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Zaful Loose V Neck Long Sleeve Blouse in Cadetblue

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I am fortunate to work with Zaful.

Here is my haul. I already reviewed Zaful Alloy Circle Ball Earrings in Silver (bottom left), Zaful One Piece Faux Pearl Rhinestone Pin Earring in Silver (bottom right), and Zaful Ruffles Smock Blouse in Light Purple (top left). For this post, I will review the blouse on the top right.
Product Review: Zaful Loose V Neck Long Sleeve Blouse in Cadetblue

Where to purchase: online at zaful.com
Price: $17.49

Description from the website:
Material: Polyester
Shirt Length: Regular
Sleeves Length: Full
Collar: V-Collar
Pattern Type: Solid
Style: Casual
Weight: 0.250 kg
Package: 1 x Blouse
Thoughts: When I saw the shirt on the model, that's how I imagine myself wearing it. Of course, it will not look good as it does on the model. I debated if I should get it or not. I kept coming back to this shirt and that's when I decided to get it.
Here's how it looks on the model on the website.
Here's the overall shirt. It was taken at night in my room. For some reason, the flash of the camera didn't get the details of the shirt.
Here's a closer look a the v neck. You can see the rope through the thread.
Here's a closer look at one of the pockets in the front chest area.
Here's a closer look at the bottom of the shirt.
Here's a closer look at the sleeve.
Here's how the shirt looks on me. I have no one to take pictures of me wearing it. For that reason, I have to take it myself.
Here's a better idea of the shirt on me.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, it comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large). From the description of the size (bust, length, shoulder width, and sleeve length) on this particular shirt, I felt like I can fit a medium but I decided to get large. It doesn't hurt for the shirt to be bigger than smaller. I honestly suggest reading everything before purchasing anything on any website. It's better to be safe than sorry. With that said, this website has been one of the best when it comes to products coming from China. What I see on the website is as close as it is in person. That's a huge plus in my book! Secondly and since the shirt is packed inside a plastic bag, it came wrinkled up. I had to iron the shirt as soon as I took it out. It was easy to iron and it stayed straight for most part. The fabric is polyester but it reminds me of a man's dress shirt. Once you iron the shirt, it's sleek and smooth. While wearing it and it folds in a certain area, you can see the wrinkle in that area. This shirt does the same thing. With that said, it's light-weight and extremely comfortable. I'm going to be honest I didn't wear the shirt the whole day. Since it's so hot in Los Angeles, I only wore it in my room to take pictures and took it of. I couldn't wear it outside in the heat. The reason why I didn't wear it outside is because of the color and the long sleeve. I just can't wear anything other than a short sleeve with this weather. It's just so hot here! Anyways, it'll be great for fall and winter season. I cannot see myself wearing it for spring and summer. This shirt will be great on young adults to older. I would say women in their 20's on. It'll also look great in jeans and nice heel sandals or at least that's how I imagine this shirt. Third, the quality of the shirt isn't bad. It's not something I would find in high end department stores. I would be find these type of shirts in mall stores like Q, Forever 21, and so on. The fabric is nice, soft, and light-weight. Even though the fabric is thin, it's not see through. I don't need to wear something underneath. A bra was good enough with this shirt. With that said, there were a lot of loose threads especially around the pockets. I also didn't like the end of the rope. I wish they melted it with heat or added a plastic like they do with tennis shoes. I had to re-thread the v neck area and it wasn't easy. The hole was fine. It was the end of the rope that made it hard to thread. Lastly, I'm happy with the purchase. It's comfortable, cute, fashionable, and fun to wear! That's all that matters with clothes.

* Company carefully ship the products.
* Comes in three different sizes.
* Website lists the dimensions of the clothes; you don't need to search around the site.
* Accuracy of the website is pretty good.
* Easy to iron.
* Light-weight.
* Comfortable.
* Great for fall and winter season.
* Fashionable.
* Great for young adults on.
* Great casual and slightly dress up.
* Good quality fabric.
* Fabric is soft and thin.
* Not see through.

* Had to find in stores.
* Clothes might be too small for plus-size individuals.
* Slightly wrinkles throughout the day.
* Loose threads.
* End of the rope is spread out not heated together.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

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Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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