it gets in the way throughout the day. You don't have to worry about that with this particular bracelet. It's probably one of the most comfortable bracelet I own, and this is coming from someone who doesn't wear jewelries that much. I'm so glad I got this bracelet. My favorite is knowing Tobey is still part of my life even if it's from a bracelet!

* Company committed to make sure customer gets what they request.
* Professionally engraved.
* Prettier than expected.
* It looks exactly what's posted on the website.
* Well-made and sturdy.
* No sharp edges.
* No loose chains.
* Adjustable chain is long enough.
* Great for thin to wide wrists.
* Easy to work with clasp.
* Packaged well.
* Comes in an adorable soft, velvet-like box.
* Fashionable.
* Comes in a variety of colors.
* Great for all ages from teenager to older adults.
* Classic style that will never go out.
* Great all year round.
* Comfortable.
* Light-weight.

* Hard to find in stores.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  5/5 Tobey's Paws

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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