Sunday, May 16, 2010

L'Oreal Volume Shocking Mascara in Blackest Black

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I don't remember when I bought this *sigh*. I decided to pick this out from my zip-lock bag full of non-used mascaras. Yes, I have that many mascaras that can last me over two years!!! I've been good about not buying mascaras, even though, I want to try the new ones that are out. I must resist! I have too many as it is. Anyways, it's been more than two months of using this. I think it's about time I review this.

Product Review: L'oreal Volume Shocking Mascara in Blackest Black

Where to purchase: 
ULTA, drugstores, mass merchandiser, and online at
Price: cannot remember

Made in USA

Description from the website: Volume Shocking 2-Step Volume Construction Mascara is the first two-step mascara to build super-lush, luminous lashes with extreme volume. Step 1: Apply Lash Defining Base Coat that defines and smoothes lashes, perfectly preparing them for exceptional volume building. Step 2: Apply volume Constructing Top Coat. Perfect Dose Comb coats lashes with Expansyl-rich, ultra-volumizing mascara from root to tip. It thickens lashes to the extreme to build breathtaking volume.

* Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested.
* Removes easily with soap and water.
* Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
* Fragrance-free.

Thoughts: Before I start, I must apologize! I usually keep my packaging until I review my product so I can post the information on the back. Unfortunately, I must have thrown it away before I put it in the zip-lock bag full of my non-used mascaras. I'm sorry!

Now for my thoughts about this mascara... When I bought this, I couldn't refuse the 75% off sticker. Now looking back, I should have refuge for several reasons. One it's not waterproof and from my experience, I have better luck with waterproof mascaras. Speaking of waterproof, this one comes in waterproof. Unfortunately, the review on the waterproof from MakeupAlley is worst than the one I used (click here to see the review). The reason why I like waterproof is because it holds my Asian lashes longer than non-waterproof ones. Secondly, this mascara was very clumpy. It would make my lashes stick together which definitely did not give me volume! Lastly, I have hoping the primer (step 1) would give me length. I felt it didn't even do that.

* From L'oreal, which I love their HIP line.
* Step 2 comes with a comb which is great for the bottom lashes.

* From L'oreal, which I tend to not like their non-HIP line.
* The packaging of the mascara is bulky.
* Two step process which isn't good for lazy person like me!... lol~
* Didn't lengthen my lashes.
* Didn't volume my lashes.
* Very clumpy.

Would repurchase: No.
Rating: [Color+Paw.jpg] 2/5 Tobey's Paws

Here's how the Step 1 side of the mascara looks like.
It's the silver part of the mascara. You primp your lashes to increase the length.

Here's how the Step 2 side of the mascara looks like.
It looks like a comb which is great for the bottom lashes in my opinion.

Here's how my lashes looked like after I used both sides of the mascara.
I usually would tell you what eye makeup I have, but I can't recall. It looks like my typical gold and browns.

Other L'Oreal products reviewed/swatch:
HIP Metallic Shadow Duo
Lash Architect Waterproof

It's that time of year I'm going to age one more *sigh*. I hate ageing, as well as, I stopped celebrating my birthdays. No one seems to remember except for my family members. It's all good though. The only reason I'm posting this is because I don't want anyone to miss these free birthday goodies. I'm going to start with Starbucks.
I received a postcard saying you can get any drink you want. It doesn't matter the size or drink. I ordered my mocha frappucino... hehe~ I forgot to take a picture of it! :/
Here's how the front/back (don't know which part it is... lol~) of the postcard looks like. I think it's so simple and gorgeous. I love it!... hehe~ :)

You're probably wondering how I got this postcard... hehe~ ;) When you go onto their website, you need to register your gift card. They will ask for your information like your name, address, and birthday. When it gets close to your birthday, they send you a free birthday reminder (click here to register your card).

Now I'm going to talk about Aveda.
I received their birthday reminder too through snail mail. You can get a personalized item from perfume, absolute, massage oil, and sea salt. I decided to get sea salt to exfoliate my body... wheee~
I was expecting something small, but they give you quite a good amount of products. I'm pretty impressed!!! :)

Now you're probably wondering how you sign up for this. Whenever you go visit them, they will ask for your information. I've gone in the past for freebies and they got my information. I'm sure you can go there and ask to sign up for their newsletter. ;)

I'm going to end with the famous Sephora birthday goody.
Last year, they gave out three mini-lipglosses (click here to see my post on them). This year they are giving out a mini-set of eye products; eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.
The first one is an eyeshadow in #23 Aspen Summit.
This is in #11 Silver Green.
The last in the package is a plumping mascara in black.
Here's a swatch of the eyeshadow and eyeliner.

If you're wondering how to get this, you need to apply for their Beauty Insider card. You can go to Sephora and signed up for it. It's free! ;)

I hope this helped for you to sign up for the birthday goodies. Good luck and tell me if you got them!!! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Lisa said...

Ohh I have that Sephora BI Bday gift too. It's so small! But I def. thinks its more useful than the glosses (for me anyways).That Aveda gift is awesome tho! Thnx for the review on the mascara, its def. one I've been looking at, but I'm going to skip it after this review--even if I see it for 75% off. BTW CVS beauty clearance is on! =D

. said...

Happy birthday~~ Its nice that those companies give you free stuffs~~ =)

I don't think any of those corporate companies do those kind of free birthday things here in the UK. The only people I know who do that are Body SHop, but I forgot to redeem my free £5 thing!

And I was unfortunate enough to have purchased the waterproof version of that monstrosity of a mascara when I was a teenager. It was the first (and last) mascara I ever bought from L'oreal. The non-waterpoof one looks nowhere as NEAR as clumpy as the waterproof one looked on me. I was like an indestructable clump factory!!

miRaCLe said...

Alyssa!! i'm catching up with your blog now!! time flies!!
your birthday is just 21h 30mins away! *Singapore's time!!:p*
hope you enjoy yourself with your family! :))
All the best and be happy always! :) <3

Kalmo said...

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for the great and informative product review, I'll be sure to avoid this mascara in the future. The packaging looks a little clunky too.

Yay for free birthday goodies? When is your birthday? Sorry if you told me and I forgot. XD You should come over and I'll cook dinner for you!! :D

Wow that Aveda gift is so generous! I got the Sephora thing too, most of it to my sister because I don't use eyeshadow or liner. The mascara is kind of smudgy too...

Looking forward to your future posts. ^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope your day was filled with tons of love and laughter. :D Thank you for the b-day freebies info...hehe!

Sorry you did not love that mascara. Which mascara is your HG?

DinaXYYan said...

Oh, I hate mascara that is clumpy. Too bad it doesn't work.
Happy birthday Ahleessa! So much birthday goodies to claim, hehe...

Luna said...

lol.. Korean stationery can't be quite as hilarious as Chinese and Taiwanese stationery.. It takes imagination just to decipher them.. but they're super cute!! >_<

I guess I'm lucky cuz I managed to get some great CPs, gotta be grateful to everyone who CPs me stuff.. lol..

Sorry to hear about that dear, don't stress yourself out, I'm a strong believer that things will always work themselves out =) Don't worry about it, MBD's an open offer, no expiry date >_<

Jnie said...

I just got this for free but gave it away. Thanks for the review, its reassuring, I guess I didn't miss out on a fabulous mascara lol

Kristie said...

Thanks for the review. I have never been able to find a drugstore mascara to work correctly. Maybe someday!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oopsie! I thought your b-day was today or had passed. Happy upcoming! Hehe. :)

To answer your q's...
1) I think you're right about the eye cream before moisturizer rule. I totally do whatever order I feel like atm. Haha! Terrible, I know. I figured as long as I put both on, I should be fine. =P

2) I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment which is multipurpose and for dry skin and lips. There is no special lip product. Sorry for the confusion! I should probably change the wording on my post. Anyhow, here's the linky:

3) Crap. I threw out the packaging for the sunblock and the back of the tube unfortunately doesn't list it. =( Maybe try Googling?

4) My HG is Shu Uemura Mascara Basic :)

Happy week!!

Fifi said...

Happy birthday Alyssa!

That's so nice of the companies to give you free stuff. I rarely encounter such thing here. LOL >.<

And thank you for the mascara review! I've seen it around but I think the Asian version has different color packaging. I'm not sure. I thought of trying it out before, but now I'm glad I don't have to. :)

Luna said...

Great! Just drop me an email with your mailing address and if you have any particular flavours you wanna try or don't want (so I won't send you stuff you've already tried or got).. I'll see if I've got them in my stash, else I'll pick a couple of my faves for you =)

Good luck on the job hunting!!

Shop N' Chomp said...

No worries :) I hope I was able to answer them properly...hee hee.

Unknown said...

Look at you and all your awesome little goodies!! Thanks for sharing your review of that mascara. I only use waterproof. I have had no luck with ones that aren't. :(

Check out the giveaway I'm hosting.
ThePageStoppers GIVEAWAY!

Diane said...

LOL I love that you have a zip-lock bag full of mascara. I have a bad habbit of buying new mascara's everytime I see a new commercial for one.

I never tried this mascara because it looked so big and bulky. Do you like mascara's with a comb or the regular round brush? What do you think is better?

Fabuless Beauty said...

Hey! You're a May baby too! I got that Starbucks postcard and Sephora Bday gift set as well =).

Thanks for the review. I've never been a fan of L'Oreal mascaras.

Luna said...

S$55 is about US$39 at the current exchange rate, which is still a whopping price hike of US$14 o_O

Yup we finally got Sephora last year i think.. now we've got 3 stores here in Singapore.. But the price hike really turns me off.. lol..

Luna said...

Yah.. I have such problems buying stuff here when I know they're cheaper elsewhere.. that's my inner cheapass talking.. o_O

email me at =)

Jannie said...

hey there, alyssa! yup. i did get your email. sorry it's taking me a while to reply, but i'll get to it. maybe tomorrow or wednesday, i'll write ya back. :) sorry about the delays.

ooh. the volume shocking mascara kinda reminds me of beauty queen/bollywood actress, aishwarya rai. she is so beautiful. she's in the volume shocking commercial. :) the packaging is pretty interesting. it has a different shape, but you're right. it looks quite bulky. i wonder how they came up with this shape to begin with.

ahh. it's good to know i'm not the only one who has a bunch of mascara. at least yours are un-used though, so they won't clump or go bad right away. i'm pretty bad about opening pretty much everything in my mascara stash. i ended up throwing a few away already.

oh yeah, i did find a korean store that carries a lot of nyx for cheap prices too. there's fashion 5 in my area and there's a place called trendy's. their pencils are like $1.50. i'll see if they have the other stuff too.

take care and will email very soon. :D

Violet Honeybee said...

I knoww!! I was just thinking that about my blog too!! I do put on makeup but it's always really neutral looks that I figure no one wants to see that 50 times again and again lol.

Yes I swatch it for you!! =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Aquaphor looks and feels just like Vaseline only it works WAY BETTER. :)

Jannie said...

sometimes that does happen with email. it doesn't get through and the person you're emailing doesn't receive it. happened to me before. especially on my yahoo acct. that's why i don't use it as much. i keep it around though. all my spam goes there. hehehe...

yup, they most likely do use falsies in mascara commercials. no wonder why they have those perfect, fluttery, fan-like lashes. hehe... makes you want to wonder where to get those falsies. i heard some celebs put two lashes on ONE eye. i wonder how they do that. i'd be too scared to even try. i remember seeing a few EOTD of yours with falsies. you do a much better job than i do with applying them. i always get mine crookedly done. there was a time when a lash fell on my cheek at work. luckily no one saw me. lol.

wow. you ARE good with mascara and lip balms. i get into everything that's in my drawer. i buy many different kinds, so i always like using a different one whenever i feel like it. i'm pretty crazy. at least you have a few reserved for when the other one's empty. :)

it's fun to swatch makeup even before getting home. it's exciting to open the packages already. i'm always full of swatches every time i come back. hehehe... :D

Bijin Blair said...

Uhhh clumpy, plus it doesn't volumize or lengthen? Keep this mascara far away from me!

I love Lancome's Hypnose, but it's too expensive to repurchase haha XD

Jannie said...

lol. hopefully i'll get to master putting falsies on without problems. based on your EOTDs, you do a good job putting yours on and yes, you are very welcome for the compliment. :D

hehe... ooh. that sure is one of those makeup addiction hints. opening the package right before it makes it home. then again, it's always good to swatch first. you get a better idea of the colors and how they'll look on you. :)

Lisa said...

Hey there! Ya I think I'm on the lighter side on NC35, cause I can do NC30 too so I'd go with Golden Beige. If it was out of stock I would go with Medium. It blends out so well it barely matters.

Haha ya I got some stuff today at CVS but since i have some more coupons I'm probably going back for some more. It's hard to resist, even tho sometimes it seems the same products are clearance over and over.

gio said...

Thanks for the review. The mascara looks really bad. I'll avoid it.

Leenda said...

Happy Birthday! This is late, but..yea..hahah Too bad that Loreal mascara didn't work out. =( You got a lot of birthday goodies! The Aveda sea salt looks promising to be used as an exfoliator. Thanks for commenting on my blog. =]

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