Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wet n Wild Palette in Night Elf and Makeover

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Wet n Wild ColorIcon holiday palettes has been the biggest thing at the moment. I know people who have driven to different drugstores looking for them. If you find them, don't think twice and grab them while you can... hehe~ ;)
I grabbed two out of the four; Sugar Plum Fairy and Night Elf. I will talk about Sugar Plum Fairy in another post... lol~ ;)
Night Elf is an unique palette because it has all random colors. I am very drawn to the middle color in the left column... lol~ Yes, I can hear couple of you say typical Aly color. :P
Here's the swatch of Night Elf. The top row is the left column and the bottom is the right. The bottom of the left column, top right on the swatch, people compared it to MAC eyeshadow in Club. Without a doubt after swatching the colors, I agreed until I used it on my eyes. I have MAC eyeshadow in Club and it's more brown on the eyes. I had to swatch the colors to see if it's a dupe.
The left one is from the Night Elf palette and the right one is MAC eyeshadow in Club. The one from Night Elf is more on the orange side or at least on my eyes... hehe~ MAC eyeshadow in Club is more on the brown side. I do NOT think they're a dupe. :P
The holiday palette comes with a mini-eyeliner pencil. The regular collection of ColorIcon doesn't come with one so it's a plus/freebie I guess you can say... hehe~
Here's a swatch of the eyeliner. I don't know if you can see the silver sparkles, but it is there. You can't really see the silver sparkles on the eyes unless you look really close up. Who will look that close to your eyes eh?... lol~ :P
This is how the eyeliner looks after rubbing it hard couple of times. The eyeliner is definitely not waterproof and it smudges, but overall it's not a bad eyeliner. It doesn't snug on your skin which is a good thing I think!... hehe~ I apply the eyeliner after I curl my lashes so the color won't smudge.
One thing bad about the palette is that the name of the palette is only on the box. I had to cut the name out and tape it on the back or else I will forget what the name is. Do you see it on the top?... lol~ :P
Here's the ingredients for the people who have certain allergies. The top one is the eyeshadow and the bottom one is the eyeliner.

With this palette, I came out with two looks... hehe~ They're nothing special and I haven't done an eye look in ages!
Look #1:
I used all the colors on the left column, as well as, the eyeliner pencil.
Look #2:
I used all the colors on the right column, top color on the left column, and the eyeliner pencil.
If you're scared of red like me, this might be an option... lol~ :P

Couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to do a makeover for a student I tutor. She needed to wear a lot of eyeliner, mascara, bright blush, and red lipstick for her choir performance.
Unfortunately, we were short in time I forgot to take a before picture. :/ Here's the after picture. I also did her hair. Her teacher wanted bangs out of the face. The hardest to do was the eyeliner and concealer. Since she's a mono-lid and I'm not, I never expected the eyeliner had to be this thick to show... hehe~ I also had to use a lot of concealer to hide her pimples. I think I did a decent job... lol~ :X

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Jian said...

You used the red shadow really creatively! It looks really pretty! And wow! The lenses you are wearing really compliment the whole eye look =)

You did a good job on your student! She looks lovely! I also struggle with monolidders - not sure where to put what! But I suppose it just takes practice! =)

RokAsia Boutique said...

Love what you did with the red!! I am so gona give that a go!

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

I recently got this palette in the mail and you're right, it's really pretty :) Well done Wet 'n Wild!! :D


Kalmo said...

Wet n Wild has been coming out with lots of great new products that people are loving, you have their gel liner too right? My sister loves that. Thanks for the pretty eyeshadow swatches Alyssa. I remember reading that one should never wear red eyeshadow (a loooong time ago from a lame teen magazine in the 90's) but you pull is off perfectly! ^^

Aw you did a great job on your student! Her makeup is so nice and her skin looks flawless so you def. did a good job with her concealer. Her hair is suuuuper cute too, you should do hair tutorials because I fail big time in braiding LOL.

Fruity Lashes said...

your eyes are so beautiful. love the makeover for the student

Sara said...

You have really pretty eyes :) I'm surprised at how pigmented the red is.

Jennifer said...

awwww the swatches look so great! Lucky you Aly!!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

These palettes are the hottest thing right now? Damn, I am so out of the I can see why they're so sought after. Your EOTD's are gorgeous! You also did a superb job on your student. =D

Jannie said...

WOOT WOOT! i love the new eye makeup look. :D i was surprised you actually incorporated red in one of your looks. that one is gorgeous. i like how you made it in a liner color along with the black eyeshadow. it's VERRRY fierce and gorgeous. this will be really pretty for when you go out to dinner or some really nice event. it made your eyes pop too. :) i like the first look too. you can actually rock this for both daytime and night. LOVE IT. :D

yup, between the two shadows. club is a bit more brown. it's a surprise how the one from night elf looks like a club dupe on the palette. when swatched though, it really looks a bit more orangey and pinky. that's cool how it's another one of those surprisingly iridescent colors. :D

the girl you gave a makeover too looks so adorable. her skin looks so perfect and i like how you gave her cute, rosy cheeks. she kinda has a 1940s/50s retro look. one of my favorites. :D awesome job on the makeover. :D

Tammy said...

AH! It's so pretty! I still can't find this darn palette, and it's the one that I REALLY want! I love the look with the red liner.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee…that's b/c I did a post last week about returning back to my daily blogging days. ;) I'm more into fashion now but I still love both! How about you? :)

Jenny said...

pretty!! everyone has been raving about these wet and wild palettes! i haven't seen them in my local stores yet! great job utilizing the colors of the palettes! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I do! But I usually get it "mild spicy" Is that weird? Haha XP Where do you go for it? :)

Blair said...

Nice, I like how you utilized the red shade! Will copy your look hahaha xD

What do you plan to purchase with the $25 gift certificate from SkinCareRx? I was really tempted by their offer, but most of their things are >$25 + international shipping is quite $$!

RYC, I left the highlighter alone and swiped the three colours on the right.

Jannie said...

i hope tobey's okay with his diet. i promised myself i'd go on one after thanksgiving. i don't know how well i'll take it. eating is one of my hobbies after all. we'll see how that goes. lol.

UDPP has a really good consistency. i like how it works for either oily lids or normal lids. i don't know if it'll work on dry lids. i'm sure it probably would. TFSI kinda feels oilier than UDPP. i'm glad UDPP and the paint pots are working out for you though. :)

haha... even with subtitles, i'd probably get confused. having the bad eyesight i have, it's quite a nightmare for me to read subtitles. especially when the flash real fast on the screen. argh. hahaha... i'd ask people around, "what? what did he just say?" they'd tell me, "didn't you read it?" hey, i tried. :P lol.

about the makeover, you're welcome. :D i bet she's very happy with the gorgeous makeup you put on her. she looks really amazing. :D

hahaha... the many faces of janise. well, i hope that won't scare people away. oh, well... at least i'm not making crazy faces in those pics or they will get scared. :)

aww... thank you about the nice words on ben. he sure is one nice gentleman. :D i was going to say dude, but gentleman suits him more. hehe...

yeah, i was thinking if you ever did end up using the red shadow in your palette. i'm glad you did. it's neat how you made it work as a liner too. :D

Nic Nic said...

you did a great job on the with the makeover!

love both looks, especially no1 but i love the pop of red on the second look too!

..R May A.. said...

gorgeous swatches!
& i love the look :)

Roxy said...


kawaiikao said...

oooh i'm going to have to go look for these!!

Jannie said...

i'm glad for UDPP too. it's one of my favorite primers. i like how it also makes shadow blend so easily. :)

yup, you're getting the palette from russia. i wonder if the other countries will come out or have yet to come out, but the picture of the russia one is cute. i just had to get it for us. hehehe... twin palettes. :D

aww... poor tobey and his diet. if he only knew that he's doing it to keep himself healthy. i'm going to go through what he's going through...after thanksgiving. i can't pass up a good thanksgiving dinner, then it's diet time. arghhh... good thing he tore only one stuffed animal. hmmm... that one probably should be included in the empty products of the month tag. hahaha...

at least you got contacts to help you read the subtitles. i can probably wear my glasses, but they don't help much. they make me dizzy too. i guess i can have someone read for me. hehehe... i remember trying to read them in a french movie. what a strange coincidence. they showed it on TV a couple months after my ex-husband rented it. it was dubbed in english too. hehehe...

i guess i'll go to sleep. that way, my throat doesn't bug me too much. have a good night. :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha...probably XP It's b/c if it's too spicy, I break out. :X

Dina (XYYan) said...

I love both of the looks! The one with the red line looks really versatile :)
Were you wearing circle lenses? Your eyes look really beautiful!

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