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Zaful Crew Neck Graphic Sleeve Sweatshirt in Light Gray

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I am fortunate to work with Zaful.
Here is my haul. I already reviewed Zaful Alloy Circle Ball Earrings in Silver (bottom left), Zaful One Piece Faux Pearl Rhinestone Pin Earring in Silver (bottom right), Zaful Ruffles Smock Blouse in Light Purple (top left), and Zaful Loose V Neck Long Sleeve Blouse in Cadetblue (top right). For this post, I will review the last top in the middle.

Where to purchase: online at zaful.com
Price: $20.99

Made in China

Description from the website: 
Material: Cotton Blend
Shirt Length: Long
Sleeves Length: Full
Style: Fashion
Pattern Style: Character
Season: Fall, Spring
Weight: 0.290 kb
Package: 1 x Sweatshirt
Thoughts: When I first saw this sweatshirt online, I love the intricate design on the sleeves. Then I debated since it's summer, I shouldn't get fall/winter outfit but I kept coming back to this sweatshirt. I took it as a sign to get it.
Here's how it looks on the model.
Here's the overall sweatshirt.
Here's a closer look at the crew neck.
Here's a closer look at the design on the left chest area.
Here's a closer look at the bottom of the sweatshirt.
Here's a closer look at the design on the sleeves.
Here's how the sweatshirt looks on me. I have no one to take pictures for me. For that reason, I have to take my own pictures.
Here's a better idea how the sweatshirt looks on me. Also, here's a closer look at the design on the left chest area and sleeves.
Here's a closer look at the sleeve. I had to fold it twice because it's way too long on me.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, it comes in two sizes (medium and large). I decided to get the bigger of the two. It's better to be safe and have bigger size than something that's too small on me. One thing I like about this website is how descriptive the pages are. I'm mostly talking about the sizing. Usually, you have to click on the sizing to get an idea how the websites size the clothes. Even with that, most clothes sizes are not even the same. I'm glad they put everything on that particular item. I don't need to search around. I give this a big thumbs up! Plus, we all know Asian websites are not that accurate. This is my third clothing item from this website and I can tell you it's pretty accurate. It's one of the best Asian clothing site I have gotten from. Secondly, the sweatshirt came in a plastic bag as well as the other two tops from this website. The only difference is that this sweatshirt came folded over a cardboard paper. The other two tops didn't and they were wrinkled. This sweatshirt was not wrinkled at all. I did not have to iron whatsoever. To be honest, the fabric is a thin sweatshirt material that doesn't wrinkle and it's extremely soft to the touch. The only way I can see this sweatshirt wrinkle up is when it's extremely twirled while being washed. With that said, it's not one of those sweatshirts that have that soft material inside. It's just a thin cotton that you find in sweatshirts or long sleeve shirts. It's soft but not that stretchable. Not only that, it's the best sewn top that I have gotten from this website. There's no loose thread anywhere and cut fabric. I noticed the crew neck is a different fabric from the rest. The neck part reminds me of cotton shirt that stretches. Since it stretches, it's easy to pull over the head. Another thing I noticed is that the design isn't one of those cheap patterns on top of the fabric where you can scratch it with your fingers. It's nicely placed on top of the fabric. Third and since it's so hot in Los Angeles, I did not wear this out. I wore it in my room to take pictures and then took it off. I cannot wear something long sleeve during this hot weather. With that said, it's extremely light-weight and comfortable. I honestly didn't think it would be. Since it doesn't stretch much, I thought it might be too small on me but it actually looks the same on me as the model. Plus, I have a tendency to think I'm bigger than I really am or at least that's what I've been told. While wearing the sweatshirt, the first thing that I noticed is how long the sleeves are. This will be great on tall individuals. Since I'm on the short side, it was long. I fixed it by folding it over twice and I was able to see my hands. Other than that, everything looked good. I also didn't notice slight difference in color until I started writing this review. It's a little big darker than the website but it's still light gray. Fourth, this is fashionable. I can see teenagers to adults wearing this sweatshirt. It's a very universal sweatshirt. It's more on the casual side. I wore it with jeans and love the combination. I could see myself wearing this during fall and winter season. Lastly, I'm extremely happy with this item of clothes. I love the other two tops I got but this is the best out of all three. I don't have to iron every time I wear it, it's easy to wash, light-weight, comfortable, well-made, fashionable, and so on. This and the dangling earrings, Zaful Alloy Circle Ball Earrings in Silver, has to be my favorites!

* Comes in two different sizes.
* Website lists the sizing of the clothes; you don't need to search around the site.
* Accuracy of the website is pretty good.
* Company carefully ships the products.
* Came folded over a cardboard paper inside a plastic bag.
* Isn't wrinkle.
* Do not need to iron.
* Think sweatshirt material.
* Soft to the touch.
* Made out of cotton.
* Sewn nicely.
* No loose thread.
* No cut fabric.
* Crew neck stretches over the head.
* Design isn't cheap.
* Light-weight.
* Comfortable.
* Fashionable.
* Great for teenagers to adults.
* Casual.
* Great for fall and winter season.

* Hard to find in stores.
* Not that stretchable.
* Sleeves are long.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  5/5 Tobey's Paws

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Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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