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Exfoliation from Reviva Labs

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All skin types... all ages... can benefit from Reviva's Light Skin Peel #107. The original exfoliant in America... and for instant action, considered to be "invaluable" by over 1,200 professional skin care salons, internationally!

Reviva was one of the very first companies to introduce the European concept of exfoliation in America some 43 years ago. Exfoliation involves the removal of dead skin cells which cover the surface of our skin.

Whereas exfoliants like alpha hydroxyacids take weeks to show results, Reviva's unduplicated Light Skin Peel immediately removes dead cells, bringing out the clear, moist new skin cells below, helping revive our complexion.

Below we reprint an interview with Stephen Strassler, President of Reviva Labs, with a popular health magazine, about Light Skin Peel.

Mr. Strassler has won international recognition as one of the leading skin care experts in the beauty field. He is one of the few cosmetic marketing men who has actually performed skin care treatments.

Q. We know that Reviva was one of the first to introduce exfoliation to America, but many of our readers still don't understand the concept. Please explain.

Strassler: Every day, new cells form in the bottom layer of the epidermis and slowly travel upward to the skin surface. During this 30-day journey, the cells gradually lose moisture. At the surface they die. They dry out completely and turn into flakes.

Eache week you have dead cell build-up, dulling and clouding the skin, depriving it of its smoothest texture. That's where exfoliation comes in: the removal of dead, flaky skin cells.

Q: What is exfoliation so important?

Strassler: Besides dulling skin tone, when a sufficient amount of dead cells aren't removed, other harmful effects can occur. Bacteria, dust and toxins can accumulate within... pores can get congested and block normal oil flow to the surface, causing blemishes.

Q: If I am using alpha hydroxyacids, like glycolic acid, can I still use Light Skin Peel?

Strassler: Yes, you can use our Light Skin Peel once a week on a day that you don't use the Glycolic Cream. In fact, the use of Light Skin Peel will speed-up the results of glycolic program as well as show the immediate improvement in skin texture.

Q: What are the ingredients that make Light Skin Peel work?

Strassler: Its content of Papaya Extract & salicylic acid help dissolve the dead skin. Almonds and root extracts combine with Zinc Oxide and Kaolin to absorb and accomplish dead cell rub-off. Thyme helps eliminate the impurities in pores. Chamomile and Allantoin soothe and calm the skin so that the rub-off won't irritate and Allantoin also helps stimulate cell turnover to aid skin balance and hydration.

Q: Would you review the steps for a person doing a peel at home, to fully understand its safe, mild action?

Strassler: After normal skin cleansing, dry your skin and then spread Light Skin Peel in a light layer all over the face and throat. Let it dry (about 3-4 minutes). You might experience a tingling sensation which is the action of its substances softening and dissolving dead cells... but it doesn't harden like a mask.

When it is COMPLETELY DRY, to the point of cracking, rub off with a dry washcloth, a cosmetic sponge, or your fingertips and palms. Be sure to rub off, not wash off.

The effect is not abrasive. There is no harsh stretching of the skin. So it is safe for the most fragile, sensitive skin. The dead cells and waste materials are simply enclosed by the grainy liquid and removed.

When the rub off is complete, splash cool water on the face or use Skin Tonic #103 to remove leftover particles. Then, behold your skin. It will look fresher, more alive, and feel softer immediately.

Without exfoliation, even the best moisturizer or night cream, can't penetrate the excess cells. SO, EXFOLIATION IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERY SKIN TYPE, AND PARTICULARLY VITAL FOR AGING OR BLEMISHED SKIN.

To "Youthify" your hands...

For a salon "Hand Facial" you can do at home, apply Light Skin Peel on the back of the hands and rub off with a dry towel after 5 minutes. The massage in Hydrogen Peroxide & Green Papaya Mask #484. Let set for 10 minutes, then wipe off with warm, wet towel. Apply Nourishing Cream #306. Special Note: If skin is very dry: first massage in drops of our Hyaluronic Acid Serum #369 all over hands, and then layer our Nourishing Cream over the HA Serum.

Disclaimer: Press Release

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