Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sephora and NYX Haul

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money except some NYX. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

When I got home last Friday, I was excited to see my package from Sephora... wheee~

This is what was inside.
I got three samples; YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch, Sephora Colorful eyeshadows (I can see myself wearing the top two only... hehe~), and Stila One Step Primecolor in Per Suede.

Now for my order...
Make Up For Ever HD Blush in #5 Nip Slip, MUFE aqua Cream #5 Peach, and Smashbox Eyeliner in Starstruck. I will review these later!

I also hauled NYX the same day... hehe~ I didn't buy much and thank goodness, because I think I have way too much makeup as it is *sigh*... hehe~ :X
I got NYX Round Lipgloss in #6 Mauve
and NYX Round Lipgloss in #26 Pinky Natural.
I compared the lipglosses to the one I already had. From left to right, #6 Mauve, #26 Pinky Natural, and #36 Ballerina Pink. I noticed couple of trends here. One they end in number 6!... lol~ :/ Another trend is they're all pink. :X I honestly thought the first two, the ones I bought, were different from my collection *in denial*... lol~ :P
When I swatched the lipglosses on my hand, I noticed the second to the left looked like the NYX Mega Lipgloss in #129 Beige. Okay, not exactly but it's a little bit more pinker... hehe~ From left to right, NYX Mega Lipgloss in #129 Beige, Round Lipgloss #6 Mauve, #26 Pinky Natural, and #36 Ballerina Pink.

I will not review these lipglosses since there are so many reviews on these. They're very similar to the Mega Lipglosses from NYX with the lemon scent... hehe~ :P

Since I'm talking about NYX haul, I might as well show the NYX swatches from the Beautylish Event.
NYX lipstick in #598 Christie.
Here's a swatch of the lipstick. I already own this lipstick. I swatched the one I own not the new one... hehe~ :P It's a great possibility I will give this one away.
NYX lip liner in #25 Guru.
I've been curious about their lip liners, but I never got one since I hardly use them... hehe~ They're a lot softer than I expected.
NYX blush in #03 Angel.
Here's a swatch of the blush. I haven't tried this yet, but I think it's only made for pale to medium skin. I hardly doubt it will show up on dark skin... hehe~
NYX Glitter On the Go in #7 Platinum. I'm not too sure how I am going to use this... hehe~ :/ Any suggestions other than nails?
NYX Glitter On the Go  in #15 Ruby.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money except some NYX. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


miRaCLe said...

i'm curious about lip liner too! haha :p
i've tried touch eclat before. but in the end the tip of the brush turn moldy :( so i have to throw it away! T_T
i so wanna haul for a MUFE Mat duo too! but it cost USD53 in singapore! -__- have to hold my urge for now!! >.<

amynaree said...

nice haul! The mufe blush and aqua cream looks really pretty. I've been curious to try them too especially the aqua creams but some how I convinced myself to get something else that I needed more lol

Debbie said...

Everything looks so pretty! Thanks for the reviews.

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Nice haul ! :) I looooove NYX!! :)


Denysia said...

Great haul! I love NYX lipglosses! :)

Leenda said...

Nice hauls! How is the HD Blush?

Gaby said...

The two NYX Round Lipglosses you got do look pretty similar, but they are pretty!

Wow, the glitter in Ruby would definitely look amazing on the nails! Other than that, I really don't know (I wouldn't wear this on my eyes for sure!)

Askmewhats said...

I wish we can do online shopping for Sephora too! MINUS the long wait! :) Enjoy your purchases! :)

kawaiikao said...

great hauls! can't wait to see what you think about the make up for ever products :]

Jennifer said...

GREAT sephora haul!! love NYX, am going to make an order soon <3

Blair said...

Yay they arrived so quickly!

Christie is gorgeous!! but I have since learned that frosty lipsticks are a no no on me =[ NYX lippies are not bad for the price, although I still prefer Maybelline Color Sensational or Revlon Colorburst =D

Angel is such a pretty light pink, but yeah, it definitely won't show up on darker skinned babes =[ Do you think it'll show on me? I'm around MAC NC20..

I love Integrate but I seldom reach for my quad =[ I don't use pink shadows at all these days, I'm more about neutrals, purples, greys and even green and blues (but to a lesser extent). I know, it looks brand new in my post, I took the closeups a long time ago =D

Silkybow said...

Great haul~
I love those pink lip gloss swatches :3

Dao said...

Nice haul! I did a mini haul at Sephora as well. You got a lot of NYX. I haven't bought anything from NYX in a long time.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sweet haul, girl! =D I see you like pink...hehe. I do too.

Jannie said...

wooot! LOVE your haul, girl! :) don't worry about all the pink. we love seeing it anyway. :) the blush is so pretty. it reminds me of MAC's well dressed. the christie lipstick is pretty too. i like how frosty it is. :)

i heard good things about MUFE's aqua creams. wish i could have more MUFE products, but sephora in penney's doesn't carry MUFE. maybe when i go to fashion valley again (whenever that is) most likely. lol.

now if i can only remember what name that drama is that ben likes to watch. i keep forgetting to ask him. lol. i'm sure it'll be familiar to you once he tells me the name, which he did a million times. i just keep forgetting. :P

yup, give those physicians formula eye liners a shot. they are awesome. :D do you wear other color liners too besides black? i know pretty much all the liners sets have black, but they come with two other beautiful colors as well. i'm sure you will love that purple or eggplant looking one in the brown eyes set. :D

as for the glitter, other than nail polish, i guess you can use it as a glitter liner too. or if you want crazy colored hair for a day, you can mix a little in with your gel. that's all i can think of. lol. :D

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

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Blovet Beauty said...

nice haul!i love pink lippies so i totally support having many different shades of pink ;))

Dina (XYYan) said...

Lovely haul! Never have too much pink glosses! :D

Tammy said...

Nice Haul! I need to try more Nyx. All I have are the glitters from the Beautylish event. :-/

slowbrogal said...

I saw lots of NYX~~ Do review about the MUFE ya!!


All Made Up said...

Ooooh, awesome haul! I cant help but be a teensy bit jealous cos we dont have Sephora or NYX here in the UK :( I adore those NYX glosses you got so I think I might have a look and see if I can get them online :)

Jenny said...

LOVE LOVE NYX! They have such great quality items for a nice price :) i swatched angel the other day and also thought it wouldn't show up my pale skin so i skipped out on it, but everyone always raves about it!

Jannie said...

oh yeah, i forgot there are two blushes in this post. hehehe... (coz there's also the MUFE one.) anyway, it's the NYX blush in angel that looks like a great dupe for well dressed. great choice of blush there. the MUFE one is pretty too. :)

i sure will let you know which one of the k-dramas ben watches. i'll probably text him sometime this week. :D

i gotta check out those napoleon perdis palettes you're talking about. how are his eyeshadows, btw? i haven't tried them yet. i have the NP set concealer palette. it's alright. kinda pricey though. i had an NP set lipstick in havana. it was pretty. i liked it, but was kinda sad it melted. :( i don't know if it's just that particular NP set lippie that melts easily or if the others do as well. i'm kinda scared to purchase another. i really loved the color though. i'm sure you would like it too. it's like a warm, light pink. i know it's a color you'd wear. i don't think you'd like a lipstick that melts easily though. hehe... that's the second one i bought too. the first one was already melted when i bought it. i found out when i got home. wah. hehe...

glitter with hair gel on your hair will look so cool. plus, blue looks really great with black hair. it'll be a rockin' look. :D

Luna said...

great haul!! The MUFE aqua cream looks fab! I'm looking forward to your review =)

I just got back from Taiwan and hong Kong and I'm all tired out from the travelling.. since you told me about the nail polish (Thanks a lot!!!) I'm gonna reveal too that I got you an Integrate palette!! not the exact one you wanted cuz I couldn't find that, but a similar one =) hehehe..

Roxy said...

yay nice MUFE stuff! i should've got some but my sephora wishlist is too long!

..R May A.. said...

So jealous about the nyx and make up forever stuff!
I find it so hard to get their stuff in England... :/
Great post :)

Kalmo said...

Nice haul Alyssa! i can't wait for your reviews on the MUFE stuff. :)

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