Monday, December 8, 2014

Manicure Monday: Born Pretty Golden Stripe 3D Nail Art Sticker

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I am fortunate to work with Born Pretty Store.

Here's my most recent haul. I got three types of stickers/nail accessories to review. For this post, I will review the biggest one in the picture.
Product Review: Born Pretty 6 Pcs 3D Nail Art Sticker Golden Stripe Heart Houndstooth Patterned 1 Sheet

Where to purchase: online at
Price: $4.18

Description from the website:
Quantity: 1 Sheet
Pattern: as the picture show

Package Contents:
1 Sheet (contains 6 different patterns)

* Brand New in retail package and good quality!
* Professional for using on Acrylic False Nails/ Gel Nails/ Artificial Nails/ Natural Nails
* Suitable for Professional Salon use or home use

How to Use:
1. Clean the surface where the design is to be placed.
2. Select a design and peel off by your nail. (Don't touch the glue)
3. Place the design in nail/tip and rub it gently several times.
4. Apply top coat for best result.

Do not apply stickers to sensitive skin.
Not recommended for little children.
Thoughts: When I first saw this online, I fell in love. There's so many styles, designs, and so on. You can get as creative as you like. Anything is possible with this sheet or at least, in my opinion.
Here's a look at the sheet without the plastic packaging.
Here's a closer look at the sticker.
This is what I did with the sticker. I applied Formula X For Sephora Base Coat, OPI in Go On Green! on my middle and ring finger, and OPI in Baby It's "Coal" Outside! on the other fingers. Then I applied the stickers where I wanted them to be. Then topped it off with Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, I love that it comes in different colors. You can go from looking classic to child-like. This will be great on all ages from children to adults. Not only that, it comes in different styles (circles, stripes) and patterns (heart, butterfly). The looks are endless. I tend to like classic looking nails. That's just me. Secondly, it's pretty easy to use. I actually used a Tweezers to pull the sticker off the sheet and apply onto the nails. With the extra sticker on the nail, I cut it with cuticle scissor. It was easy to cut and left a smooth edges. Lastly, the sticker does come off before the tips chip. I noticed small parts of the sticker came off around the fifth day. That's pretty decent knowing my nail polishes chip around that time.

* You get a lot of stickers on one sheet.
* Comes with different colors, styles, and patterns.
* Looks are endless.
* Great for all ages.
* Easy to use.
* Easy to cut.
* Stickers started coming off on the 5th day.

* Hard to find in stores.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

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Born Pretty Store was kind enough to give me a code, "ALL91", for my readers. You get 10% off any purchase. I am not affiliated with this website. I will not get paid if you use the code. I do promise you though if more than 10 readers use this code, they will sponsor a giveaway or contest on my blog. I do not benefit from the giveaway/contest. It's all for my readers!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.


LauraLeia said...

The stickers look really nice!! I always like simple designs because they're easier to do manicures. :)

Sachi said...

eep!! that tiny little houndstooth flower SO CUTE!!!

Lucie said...

It's so cute! Shame on me, I've never tried stickers!

Ahleessa said...

You should get it... hehe~ ;)

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! I agree with you. I rather spend time doing simple things than getting stressed out... hehe~ Okay, maybe it's just me. :X

Ahleessa said...

Oh, you definitely should try it. I think you will come out with creative, cute nails. :)

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