Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock & Republic Blushes in Kinky and Call Me, and Eyeshadows in Ambition, Brink, and Lawsuit

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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This past weekend Rock  & Republic had their sample sale, Friday to Sunday. I didn't mention it on here but if you follow my Twitter, you would have known about this event. I decided at last minute to go on Friday. Let me tell you how insane the event was! The line to purchase took more than 2 hours!!! I stood in line for 2.5 hours. Here's what I got...

I got two blushes and three eyeshadows.

One thing I found bad about the sample sale is that they had combo sets, and not singles where you get to choose the items you want. For that reason, I decided to only buy one blush set. Two of the blushes were sold out so I had no clue what they were. All the combos only had one blush color I liked and the other I didn't care for. For that reason, I took the best one which was the Kinky/Bedroom set.
This blush is in Kinky. It's a gorgeous, matte, hot pink color. I've been wanting this for a long time so I was happy to finally get it!

The employees searched and couldn't find Bedroom. They gave me the opportunity to either get the tester Bedroom or the two blushes that was alone (their partners in the combo were sold out). :/ I didn't want any of them... lol~ :X I got really lucky because they decided to go through all their blushes and realized Call Me was sold out. I asked them if I can get Call Me tester blush as a combo with the Kinky. They said yes... yippie~ I know you're thinking why would I get the tester blush eh!?!? I usually wouldn't take the tester but they make you swatch the items with eyeshadow sponges. I didn't think it would be disgusting since people had to use the sponges. :/ Plus, it looks pretty new.
This is in Call Me. It's a pretty peachy with gold specks. Since it was a tester, they didn't have the box. It's all good because I don't need a box... hehe~
Here's a swatch of the blushes. The left one is Call Me and the right one is Kinky.

If you're wondering what I think about these blushes, I love them!!! I also did a review on another R&R blush in Tease some time ago. You should check out the swatch, as well as, my review... hehe~ ;) R&R blushes are so much better than MAC blushes in my opinion... hehe~ :X That's how much I love R&R blushes!!! :)

The blushes weren't the only thing I got. I've been wanting to try their eyeshadows. Again they had combos which suckage in my opinion... lol~ :X Most of the combos I only like had one eyeshadow out of three that caught my attention. The one I ended up getting had two out of the three I like. Let me tell you I changed my mind when I swatched all the eyeshadows at home... hehe~ I ended up liking all three!... wheee~ PLEASE don't be in shocked to see NOT my typical colors!... hehe~ :P
This is in Ambition. Yes, it's my typical color and that's why I didn't like it at first... hehe~ :P When I swatched it over there, it looked gold to me. When I swatched it at home and under the sun, I was shocked to see gold with blue specks. I have never seen an eyeshadow like this before!
This is in Brink. It's a blue but in certain angles you see green or gold specks. Another unique color which I love!!! :)
The last eyeshadow is in Lawsuit. It's a brown with blue and in certain angle green specks. Another unique color!!! :)
Here are the swatches of the eyeshadows. From the left is Ambition, middle is Brink, and the right one is Lawsuit.

These eyeshadows feel like silk when you touch them. I am in love with them!... hehe~

Now for my Forever 21 haul...
I fell in love with this angel wings earrings! The top two rows have white crystals but it's hard to see in the picture... hehe~
I thought this earring was cute... hehe~ It's a leaf with three rows of white crystals and black dangling gem.
This is an owl ring. It's gold with tons of white crystals... hehe~

I was contacted by Violet from Skin Store. She thought I would be interested in passing along this giveaway to my readers. I thought it wouldn't hurt... hehe~ The website is giving away 23 Clarisonic Opals ($245), one a day, which started on November 5th. Here's the entry form and the rule for the giveaway. Good luck!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Kalmo said...

Wah you stood in line so long! I hope you has music to listen to or something. ^^ Aw they should have let you just buy the singles but great haul! Sorry to hear about the blushes, I also didn't get the ones I wanted when I bought RR online. Thanks for the pretty swatches. The packaging for RR is gorgeous. The wing earrings are adorable.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, that owl ring! Too cute! F21 rocks =D You got yourself some really fab R&R goodies! Man, Kinky looks so hot...hehe. Even though you waited for 2.5 hours, they are all so pretty that it was worth it!

Gaby said...

Wow, love the angel wings earrings! And the owl ring is adorable =D

Tammy said...

The Rock and Republic stuff looks awesome! I've been wanting to try their stuff out for a long time. I'll have to look out for it next time it goes on sale on Hautelook. I love the earrings, too.

Jennifer said...

i was lemming Call Me ever since i saw its swatches! Good thing I don't live in America XD my wallet will be broke everyday!

enjoy your haul :)

Jannie said...

whoa, alyssa. i'm shocked by the eyeshadow colors you ended up with. hehehe... never thought you'd pick out a blue. i can't wait to see you incorporate this in an eyeshadow look. they are all very pretty. it's nice how there are flecks of surprise colors within the colors. i love iridescent shadows. :D

the blushes are pretty as well. i remember the first R&R one you reviewed was pretty too. i kinda cracked up with the name kinky bedroom set. LOL. although it is a much tamer name compared to the NARS ones. hehehe... i love both the kinky and call me blush. if you hadn't mentioned anything, i would've never thought call me is a tester. it's a good thing they use testers WITH the sponges. would not want strange hands all over my blush or anything else for that matter. lol.

about NYX jumbo pencils, i've only tried the one in milk. as a base, it creases on me. i just ended up using this one as a highlight under brows. it actually works decently under the eyes too if you want to brighten that area. hehehe... it did not want my poor NYX pencil to end up in the basura (trash). hahaha... i just gave it another purpose.

watching youtube videos (if you've heard of emilynoel83, i highly suggest her. :D) enticed me to buy and try more physicians formula. i really like their shimmer strips line. :)

i'm pretty sure tobey will be around for a long time. he is very healthy. you take really good care of him too. :) i can tell he's real healthy because he sure likes his treats. at least his appetite is good. :D

wow. that's cool you don't have a heavy load of things in your makeup bag. lip products always come in handy. i don't think i can survive without one. i remember forgetting my entire makeup bag one day. boy, did my lips feel really dry and gross all throughout the day at work. lotion always comes in handy too and a mirror. then again, we have mirrors everywhere in the store. i can't believe one of the managers told me, "are you working or just staring at the mirror all day?" LOL. he was joking though. he saw that i was cleaning a rack. plus, he knows i'm a bit on the vain side that's why he said that. hahaha...

wow. i see there's another giveaway going on. i'm going to check the rules form out. see how that goes. :D

Kalmo said...

Hi Alyssa,

The colors I wanted were All Nighter and Kinky, it's great that you got Kinky. LOL at the names. XD Thanks for entering my giveaway. I think I might go to LA in December during winter break.

Jennifer said...

i was thinking of a golden retriever /or a seymour/shetland sheltie (spelling?); and a British shorthair cat <3

what's Tobey? :D (am no expert in dogs)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yes, it is! :) Which reminds's a winner...hehe. (I remember telling you I'd mention which products worked from my Sephora F&F haul) The one I bought from Sephora is my second jar. Might be HG status but too soon to tell I think.

Jannie said...

oh, i'm sure you CAN pull off blue. i can picture it now how pretty it will look on you. :D the blue you picked is a verrry pretty shade of blue too. i love shades of blue like that. it's kinda like a shimmery powder blue with a nice gold and green surprise. :D

i know. hahahaha... what is up with sexual names on makeup products? even too faced is kinda getting into it too. i think those...err...names are on the natural eye palette. the colors are gorgeous though. :) the NARS names are a little too graphic though. ben was laughing really hard when i was naming the NARS blushes was lemming for when i didn't have them yet. lol.

oh yeah, i found out the name of that k-drama that he likes to watch. it's called ju-moong. i can't spell it right, i believe. that's its name though. he said there are two series of it. one is ju-moong himself. the other one is of his grandson, but it's played by the same guy. i wonder if you've watched it or heard of it before.

i probably was suckered into the hype of those darn NYX jumbo pencils. i hate them too. hahaha... i remember when i first bought milk, i was so excited, i instantly put it on my eye. after 30 seconds, it creased tremendously. they don't work for me either. hmm... i wonder what you can do with your jumbo pencils. i guess you can have your nieces play with them. lol. i don't know people on youtube are able to make them work.

tobey, you, and i will get along well. i love to eat too. if i could, i would eat a whole table, but that'll just give me heartburn. LOL.

yeah, i did not know my manager would actually say that. it was funny though. hahaha...

Jennifer said...

hehe i googled sharpador XD but there's no wiki entry for it. i suppose it's an abbreviation of the name of the specie XD?

Shop N' Chomp said...

I think every girl has their own way of telling. For me, I'm thinking if I ever get to the 5th jar (consecutively) it's safe to say it has HG status. ;D

Fabuless Beauty said...

I love the leaf earrings!

Jannie said...

you are a good girl for not being able to eat a whole table. hahaha... i really need to control my eating habits. it's scary. i think i can actually eat more than how guys eat. :P LOL.

i guess the creasing on NYX jumbo pencils will never cease. ugh. no matter what you do or what you put underneath, the creasing always has to happen. i tried UDPP to make it work too, but it didn't. at least the actual NYX eyeshadow base is better. i've heard that it creases on some people. it worked alright on me. i just put UDPP underneath.

hahaha... when you go to sephora, check out some of the names of the too faced shadows. you will see some pretty kinky names. LOL. good thing not all of them do. the brand that has cute names for their stuff is benefit. my favorite names are "back to the fuschia" (gloss) and "her name is glowla" (some palette, set). :D

i'm guessing they probably must've shown "ju mong" in the philippines too. usually, whatever the show all over the world, it must be shown in the philippines too. ju mong must be very, very popular. i was they speak differently in old fashioned type dramas? maybe if they showed an old fashioned type drama in tagalog, i probably wouldn't get it either. there are some words that are pure tagalog that i don't understand.

oh, yeah... how's night elf working out for you, BTW? have you played with the scary, red color? hahahaha...

ahh... so you saw gilt by association on that linked in thingy? hopefully when i get the chance to go, i'll send it on the next present when i see it there. :D

sure is nice of ben to like any makeup look i do. :) guys like him rock for appreciating inner beauty. :) i think he even without my eyebrows, he's still okay with it. hahaha... where can i find another guy like that? if it were someone else, i'd probably get laughed at. ben is super-nice for putting up with that and me. LOL.

i would love to see what you come up with from the night elf palette. i'm sure you'll come up with something pretty. :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

I have not! What's in it and where can I get it? :D

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

oh gosh.. i love the R&R blush!! Wish to get one too.. someday~ hahaha... nice blog..


Dina (XYYan) said...

Awesome haul! I love R&R blush too, the pigmentation is insane. The brink e/s looks really beautiful! Thanks for the swatches :)

Aradani said...

2 hours in line?!?!? I guess I would also do that for R&R blushes and eyeshadows. I've been lemming those two blushes that you got but they weren't on Hautelook. I was only able to get Immoral and All Nighter, which turned out to be fine bc I love them to death.

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