Monday, November 1, 2010

Up & Up Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and Empty Products

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money except Cellnique, CoverGirl, and Olay. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Tobey and I wish you a Happy belated Halloween!... hehe~ I hope you got a lot of candies!!! :) If you're wondering, Tobey was a ladybug. He wasn't very happy!... lol~ :X

I am a big fan of Up & Up from Target, and decided to invest in the makeup wipe.
Product Review: Up & Up Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Where can you purchase this: Target and Target website
Price: I cannot remember! I believe it's less than $5. :X

Mad in UK

Description on the front: Use Up & Up makeup remover cleansing towelettes to maintain a complete skin-care regimen in one easy step: they remove long-lasting makeup (including waterpoof mascara), cleanse, refresh and moisturize your skin. Ant there's no need to rinse after use. For all skin types.
Click on the picture to see the original size.
My thoughts: I was really excited to try Up & Up especially since I heard great things about their products. Everyone I know recommended the eye makeup remover. Since I was in need of new makeup wipes and the Korean Festival happen to not sale any, I got these. I thought the packaging was cute!... hehe~ It's a gorgeous purple color. It looks more periwrinkle in the picture, but it's more purple.

The size of the wipes are 7 13/32" X 7 13/64" (18.8 cm X 18.2 cm).

Once you open the package, hot dang!!! It's a strong lavender smell; extremely strong!!! I love fruity smell so I could be biased on this, but I wasn't too keen on the smell... hehe~ :P I don't mind smells of perfume as long as I like the smell, but I have to say this is stronger than most perfumes I have smelled!!! :X The smell eventually fades as you use it, but still. :/

The first time I used the wipes, it kind of stung. I wasn't too sure why but it went away after couple of minutes. :/ The next time it stung again. I decided to stop using it on my face... hehe~ Now I use it to wipe the swatches on my hands. :P

For the people who want to buy it and use it, it's actually removes pretty well! It removed my waterproof mascara and all that junk... hehe~
I swatched a black pencil eyeliner on my hand and wiped it once with the makeup wipe. It's pretty good in my opinion... hehe~

* Up & Up; heard great things about this brand.
* Cheap price.
* Cute packaging.
* Removes makeup including waterproof.

* Strong scent.
* Lavender scent; I'm a fruity type of girl.
* It stung!

Would I buy this again: Heck no!
Rating:  1/5 Tobey's Paws

Finished Products
Cellnique Reversal Diamond EGF Drop

After finishing this product, I still felt the same way as I did when I reviewed this product. It's a good product and sad to see it empty. :(

Would I buy this again: Maybe, but what makes it hard is that it's all the way across the earth from me (Malaysia).
Max Factor PenSilks Glide-On Eye Pencil

First of all, I usually just take pictures on top of my desktop but certain things tend to roll down... lol~ For that reason, I decided to lay something on the bottom so the product doesn't roll down. :P Secondly, I thought this eyeliner would never finish!... lol~ I'm so glad I finally finished this product... wheee~ Now I can use better eyeliner... hehe~ :P I didn't review this eyeliner, but I had a quick saying. You should check it out. :P

Would I buy this again: No!
CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara

Now that it's been three months, it's time to toss and use a new mascara. I know most people use their mascaras longer than three months but I just don't want to risk it... hehe~ Plus, I have mascaras that will last me three plus years *sigh*. :X I still think this mascara rocks and you should read my review... hehe~

Would I buy this again: Yes.
Olay Total Effects Body Wash

I prefer my body wash to be more liquid-y than cream-like. With liquid-y products, you tend to get more foam or at least for me... hehe~ I like foam type of products because it feels soothing and mentally I feel cleaner... hehe~ :P This body wash has no scent which saddens me. I love body washes and body lotion with fruity scent!!!

Would I buy this again: No.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money except Cellnique, CoverGirl, and Olay. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Mr Lonely said...

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Kalmo said...

Aw Tobey looks cute. Ah too bad the makeup wipes, I got some up & up makeup wipes (different color, blue and white) and they were kind of dry. Good job in finishing those products. :)

Tammy said...

Your dog is SO CUTE! I saw those Up & Up wipes at Target today and almost got them. Thank goodness I skipped them!

Miss Yaya said...

Lol you didn't really love any of the products to rebuy! That might be a good thing I guess - to clear out and make room for the good stuff

Jannie said...

time sure does fly. i remember you reviewed that lash fusion mascara not too long ago and now it's gone. i'm glad you really liked it. i have yet to buy it. i heard it doesn't smudge even though it's not waterproof.

yikes about the wipes stinging. i know i'd like the lavender scent. i just don't know if i'd like the strong scent. my nose is not that powerful. hahaha...

aww... tobey looks adorable in his ladybug costume. :) hope you guys had a happy halloween, btw? what did you do? all i did was give out candy and that was it. i dressed up to make it a little bit fun and entertaining. well, for me at least. hehe...

Jannie said...

watching korean shows for halloween is fun too. :) i haven't really watched korean shows, but i guess the shows on TFC (the filipino channel) are quite a good equivalent. hehehe... yeah, after i ran out of candy, i ended up just watching TV with my brother and catching up on dinner. did a lot of kids ring your doorbell though? ours did after i ran out of my candy supply. a few of them even banged our door and my brother was kinda irritated. lol. it was kinda annoying. we never expected anyone to ring the doorbell after 8 PM too. especially not for a school night.

hey. getting mistaken for mid-20s isn't bad either. that's what people usually guess i am too. i'm between 24 to 28. there are a few really nice people that guess i'm barely 21. lol. i was really happy at the casino one time when i was getting a membership. the lady who checked my ID asked, "are you sure you were born in 77? you look a lot younger to me." i also got carded when i bought wine one time at albertsons. those were pleasant moments. when i have old and frumpy moments, i just recall those wonderful times. hahaha...

haha... i agree with you about the brush set. the bag IS cuter. i'm so happy it came with that bag. i use it as my new makeup bag now. i showed it to my mom too and she liked it and asked where i got it.

let me guess which colors the dashing lassie palette has. i'm guessing it's the neutrals. :D that palette is really pretty in person. :) oh yeah, since you mentioned CCO, i'm sorry i haven't had the chance to go there in a while. i will surely let you know when i do. i've been wanting to go too. maybe after all my bills get paid for, i'll beg to go. hehehe...

oh, the thing that plants seeds? i think you go to the market and pick which seeds to plant. it will automatically just stick the seeds in the plots. just make sure the plots are highlighted in green or something. hope that'll work for you. if not, you can always get the seeder. that will at least plant seeds on four plots at a time. makes it faster. :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Tobey's costume is so adorable!! LOL, did he get a lot of candies?
I don't like lavender smell either! It would've been better if the wipes don't sting.
Yay for the empty products! I should post mine too :D

Blair said...

How cute! Did you match Tobey or did you dress up as some other character?

You're so good at finishing the things that you own!!! The only products that I finish at an alarming rate are shampoos, shower creams and stuff like that haha xD I take absolutely ages to finish cosmetics *grr*

Isn't it a tote bag, something like a shopping bag, where you place whatever you buy into it? I'd use it this way, instead of a handbag bag, where I keep my wallet, keys etc. Yah, this means that I'll only whip the tote bag out from my handbag when I buy something.

My dear girl, of course Suqqu is more pricey! =[ Lunasol and RMK are high end but not as high end as Suqqu.

Karen said...

Ladybug! Tobey doesn't look too ecstatic but you should tell him how cute he looks ;)

I've tried to the Target wipes and it does sting a little.. although it takes care of my eye makeup pretty well.

Jannie said...

actually, you are right. korean dramas are well-known in asia. i know some people in the philippines who watch them. my friends think the actors are cute. hehehe... :D they show them in the philippines, but probably dub them in tagalog. it's just like the mexican telenovelas. they show them in the philippines too and dubbed in tagalog. i got addicted to them. lol.

ohhh! i think i know what you're talking about now on farmville. you're wondering how to move the plots around, huh? on the bottom right corner where all those icons are like an arrow, market, gifts, etc. you're going to click on the big, white arrow. within the arrow, there are options like move, plow, and recycle. move has this hand icon, you will click on that and that will let you actually move your plots around. hope this friendly farmville tip was helpful. hahaha... :D

hey. it's okay to stick with neutrals. they look great on you. plus, they are nice to wear on a daily basis. :) then again, you look fab with a pop of color too. i remember some looks you have with a touch of purple. those were pretty too. :D

Silkybow said...

cute dog and nice reviews :):)

Pop Champagne said...

I like foam type products too... and yeah I think body wash should have some sort of scent! cuz mentally I think that makes me feel more clean lol

Fruity Lashes said...

tobey is so cute! did you get a lot of candies? and you did good this month. lots of emptybottles/jars

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yay to Tobey! What a cutie pie. =D

Ooh, I am loving the fact that your post is jam packed with reviews...hehe. *^_^* I am with you on the fruity smelling body washes and disliking strong lavender scents! You are a good girl for tossing your mascara after 3 months. I toss it when I think it's time. (Usually way past 3 Shhh....

(I wish I could watch scary movies like you! :)

Jannie said...

yup, i remember you have a purple look somewhere. well, a pop of purple. it still was mainly neutrals, but you added purple on the crease or something. it was nice. :)

yay! glad you can move the plots around the farm now. i remember when i hadn't found out about the move tool yet. i used to delete every plot and make a new one. it wasted a lot of coins and it was a pain to do. it's so much easier with the move tool. i actually had to delete some of my plots though. there is no more room for the animals. that's why. watch. i'll probably get laughed at when i talk to my friends or relatives about this. hahaha...

ohhh... speaking of korean dramas, there is actually one that ben is addicted to. he watches it on youtube all the time. i think it was during the old times when people still wore the hambok (did i spell that right?), the korean national costume. i think there's a guy in the show who's like king and he has a son. there are also a bunch of warriors. i forgot the name of the show. i'll ask ben what it is. he said they show it in iran and it's dubbed in farsi. it's pretty cool how dramas from different countries are shown all over the world. :)

..R May A.. said...

your dog looks adorable!
great post :)

AngelicBetrayal said...

Aw, I'm sad the Up&Up wipes didn't work for you because I love them! I've gone through 3 packs of them already and I have another pack which I haven't opened yet. It didn't sting my face at all so maybe it's not good for sensitive skin :/ I also really really like the scent so *shrug* I guess it's all about preference :) Hope you find something else you like though!~

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