Monday, April 26, 2010

EOS Lip Balm

I'm going to review the lip balm I've been using recently... hehe~

Product Review: EOS (the evolution of smooth) Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

Where can you purchase this: Rite Aid, organic market like Henrys, or online at
Price: about $3.99 (I cannot remember the exact price)

Made in USA

Information on the back: Welcome to the evolution of smooth.

To keep your lips looking and feeling healthy, we created this 95% organic, 100% natural lip balm that's petrolatum & paraben free, just like you.

Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.

Direction on the back: Twist-off top. Pucker up. Smooth on. Smile.

My thoughts: I was pretty excited to try this product! I've been hearing great things about this and the best part is that it's organic... wheee~ The green one I received free from the company when they were giving them away; I had to sign up for this. I'll tell you how excited I was about this... hehe~ I ended up going to Rite Aid and buying the pink one above. I gave the green one, Sweet Mint, to my dad to try which he hasn't yet... hehe~ After I finished the past lip balm (thank you my friend for giving me the Etude House), I decided to skip all the lip balms I have piled up and reach for this one. I don't know if I had too much hope, but I was kind of disappointed... lol~ :X I thought it was cute, unique safe, smelled wonderful, and so on but it's missing the most important part. It doesn't moisturize my lips!!! If it doesn't moisturize my lips, it tells me something. I'm one of those lucky people who never moisturize my lips especially during summer. I only used lip balms during the winter weather when my lips were dry. Unfortunately after trying this, I need to moisturize couple times a day. I don't know if my lips became drier than past years or this lip balm makes me crave for more... hehe~ :/

* Unique, interesting shape. It's so cute!
* It's organic.
* Smells wonderful!
* It has antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil.
* Not tested on animals.
* Doesn't change the pigmentation on your lips.

* Does not twist up and down.
* Thick to put in your pocket.
* It DOES NOT moisturize!

Would I buy this again? Probably not! I could fall for the cuteness though... hehe~
Rating: [Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg] 3/5 Tobey's Paws

Here's a picture of how the lip balm looks when it's open.
Isn't it cute? I love the cute shape of this lip balm... hehe~ :) I do realize one thing though when you a certain level, you have to dig through the lip balm with your finger or a lip brush. That's one thing bad about this lip balm. You cannot twist the products up and down like a Chapstick... hehe~

I'm slowly going to upload pictures of all the colors of my nail polishes. I already did it for OPI (click here), Essie (click here), China Glaze (click here), and you can check out the ones I posted so far (click here). Today I'm going to post my collection of Etude House. I'm warning you I don't have much... hehe~ They were all given to me which I appreciate much. Thank you friends! :)
This is in GR603. It's a pretty metallic light green, but looks white most of the times... hehe~
This is in BL502. I received this last year for my birthday (click here to read the post). Thank you Miracle! :) She hardly posts nowadays but I miss our emails! :'(
This is in BL503. It's such a gorgeous blue color. I think it's perfect for winter weather... hehe~
This is in PP904. It's such a lovely purple/lilac color.
This is in PK010. It's my favorite one out of the bunch!... hehe~ The bottle is half full now... hehe~

It looks like they're all full, but I took this picture long time ago. I'm just late at posting this on my blog... hehe~ :X

Thank you friends for all these wonderful nail polishes! I love them all. :)

Speaking of nail polishes, I'm going to end with my recent buy... hehe~
I bought Rimmel nail polish in Steel Gray. I heard it's a dupe of Sephora OPI nail polish in Metro Chic. I couldn't resist when I had a $2 off coupon... wheee~ To be honest, I don't know how this nail polish is since I haven't tried it yet. I might this coming fall since I'm really into bright colored nail polishes at the moment... hehe~

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for Etude House nail polishes, they were given as gifts, and the Sweet Mint EOS Lip Balm, I signed up to receive that. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Gaby said...

Aww I was super excited about this amazingly cute lipbalm, but it's not available in Canada, ans on the website, they say they won't ship to Canada as of now -_-

Aww, it sucks that it doesn't moisturize! And I might sound dumb, but I'm not sure what you mean by "Does not twist up and down" ? LOL. Sorry xD

Blair said...

Oh my, I was just eyeballing this lipbalm!!! I love its cute packaging :)

I think I have GR603 too! But I'm too lazy to check haha~

Denysia said...

Thanks for the EOS review! I was going to purchase it, but now since it's not moisturizing, I'm kind of bummed out!

Diane said...

I've heard about this balm before but haven't bought it yet. I thought it was supposed to be really great but if it doesn't moisturize what's the point right? My lips are super dry so I need my lipbalms to be super moisturizing. Thanks for the info and review, I'm glad I didn't waste my money on this product. =)

Suzanna said...

I WANT AN EOS! they look so cute and fun to put onnn! hehe

xxx suzanna

Lulu said...

hehe i agree with what you said about the lip balm. but it's cute and it smells nice! lol. i think it's fine as a day time lip balm, i have one next to my desk so i rem to reach and use it more often. i have yet to try the pink one, it sounds so yum!

Swtest2Lips said...

Thanks for the EOS review. Im always eying these at the drugstore but I've never gotten around to purchasing them! I totally lol'd at your "Thick to put in your pocket" comment because I imagined a huuge round bubble-bulge sticking out! Now I know I can totally skip it since my lips are dry and I need to apply balm constantly!

Yay for Rimmel and Yay for coupons!

Speaking of awesome ds cosmetics, I picked up the Maybelline liner based on your review! I looove it! Thanks girl!

Pretty polishes btw! I love the cute shape of the bottles. Lately, Ive been into the bright-in-your-face polishes. I have no idea why..I think Im just ready for summer already.

Jian said...

Its a pity it doesn't moisturise, but its so cute! It reminds me a bit of the MAPED brand erasers that you can the plastic wheel-shaped ones? ^^;;

Thanks for the swatches of the Etude House polishes too. They are adorable! And I always find it sad too when bloggers slowly stop updating/update less. D=

Askmewhats said...

The EOS lip balm has been getting its "FAME" nowadays, i wonder if it can moisturize my super dry lips!!!! there's no hope for it! hehehe :)

Lisa said...

Ohh the EOS has a $2 rebate at Rite aid this month, I'm gonna pick it up. LOL I'm the same way as you, I have a ton of products stocked up, and then bypass them all to use the new one =)

Jannie said...

aww... that's quite sad news how EOS lip balms don't really moisturize. i wanted to get one of them so bad. hehe... especially because they're so cute and i heard they're really yummy too. (well, not like actually lip balms. hehe...)

wow. those etude house nail polishes are really pretty. the packaging is cute too. i love the royal blue looking one and the lilac one below it. :)

oh yeah, how ya been? me, i'm sick...just like everyone else around me, i guess. lol. hope all is well with you. take care. :)

Lisa said...

I think I hot "post" on my Rite aid shopping list lol--but I'll post of I get anything (which i WILL lol) =)

Dina (XYYan) said...

The eos lipbalm is so cute, too bad it doesn't moisturize. I have the polish in PK010 too! :D

♥bebesally said...

it sucks that it doesn't moisturize!

gio said...

That lip balm is so cute, love the packaging! Too bad it dosn't moisturize, what a disappointment!

Luna said...

So cute!! too bad it doesn't moisturise.. Bummer..

I've been on a crazy nail polish craze recently, lemming for OPI, China Glaze etc.. gotta get my grubby hands on tt EH BL503 too.. looks amazing =)

Neeyuh said...

Thank you for the review! Too bad it doesn't moisturize though because that's a huge factor for me when it comes to lip balms. Pretty nail polish swatches too! :)

Gaby said...

Hey Ahleessa! Thanks for your answer! I was being dumb, as after re-reading your post, it was absolutely clear! I guess it's because English is not my first language LOL.

Yeah I'm not a fan of lipbalm of gloss in jar, which you have to put your fingers in it. It's messy and disgusting -_-

Gaby said...

Oh yeah, and that Rimmel nail polish looks absolutely gorgoues! I've been wanting a taupe nail polish since I first saw this in magazines ^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

I am with you on the EOS. Not a bag of chips. =\ But cute, definitely cute. =P I've yet to try Etude House or Rimmel polishes. The colors are really pretty!

Jannie said...

wow. i did not know EOS is current celebrity lip balm. hehe... for a celeb lip balm, it sure is a good price. :)

speaking of bigger palettes, i haven't really touched my alice in wonderland one. well, i did the other day for the second time. the smaller ones are just easier to grab. plus, you can throw them in your purse when you're in a hurry to do makeup at home.

ahh. yes, i've been trying to catch up on rest while being sick. i'm getting a little better though. :) thank goodness i don't have fever and muscle pains anymore. soup sure sounds like a good idea. now i'm craving chicken and dumpling soup. hehe... i'll try to stay away from truffles too. lol. i need to avoid chocolate for now.

how's turbo jam, btw? is that like dancing or some form of boxing? it sounds really cool and fun to do. wish i had the motivation to exercise too. i seriously need a gym membership. i did some home workouts here and there, but stopped all together and got lazy. i need to start again.

hmm... speaking of that, i'm going to get lotsa rest as possible. maybe i'll be recharged enough to actually get myself to exercise. you just inspired me. hehe... take care and have fun with turbo jam. :)

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

I love those EOS balms. My sis bought me the minty one and i love it! hehe....i'll be doing a review of the VS eyeshadows soon. Hope you'll have time to watch it :)

Ahleessa said...

Lisa: You removed the comment box from your blog. :/ I hope you can do a review on the L'oreal base makeup. I've been curious about them but don't need to buy any at the moment... hehe~

You bought a lot of MAC products. Which color Paint Pot did you buy? What is the name of the lipstick and color?

Lisa said...

Lol I didn't know when you his the comments people couldn't post =X I thought it just meant only I would see the comments. FAIL. It's restored now. I will do a proper review and haul...with coupons it was 3.77 plus tax for me (7.77-$2 magazine-$2 cosmetic purch). I wouldn't pay the 12.95 og. price though. Kind of thick. Paint pot in soft ochre and lipstick in blankety =)

Jo said...

i'm quiet intrigued by that eos lipbalm. i was considering ordering a few for my friends and i off the website! too bad you don't find it moisturising :( but it's still cute regardless :D

Gaby said...

Hey Ahleessa!

My first languiage is French, but I started my blog for two reason: #1 to talk about my passion for beauty and share my personal experiences, etc, #2 to contact with other beauty bloggers, #3 to improve my English.

I'm studying translation (from English to French) in university (=

Soo Jin said...

Thanks for the review on the EOS lip balm! I wanted to try it just because of the packaging but I think I'll pass on this one. Right now I have my eyes on the Rosebud lip balms. I think I'll pick one up this weekend. :D

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for the eos review. It's funny, because I actually came across this lip balm at Rite Aid. Its packaging is cute and reminds me of an egg. However, it looks like it might be a difficult to work with?

miRaCLe said...

awww~~ I really miss emailing you too!! But university life is wayyy to hectic and stressful for me! :( i almost gave up.. T_T sigh. anyway it's holiday NOW!! so before the result is out! i'm going to have a good time just relaxing and forget about sch for the moment! :)))

will be emailing you soon!! ^^ <3

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