Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spicy Rice Cake (dduk-bok-ki)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for Lush and Is Clinical. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

This was a requested recipe from long time ago! :X I apologize for not making, as well as, posting this sooner!!! I would have made this quicker if I knew somebody would eat this with me. Unfortunately, nobody eats this but myself... hehe~ I have a tendency to NOT make food for myself. I want the easy way around and eat something simple when I eat alone... lol~ :X Anyways, to the recipe...

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

rice cake
1 egg per person
1 fish cake
chopped garlic
half of spoonful of red pepper paste
red pepper powder
honey powder
chopped green onion

Step 1:

The first thing I do is get a bowl and soak the rice cake in water for 5 minutes or so. It just softens the rice cake especially if you taken the rice cake out of the freezer. If you have fresh rice cake, you can skip this part... hehe~ ;)

Secondly which isn't shown, I boil eggs for each person eating.

Thirdly which isn't shown also, I soak the fish cake in hot water. The hot water cleans some of the oil from the fish cake.

Step 2:
In a frying pan, I add water and chopped garlic.
When the water starts boiling, I add the soaked rice cake. Don't include the water from Step 1.
I add half of spoonful of red pepper paste. If you like it spicy, I say add about a spoonful.
Then I add chopped onion.
Then add cabbage.
Then I add carrot.
After the fish cake is soaked in hot water, I wash it to remove extra oil/grease. Then I cut it and add into the dish.
Then I add some red pepper powder for extra spiciness. You don't need to do this if you don't want the extra kick... hehe~ ;) I also add honey powder and sugar. If you don't have honey powder, just add extra sugar. Do this until it fits to your taste... hehe~
Finish it up with the boiled eggs and chopped green onion. Make sure to take the outside off of the boiled eggs... hehe~ :P
Here's the complete meal... hehe~ :)

Now I'm going to end this post with my "Finished Products for April"... hehe~
L'occitane 25% Shea Ultra Rich Face Cream

I bought these as sample of threes. The first one I used and did a review on it (click here to read my review). These are very easy to go through since the samples are small... hehe~ This definitely was not moist enough for my winter weather skin, but this is perfect for my spring weather skin. It moisturized and made my face feel good.

Would I buy this again? Actually, it's possible knowing it's fine for my spring weather skin... hehe~

Lancome Primordiale Cell Defense Perfecting Serum

I finally finished my second sample serum (click here to read my review). You're probably wondering why it's cut in the middle of the tube. I have a tendency to cut my tube in half to use up the last drops of product... hehe~ :X After I cut it, I squeeze the bottom part to put it inside the top part. I definitely use it to the last drop!... lol~ Anyways, back to the product. I don't think it's done one good thing for my skin. :/

Would I buy this again? Probably not.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

I finally finished my first sample toner I bought (click here to read my review). I'm going through my second one... hehe~ I love how cooling it is to my skin, as well as, how cleans my left over makeup after I cleanse my face.

Would I buy this again? Probably yes.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin

I went and got a sample size of this. Initially, I didn't like it much and thought Lush was overrated... hehe~ :X To be frank, I actually liked it towards the end. It exfoliated my skin while cleansing. Next time I'll probably cleanse my face before using this. I like the feeling of soap suds while cleansing. Then I'll exfoliate twice a week with this product... hehe~ The reason why I didn't like this was how weird it felt using this but I got use to it as time went on... hehe~ :X

Would I buy this again? Probably.

Is Clinical Youth Eye Complex Innovative Skincare

I received a sample and used it. To be honest, I don't know if I like it or not. The amount they gave me doesn't help me to figure out if the results happen within the time period. I think they should give you at least four weeks amount of products to figure if you like it or not... hehe~ There's a good chance I'm dreaming!... lol~ :X It was hydrating to my eyes, but at the same time, I didn't notice any change. :/

Would I buy this again? I don't know since I couldn't figure out after couple of days... hehe~

Bath & Body Works Sun-Ripened Raspberry Body Cream

This is the small size I bought long time ago. I tend to like the small ones to carry around with me for my dry hands. I love how moisturizing it is for my hands... hehe~ The best part it smells fruity and delicious!!! :)

Would I buy this again? Of course!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for Lush and Is Clinical. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Jian said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! I will definitely try it out the next time I buy rice cakes. My unnie taught me to make it the cheat way, using the spicy and sweet paste from that red tub? I have no idea what it was called, but it tasted good!! Ahahaha..I will make it properly next time. Looks delicious!

Wow, good going! So many products finished!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that got me so seriously!
it's already 1:25am here..

now im craving for some korean food..

that's a lot of product that you've finished!

Shop N' Chomp said...

The hubs loves this dish. Now I may have an excuse to try and cook it for him. :P I've never heard of honey powder. Sounds delish though...hehe. You sure got a lot of great samples! I need to try that BBW body cream b/c I am crazy anal about moisturizing my hands. XD

Lisa said...

Haha I JUST made that the other day! Okay with a prepared pkg...but still. Good job on the empties--seriously I feel so accomplished when I get through stuff. =)

Gaby said...

Hey Ahleessa!

Seeing yout Lancôme tube cut in the middle made me laugh because I also cut my products in half to get the most out of it. But instead of squeezing the bottom part to put it inside the top part, like you, I put both part in a resealable plastic bag (like Ziploc).

Yes the yogurt mask is great, but I think honey on its own works just fine (well for me, as I always go for mask designed for dry skin). Let's say I wouldn't go and buy a jar of plain yogurt just to do masks =P

Meg's Makeup is a cool little beauty site where you earn points for your interaction on the site. For example, you can rate a product in a blog post, and that earns you 1 point. Commenting on a blog post also earns you one point. If you invite a friend and they accept the invite, you earn 10 points. They also have clickable button that you can disaply on your blog and that earns you 1 point when someone click on it. When you have 50, 150 or 250 points, you can redeem them for a gift. For 50 points, you get the smallest one, for 15o, it's bigger, and for 250, you get the biggest gift. ALl of this was free, expect that this week, Meg decided to make us pay the shipping, which is a lot for me since I live in Canada (international fees are $15). Well I will wait to see what I get with my 250 points (because the gifts are a mystery!) and if it's great, I will decide if it's worth it to pay $15 for the shipping or not (problably not, knowing me).

I prefer pink lipgloss, especially sheer ones (= My favourite ones are Lancôme Juicy Tubes, but they are way too pricey for me xd

I might use the Pond's Cream at night, too. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I will give it a go tonight because I just finished my Avon night cream, which was specially designed for winter use. It was greasy but I didn,t care bacuse it was a night cream, and it worked! Thanks for your feedback (=

Dina (XYYan) said...

The rice cake looks really yummy!
Wow, so much finished products. I need to finish some products too now :D

Soo Jin said...

YUM! I love dduk-bok-ki! I especially love it with ramen noodles. Just make the dduk-bok-ki extra soupy and add in the uncooked noodles. It only takes a few minutes for the noodles to absorb the soup. Thanks for posting!! <3

Luna said...

OMG I love spicy rice cake!! the spicier the better!! lol.. yours looks sooo delicious!!

Mary said...

I absolutely love spicy rice cake, you make it sound so easy I am going to definitely have to try it.

giang said...

that looks delishhhhh!! love rice cake!

Lisa said...

Put the Smashbox post bk =)

Jannie said...

the rice cake looks YUMMY and i would not mind the extra kick in it. i'm a big fan of spicy food. even if i can't handle the spiciness anymore i'll still keep eating it. that's why i always have handy dandy water on the side. hehehe... :D

it's interesting how one lipstick shade can look different on various people. i actually would love to see how born with it will look on you. i can imagine it'll be such a lovely pink shade on you. :)

haha... yeah, it's always tempting to go and grab a product after hearing so many good things about it. especially when it's somebody's favorite, i can always imagine it being my favorite too. second opinions come in handy. then again, there are products that can work on one, but can't work on another. that bums me out when it happens.

sorry to hear you are jobless at the moment. i'm sure there's something out there for you. :) my brother is still looking at the moment too. maybe while you're still looking, you can do some kind of business with your makeup artist skills. :) i'm sure many lovely ladies would love to have their makeup done by you and you do such a beautiful job. :)

gio said...

Wow, you finished a lot of products! I think I need to do that too.

The food looks yummy as always.

free fonts said...

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Soo Jin said...

the ddok-bo-ki with noodles is called la-bok-ki! :D
yum! if you ever have korean food questions, i can try my best to help you out! haha

K /BihadaDiaries said...

I LOVE dduk-bok-ki!!! thanks for sharing the recipe!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh yay, you went to Beard Papa! Hee hee...your niece sounds super adorable. :D Were you surprised how light yet flavorful it was? I was. Ok dang, my stomach's growling now. :P

pinksparkle said...

looks delish!! imma try that recipe one time, thanks for sharing :)

Soo Jin said...

OMG! I totally didn't know that you're korean! sorry, haha! I couldn't tell by your pictures! :)

Luna said...

lol.. I've never bought anything from the P&J counter though there's quite a few around.. everything I've picked up has been at a sale of some sort.. the prices make it all the more attractive.. lol.. I know what you mean.. sometimes I'm actually glad I can't get lots of brands here.. hahah good for my wallet I guess..

I'll see if I can do a EOTD in the weekend.. lighting's always terrible by the time I get home in the evening =P

jannie said...

if i only lived in your area, i would love to have you do my makeup. especially my eye makeup. your eyes are always so pretty. you're great at blending. :) in case i get married again (hopefully), you can be my makeup artist. :D

being jobless is depressing. i hear ya on that. i had been through it for a long time. i had none for five years after getting "let go of" from my first job. the search for the next got frustrating. then again, no matter how much time it takes, there's always something out there. when it comes to opportunities, as one door shuts, about five others open. there's always hope. you'll find a really awesome job which you will enjoy as well. :)

haha... yup, makeup we don't need is the result of the power of influence. influence is very convincing though. especially when you see such beautiful results from it via people's pics and videos. :D

Nic Nic said...

Oh em gee!

im going hungry looking at your cooking.. looks delicious!!

miRaCLe said...

getting more hungry after looking at the rice cake!! i love spicy food!! haha. but it's almost 3am now in singapore!! :(( *say no to supper!!* HAHA. thanks for sharing the recipe!! ^^

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