Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybelline EyeStudio Duo Eyeshadow in Bronze Blowout

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money except The Body Shop. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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Last week when I heard about the $2 off Maybelline Eyestudio products from their website, I couldn't refuse printing one out. The coupon ended today, March 31st. Well, it's yesterday when this post is scheduled... hehe~  I had to use it last week when they were having a 40% off at Rite Aid.  I also used another coupon, $1 off, and ended up getting the duo eyeshadow palette for $1.01.  What a great deal!... wheee~ I've used it one time already and fell in love with the palette.  Since I hardly see people post review for this product, I thought I would... hehe~ :)

Product Review: Maybelline EyeStudio Duo Eyeshadow in #60 Bronze Blowout

Where can you purchase this: any drugstore
Price: around $6 something but I got it for $1.01 with discount and coupons

Made in Canada

My thoughts: The initial palette I wanted to get was the blue quad (yes, for some odd reason), but the Rite Aid I went to didn't have any.  For that reason, I debated about which one I wanted.  I heard from some YouTubers liking this duo palette.  I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it since I'll be getting it for so cheap... hehe~  I decided to go on the safe side with colors I know I'll wear.  Yes, it's another neutral browns! :X  I know I need to stop buying these colors... hehe~ :X  The first thing I did is swatch it dried and then wet.  It's so gorgeous wet.  I loved it!!!

* It's from a brand I'm starting to like, Maybelline.
* You can apply it wet or dry.
* Love the marbleized look.
* Typical Aly color (I can hear a certain voice saying that... lol~).

* It's from a brand I didn't like in the past, Maybelline.
* Fall outs.

Would I buy this product again? Yes.

Ratings:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

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I swatched the eyeshadows.
The left two are swatches when they are wet and the right two are swatches when it's dry.

I did one look with this eyeshadow palette.  Don't think this is the only way you can work this palette... hehe~  You can do many things with two simple colors... wheee~ :)
I applied the right side of the eyeshadow wet on my lid and the left side dry on the crease and outer v.

The last month, March, I've seen bloggers post their empty containers.  When I saw that, I thought it was such a great idea!... hehe~  I could only speak of myself, but I noticed I buy a lot more things when I have a blog than when I didn't.  There is a lot of temptation, as well as, I feel like I need to blog about things.  To change my mentality or I hope, I want to celebrate empty containers... hehe~ :D  On YouTube, as well as, some blogs; they celebrate the month's favorites.  Mine will be "Empty products of the month" for several reasons... hehe~

For one thing, it is an accomplishment to finish something or at least it is for me. Why not celebrate that!... hehe~

The other reason is that I know through my own experience I might like a product in the beginning which is when I review the product on my blog.  Towards the end of using the product, I sometimes change my mind.  I wanted to edit my old posts but who reads old posts... hehe~  I know I don't! :X  This will help my readers, as well as, myself to know how I felt through the journey of using that product... hehe~

Unfortunately, I thought of this idea for my blog in the middle of the month.  For that reason, I don't have many product to talk about... hehe~ ;)

Finished Products
The Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma: I received this as a gift from a friend (thank you!), but I waited to use for the winter when I have drier skin.  I did review this when I first started using this body butter (click here to read it).  I still love this brand.  I've tried other body butters and none of them sink into my body like butter.  I also loved the smell of this body butter.  It smelt very tangerine-like *yummy*!  I also could smell this scent throughout the day.  The best part is the smell spread throughout my room.  I could smell this scent whenever I entered my room the day I applied this. :)

Would repurchase? Yes.

Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion: I'm allergic to SPF products unfortunately only on my face!  This happened after my allergic reaction in chemistry class in college. :/  After that, I never used sunblock and face moisturizers with SPF.  I had fear of getting this reaction, face swelling and tiny bumps. :X  Since that experience, I stopped completely protecting my face until last year someone mentioned this sunblock to me.  Thankfully, I wasn't allergic to this and the only product my face is okay with... wheee~  I started protecting myself again.  I wish I knew about this product earlier!... hehe~  If I knew earlier, who knows I might not have this many freckles *pout*. :(

Would repurchase? Yes, yes, and yes!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except The Body Shop. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Shop N' Chomp said...

What a fun idea to post empty products of the month! Hmm...I probably wouldn't continue using the sunblock just to be on the safe side? Love your bronzey EOTD. :D Thanks for the review!

Kalmo said...


What a steal, good job in combining all those nice discounts. ^^ The eyeshadow is so pretty, the marbling reminds me of MAC. Your EOTD is neutral and lovely!

Good job finishing all those products as well. I finished a bunch of stuff in Glendale but I forgot to take pictures haha. The Body Shop butters are great but so expensive. XD

Gaby said...

Wow the eyeshadow looks pretty pigmented! I'm surprised, because I've heard plenty of bad things about the Eye Studio palette|

Babybubblz said...

Darn Blogger! I've had the same problem with other bloggers but not with yours. I'm not sure why it happens =(

That's such an awesome deal on the eyeshadow.

Can't believe you were so allergic to SPF! That's horrible! What sunscreen ingredients does it have?

Unfortunately when sunscreen expire it means the ingredients break down and don't work anymore, so I hope you got a new bottle.

ndoodles said...

Oh I love that body butter! Well, I never bought the real size but my friend had a sample size and gave it to me to try out. I love the smell! It was great. Too bad I can't afford that right now :( But that's okay. I'm glad the shadow works well on you. Those are easy colors to work w/! VERY PRETTY :D

Nicol said...

the eyshadow looks sooo nice!
wish it was released in the uk

body shop body butter is love <3

adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

I rarely use e/s as I suck at applying it...but for a dollar..what a deal...and your FOTD looks so nice...makes me want to practice more...I think you can still use it...even medicines have another 6 months after expiration...just check the consistency & smell if it's still the same probably it still works...but i'm no expert...hehe..

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

oooh this eyeshadow looks lovely! :D i'm a US size 4-6. i used to be more of a US 4 and now i'm like a 6ish cos of this stupid weight gain. :(

i think it goes;
US 0 = AUS 4
US 2 = AUS 6
US 4 = AUS 8
US 6 = AUS 10
US 8 = AUS 12
US 10 = AUS 14
US 12 = AUS 16

hope you're having a great easter season darling! :D


Blair said...

Hmmm personally I will stop using it and chuck it out.

Dina (XYYan) said...

wow, that's really a steal to get the eyeshadow for just $1! love the look that you create from it :).
Me too! I think I buy more stuffs than before I blog. haha...
It's great to see your empty container. I always throw them right away before I take a pic. hehe

Jian said...

Ahh you make all eyeshadows look great on your eyes!!! Makes me tempted everytime xD

And congrats on finishing the body butter~~~ Is the sunblock greasy feeling? Poor you about the sunblock allergies D=

Golden said...

The eyeshadow duo looks like the mineralized eyeshadow from MAC. As always, your eye makeup looks so pretty. I can easily wear it to work.

Waa! You just gave me an idea too. Aside from posting hauls on my blog, why not post emptied products as well, right? I too have lots of products (mostly skin care) which I don't use that much. I guess it's high time to give them some lovin'.

I love The Body Shop body butters. Their scent is long lasting and is so yummy to smell, not to mention that it makes my skin silky smooth. Glad to know that you finally found your HG spf-containing moisturizer. As for the expiry thingie, I suggest you throw it away. It may aggravate your skin.

Lots of love,

Jannie said...

i'm glad the pros outweighed the cons on this maybelline duo. the colors are pretty on this one. i especially like the right side how it looks all golden. plus, it looks pretty on your eyes. :)

ooh... body shop body butters are so smooth. even my son likes them. (well, usually he just gets a small dab.) he thinks they smell good. i really do love the smell. plus, they have really good deals from time to time. :D

yay. it's the weekend. hope you enjoy it. happy easter for tomorrow too. :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yeah, probably best that you tossed it. I just bought one item from Asos: steamcream. I wanna see what the hype's all about! XD Hope your weekend is going well.

Jannie said...

now that it's easter, happy easter! :D too bad i have work though. pretty much the rest of the mall will be closed except us. boo. hehe...

about the kat von d palette, i sure will do a look and swatches for it. :D i noticed the colors will look beautiful on you. :D also the victoria's secret eyeshadow i picked up will look nice on you too. :) yup, their shadows are glittery. i don't think i've seen anything matte from them. i love the neutral colors they carry. i haven't tried their purples or other colors yet though.

haha... yup, i have a little boy. he will be five next month. he's been bugging me about his birthday since february. some people are just way too excited. lol. i do have a few pics of him on my blog. i will post more when my sister gives me her scanner. he has a whole bunch of nice pics in a scrapbook i made for him. :)

take care and sorry i rambled on again. hahaha... enjoy your easter. :D

Jo said...

Hi Ahleesa! nice layout :) i too, love TBS satsuma BB. i bought mine when it first came out and it's still unopened :P

C'est moi, Cecilia ♥ said...

haha i know what u mean! i used to get people from the US get confused when i said i was a size 8 (because although it's the 2nd smallest size here, it's like one of the 'bigger' sizes over in the US) until i realized i meant to say size 4 -.-" but then size 4 over here is US size 0. so confusing!

i thought he might have had a cold too :( i think im coming down with one too hopefully not though cos i hate being sick!

thank-you darling, have an amazing week!


Missy said...

Happy easter and fab blog x

Enter my Hana flat iron giveaway:

Nic Nic said...

love the neutral colours on you! and yay on finding a sunscreen that works!

gio said...

The eyeshadow looks so nice and I love the makeup, so pretty and natural.

Good job on finishing those products! :)

Gaby said...

Hey Ahleessa, thanks for your answer about my ELF giveaway. I posted it, so you can enter it if you like!

About the Eye Studio plattes, I've heard that they were really sheer and not as glittery as they looked like in the pan. You know, when the first layer is removed, the glitters are gone. I still think the palettes look pretty, but sheer eye shadow is a big turn-off for me!

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