Wednesday, April 23, 2014

PopSugar Must Have April 2014

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were given to me. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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I feel very fortunate to receive April Box of PopSugar Must Have. If you don't know about PopSugar Must Have, it's a monthly subscription box by PopSugar.

" With POPSUGAR Must Have, you'll get an exciting monthly box full of fun, full-size products that are hand-selected by our editors."

I took that from their website. They said it better than I ever could!

Here's my April Box. I erased my personal information.
Here's how it looks open.

"Spring is finally here, which means it's time to think about getting outside, cleaning house, and going green. Embracing eco-friendly habits can be chic and fun, and we're here to show you how. Plus, make not only your home but also your makeup routine a little more awesome with some help from a gorgeous palette. You'll find all the essentials to keep you healthy and beautiful for April and beyond. Now you're ready to run the world." by Lisa Sugar, PopSugar Founder & Editor in Chief.

That's the description for the April Box taken from the pink booklet.
Here are the goodies to enjoy and play with. It's really nicely wrapped and I love how they protected each product. The white box from the top left had a liquid product, I will not name because you will see as you scroll down. Not only did they put it in the box, but it was also wrapped in a bubble wrapper. It was a big thumps up because the product leaked a little. Thankfully, it was only inside the bubble wrapper.
The first goody from the April Box is from Graphic Image. The notebook was exclusively designed for PopSugar. It retails for $20. Let me tell you, it's not one of the cheap notebooks. It's very well made and it looks very professional.
The second goody is from Fresh Pastry Stand. The tea towel set retails for $18, and it's handmade from a water-based ink and completely lint-free. I have never used this type of towel so I'm excited to use it.
Here's how the towels look. Isn't it totally awesome!?!?
My third goody is from BlueAvocado. Lauren Conrad joined forces with BlueAvocado to design this (Eco) Shopper bag. It retails for $25. This will be my go to bag that I'll have in my car.
When you unzip the pouch, here's how it looks like.
Here's how the bag looks when it's fully open. I love the prints, as well as, how well made it is.
The fourth goody is from Caldrea. The Rosewater Driftwood hand soap is a combination between floral aromas and spicy cedar undertones. It retails for $10.50. This will be my next hand soap in my bathroom.
The next goody is from NatureBox from PopSugar. It retails for $5.
The snack is a combination of almonds, soybeans, corn, and cranberries. It's very crunchy, healthy, and pretty decent.
The last goody was the one I was most excited about. It probably has to do with being into beauty products. It's Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. It retails for $36.
Here's how the palette looks open. The colors are gorgeous and it's so my colors! This will be the only thing I'll review in the future. I cannot wait to test this baby out!

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, let's see the total cost of this Must Have Box.

$20          (Graphic Image Note)
$18          (Fresh Pastry Stand)
$25          (BlueAvocado)
$10.50     (Caldrea)
$5            (NatureBox)
$36          (Too Faced)
$114.50   TOTAL

For $39.95 a month, this is a good deal! You get more than $100 worth of products. Secondly, most subscription boxes are aimed for certain types of products. For example, beauty boxes have beauty products ranging from skincare to cosmetics. This is the first box I have seen that's versatile. It ranges from makeup to snack. I find it cool and good for people who are interested in a variety of things. Lastly, I found this fun and had a blast taking pictures. It covered all my senses from smell, taste, to visual.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

PopSugar was kind enough to offer my readers a discount for the Must Have Box.

Type: Save $10 on a 3-month subscription
Expiration Date: May 3, 2014

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were given to me. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


winda said...

wohooo, you got Natural Eyes palette *scream* Pop Sugar seems good, because they gives a good product to you <3 will wait the review soon ^_~

Sachi said...

o0o0o0o I keep looking at this box but never have signed up. It always looks so awesome. You totally lucked out with that palette, it looks amazing And the bag is super cute too!

Kim A. said...

oh my gosh! ALL OF THAT was in that box! for $40 bucks a month! what a DEAL! I mean the Too Faced alone is a treat. I love that little notebook. awesome review ahleessa.

Allie Mackin said...

Looks like a nice around up of items and I like how they packaged it.

Allie of ALLIE NYC

Marianna De Luca said...

How many lovely things :)




Agnieszka Inés said...

congratulation honey!!!

Ahleessa said...

I know I was excited to receive Too Faced Natural Eyes palette! It was unexpected and I cannot wait to play around with it.

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! If you Google, they actually have sneak peak for the month. That might help you to subscribe or not. ;)

Ahleessa said...

It is a good deal! I was most excited about the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I cannot wait to play with it,

Ahleessa said...

It's my first time tasting NatureBox and it's so yummy!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! It is nicely packaged. :)

Ahleessa said...

Thank you!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! :)

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