Monday, May 10, 2010

The Ylang Gallery Masks

Happy belated Mother's Day!!! I hope you celebrated with your mother. :) I had a great weekend! It was hectic but good... hehe~ I got to see all my nieces and nephew together. We celebrated my nephew's first birthday (dol) this past Saturday. He's growing up so fast!

Anyways, now to the topic of beauty... hehe~ I bought five sheet masks from this brand; three of one kind (click here to see my review) and two of the other kind which I will review in this post... hehe~ If you want to see my overall haul, you can check out this post (click here). ;)

Product Review: The Ylang Gallery Sheet Masks

Where can you purchase this: Korean/Japanese beauty store, market, or online at
Price: about $1

Made in Korea

Information on the front: Moisture Essence Mask Sheet
Used to help regulate a person's energy blood circulation, yinyang and spirit, our skin solution relies on a secret imperial prescription of oriental medicinal herbs, including all kinds of botanical extracts, of revitalize and hydrate skin.

My thoughts: In all honesty, I haven't had any problems with sheet masks. They all moisturized, as well as, plump my face. I wake up in the morning and my face texture feels great. It's more the question of the smell, does it sting, and how easily accessible they are... lol~ I liked these as much as the other masks from The Ylang Gallery... hehe~

* For all skin type.
* It's very hydrating to the skin.
* Leaves a plumpness.
* Comes in many flavors.
* The scent is decent.
* The cost isn't bad.

* Never heard of this brand.
* It's not easily accessible.

Would I buy this again? Yes, of course... hehe~
Rating: [Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg] 4/5 Tobey's Paws

Now I will say a little something about each masks I used... hehe~

* It smelled good.
* It didn't smell like olive to me.

* This smelled nasty!!! :X
* I don't know if this smelled like blackbean since I have no clue how blackbean smells like... lol~ :X

About a month and a half ago, I asked if I should continue using my sunscreen even though it expired (click here to read my post). A lot of you guys told me to throw it away and get a new one. I decided to chuck mine away and use a sample, same one... hehe~

Thank  you for your advices!!! I really appreciate it. :)

Since then, as well as, using the sample one, I bought a new one recently last week.
They changed the SPF which used to be 30, now it's a tube with the opening on the bottom instead of a bottle with the opening on the top, and the overall look. Who knows maybe it's a whole new type and I'm comparing them to be the same... lol~ :X
Here's the ingredients, as well as, the active ingredients. If you're allergic to sunscreen and SPF products, it might be oxybenzone or avobenzone (bascially, any of the benzone family). This sunscreen is good because it has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. ;)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Blair said...

I've used the olive one! If I'm not mistaken, it didn't impress me ;D

I agree with you on their inaccessibility. I received them for free when I bought something (can't remember what now), and before that, I've never heard of them.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good mask.. lol@smell comment! i havent had smelly masks just yet :) the sunscreen sounds great you can never use too much i think!

Dina (XYYan) said...

I've never heard of the mask brand too, I guess it's just like any other mask. hehe... Wow, the sunscreen's spf is really high!

Neeyuh said...

Great review! I love sheet masks so I'm gonna have to search around here for these, hopefully I find some! lol :)

Serena said...

I really like your reviews.
I can't believe this mask was only $1! Have you thought of writing a poser where you rate the sheet masks you've tried? Just wondering.

Glad you got a new bottle of sunblock. I would definitely not want you to be using an expired one.
If it's the same ingredients it should be the same. It could just be new packaging!

<3 Serena.

Luna said...

Sheet masks!! I love love sheet masks.. lol.. I've got such a fetish for them, my fave are the My Beauty Diary ones!

Jannie said...

i really, really have yet to try sheet masks. or probably a mask of any kind. oh, wait. now i remember trying the st. yves one from a long time ago, but my skin was really messed up that time. i don't think it worked for my problem skin back then. :P

i'm glad those masks and most especially the sunscreen are working out for you. :) yay. it's great you found one for sensitive skin. you're really good with ingredients and how they work for the skin. me, i have yet to learn AND pay attention to them. so far, i only know about paraben and benzoyl peroxide. oh, and salacylic acid. i don't think i spelled all of them right. :P i'm horrible with this. hehe...

ahhh... about the looks requested, take your time. even though you don't do them, you're still awesome and cool. :D i'm sorry it took me a whole month to do the kat von d one. thanks for the compliments on the bright lipstick and earrings. very kind of you. i'm glad you liked them too. :)

i know for sure maxi-dresses look great on tall gals. just by looking at them, one would have to be 5'7" to wear those. i'd trip all over that. LOL. on us shorter gals, we look nice with shorter sundresses, capris, and skinny jeans. i guess skinny jeans are universal though. pretty much any girl can rock them. :)

Neeyuh said...

Hey to answer your question about the bases, I use UDPP and then I put a MAC paint pot on top of that. It really helps eyeshadows stay put for hours and hours on me, I love it!

gio said...

I never heard of that brand either, but it's good to know the mask works well. Thanks for the review.

Luna said...

lol.. I wish I could just go to a Sephora and see the MUFE HD blushes.. now i'm just relying on swatch pictures to make my list..

MBD masks are the best!! I've got so many I can't even count then, and I still want more >_<

screw ball :) said...

these mask look like they are nice!

where do you manage to find mask a dollar each? In Houston I have never seen any sale like that! :)

Luna said...

lol.. cuz its forever summer here, i gotta get myself in the fall/winter mood with my nails.. I don't like red stuff either! dark colours for me all the way!! Especially blue!!

haha you got that right.. I guess the grass is always greener... I've got lots of MBD masks lying around, if you wanna try out something I'd be happy to send you =)

Luna said...

lol.. funny english totally cracks me up.. some of them are really hilarious (in a good funny but bewildering way)

I've had good experiences with Banila, got their eyeshadow palettes and baked blushers/highlighters. But they're pricier then other Korean brands.

Most BBs tend to come only in one or 2 shades and usually too light for our shade, but I guess I like using BBs enough to try and get around it with darker powders.. lol..

Well if you ever wanna take me up on those MBD masks, just let me know =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Great to hear you had a lovely Mother's Day and got to celebrate your nephew's 1st b-day! =D I haven't seen this brand of sheet masks yet but will definitely be on the lookout as I like how it's cheap and good...woot! But ew, black bean? As in black sesame or the black beans used in some Asian foods? Sorry to hear it smelled nasty. =\ Ah, good to hear you chucked your old bottle and got a new one! Nice to see they pumped up the SPF too. ;)

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of this brand. Where can we buy it?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Haha...I hope no one actually thinks that Clitter vid is real! :P Yep, that's the cream I was telling you about! They really do have nice packaging I must say. Dude, I had to pay for my ticket too! BOO. Oh well, lesson learned. :X

Pixie Dust said...

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