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Reviva Labs Ultra-Potency Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum with Emblica and Giveaway

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me and the giveaway is sponsored. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product and giveaway. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I am so lucky to work with Reviva Labs. They're an extremely great brand with natural products and they respect their customers!

Product Review: Reviva Labs Ultra-Potency Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum with Emblica

Where to purchase: ULTA, Sprouts, Whole Foods, and online at
Price: $32 for 1 fl oz/ 29.5 mL

Made in USA

Description from the package: Remarkable free radical protection & skin texturing.

In addition to our special-potency Vitamin E Ester, we've added EMBLICA (a cascading antioxidant) along with a complex of complementary antioxidants. Vitamin E, CoQ10, SOD (superoxide dismutase), berry extracts, and more. It's an extraordinary new level of anti-free radical action!

Daytime is when most skin damage occurs. Thus, use this serum alone or under your day creams (e.g., sun protective cream) or makeup, to give expanded, extraordinary protection against the broad range of outdoor/indoor harmful free radicals. (Can also be applied at night.)

With antioxidant Emblica (Indian Gooseberry plant) our complex formula goes far beyond the norm to thwart free-radical (damage while providing skin-beautifying benefits.

Another "First" from Reviva Labs!
Purified Water, Emulsifying Wax, Glycerin, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C Ester), Aloe Leaf Juice, Squalane, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Sunflower Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Laurate, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Panthenol, Cetyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Glyceryl Stearate, Rosehip Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Amodimethicone, Lecithin, Sodium Alginate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Cocoa Butter, Allantoin, Steareth-2, Borage Oil, Emblica Extract, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Retinyl Palmitate and Ergocalciferol, Ubiquinone (CoQ10), Fig Extract, Blueberry Extract, Cranberry Seed Oil, EUK-134, Flaxseed Oil, Xanthan Gum.
Thoughts: I'm a huge fan of Reviva Labs. I love knowing that I'm putting natural products on my skin that is healthy, as well as, preventing aging.
Here's a closer look at the pump.

"Our airless pump is also important: Vitamin C in high dosage tends to become unstable and lose its potency when exposed to air (e.g., each time you open a standard jar or bottle). That's why we package our new Serum in an airless pump. It's the best protection from air, light, and bacteria - and it preserves potency. Also, it gets the total contents out of the bottle. You'll get every last drop of this incredible serum!"

I got this from the website. They said it better than I ever could! In all honesty, I was curious why this serum was not packaged in their typical packaging. This makes a lot of sense.
Here's a closer look at the expiration date. This is probably a repeat if you read my blog. I say this all the time, but I love that it has an expiration date on the packaging not the box. I tend to throw the box away right when I start using the product. I cannot remember how long products last since I'm always using products here and there. This expiration date on the packaging really helps people like me!
Here's a swatch of the product on my hand.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, there's no noticeable scent while applying. I just sniffed the product and there's barely any scent. It's minimum and smells really fresh. Secondly, the consistency is on the medium. It's not thick that it takes awhile to sink into the skin. It's also not thin that it's so liquidity. It's a great consistency and easy to use. I did notice most serums I only need two drops for my face and throat. With this product, I need three drops. The serum is more condensed than most I have tried. It makes sense the ingredients are more intact with the airless pump. Third, I love how up-to-date Reviva Labs are. I have never heard of Emblica but it really intrigues me. I love that they created a serum that protects from pollution and auto exhaust. Since I live in Los Angeles, I definitely need a product like this. Lastly, it's hydrating. My skin loves this product. A combination of many products, I noticed my skin feels hydrated. I haven't noticed any dry patches, as well as, using more products than I normally do because of dryness. With that said, my skin feels soft and firm. I can't tell you if it works within but I also cannot wait to see the long term effect. I did notice less noticeable fine lines.

* Extremely light-weight packaging.
* Travel-friendly.
* Comes with a pump.
* Airless pump.
* No noticeable scent while applying.
* Medium consistency.
* Condensed.
* Great for all skin types.
* Antioxidant; Emblica.
* Protects from pollution and auto exhaust nitrogen free radical.
* Protects against sun's oxygen free radicals.
* Hydrating.
* Skin feels soft.
* Skin feels firm.
* Less noticeable fine lines.
* Paraben-free.

* Need more drops than most serums.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

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Reviva Labs was kind enough to give one my readers their own Ultra-Potency Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum with Emblica.

Now for the giveaway info...

Giveaway Dates: May 11, 2016 at 12 a.m. PST to May 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. PST (Pacific time)

How to enter:
1. You must be a follower of Google+ Page (I will check). PLEASE do not just follow for the giveaway and then once the giveaway is over, stop following. It's just not polite!!!
2. This is for USA residents only.
3. You must be 18 years or older. If you're younger than 18, please get your parent's permission.
4. The winner will be drawn with a random number generator. You have 48 hours to contact me at or else a new winner will be chosen.

Extra Entries:
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Reviva Labs Ultra-Potency Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum with Emblica Giveaway

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me and the giveaway is sponsored. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product and giveaway. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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