Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone's 2010 will bring goodness in your life. :) For 2010, I want to better my blog. I know I haven't been good when it comes to posting, as well as, commenting. I apologize for my laziness; yes, it's laziness... lol~ :X I want to ask several questions regarding my blog.

What do you want to see for 2010? Any food requests (I know I still have some)? Beauty requests? Tutorials? Something you want to see? Anything at all? Is there anything I can change to make my blog better?

I hope you guys answer these questions because I honestly don't know what my readers think of my blog unless you comment. :)

With the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010, there has been a lot of new edition to the drugstore brands. Couple of items stand out to me especially the Maybelline products. I have never been a fan of Maybelline products but they have changed me towards the middle of 2009... hehe~
I apologize for taking such a bad spot of this stand! They put it in such a bad place near the door and the cashier. I had to hide it in my purse to take this picture... lol~ This is the best I could do. :X

This eyeshadow palette stood out because it reminded me of the limited edition in Asia. I know in Asia they had 6 palettes, whereas, we have 12. I also think the colors of the palette is different from the Asian version. In my opinion, the American version is prettier... hehe~ :X I don't remember the names of the palettes, but I'll try my best to explain.

#5 = gold color
#10 = mauve color
#20 = blue color and the one the model is wearing
#30 = purple or lilac color
#40 = green color
#50 = purple or lilac color
#60 = teal/blue color
#70 = copper color
#80 = pink color
#90 = don't remember
#100 = brown color
#110 = lilac color

The numbers I'm sure about, but I can't recall the names and colors... hehe~

These duo eyeshadows from Maybelline reminds me of MAC Mineral eyeshadows. There are 10 of them, and I love the green look the model is showing. It's hot!... wheee~

They also came out with cream eyeliners which I didn't take any pictures of. Unfortunately, I haven't bought any of these palettes. I am waiting for a BOGO sale... hehe~ :X I want all the Color Plush palettes.

Which ones do you like?

This week, it has passed when this post is scheduled, they had a BOGO Free sale on Revlon products. I noticed their new stand for Revlon Color Burst lipsticks and Mineral lipglazes. I couldn't take a picture of the stands because it was in a worst position than the Maybelline one... lol~
I took the new lipglazes and placed it somewhere else so I can take a picture of them. Don't worry I put the lipglazes back... hehe~ ;) The colors from left to right are #542 Continuous Coral, #538 Perennial Pink, #512 Timeless Nude, and #532 Endless Lilac.
I ended up buying the lipglaze in #538 Perennial Pink. By the way, this lipglaze has a scent when you first apply it. I couldn't pin point the scent but it reminds me of the NYX round lipglosses. They both have a similar scent sort of. It goes away after awhile. ;)
I also bought the lipstick in Baby Pink. It's a soft, has little glitters, frosty pink color. I have to say the packaging is cute. It's very classic looking. I think I read in a review someone comparing it to Chanel packaging. :/ It also has the Revlon logo on the lipstick. It reminded me of the Hello Kitty lipsticks from the MAC collection.
Here's a swatch of the lipstick in Baby Pink and the lipglaze in Perennial Pink. They're both pretty colors. I ended up returning the Baby Pink lipstick because I'm not a fan of frosty lipsticks... hehe~ :X I also got a compliment on the Perennial Pink today from a stranger... wheee~ ;)

Today I went to Target and noticed they started carrying the lipsticks from Revlon. They have a special duo collection for much cheaper the price of the BOGO Free sale. The bad side is that the duos are the same colors! You cannot choose the colors you want. :(
I ended up getting the lipsticks in Soft Nude. I don't know what I will do with the other, same color. Maybe I'll give it away as a gift or swap it... hehe~ The color reminded me of Revlon Matte lipstick in Nude Attitude, but this one looked better on me.
I decided to return the Baby Pink lipstick since I'm not a fan of frosty colors, and exchange it for another lipglaze. I got it in #512 Timeless Nude.
The one on the far left is Revlon Matte lipstick in Nude Attitude. The one on the middle is the Soft Nude. The farthest on the right is the lipglaze in Timeless Nude. I think Soft Nude and Nude Attitude look similar, but Soft Nude is prettier... hehe~

Do you want me to review these items, lipsticks and lipglazes?

I showed you guys all the animal bags I made for my nieces as their Christmas gifts.

pig bag = oldest niece wanted
bunny bag = second niece wanted
dog bag = third niece wanted
cow bag = fourth niece wanted

I need to show you what I made for my only nephew... hehe~
I had my teddy bear model the hat. I think it came out okay... lol~ :X

This week I bought my first Juicy Couture item ever! I've been wanting a Juicy Couture bags for ages, but I never could find one I really like or it wasn't on sale. I got lucky with a bag I like and it was on sale... wheee~
They came in three colors; black, pink, and gray. I like the gray one best for some odd reason... hehe~ :) If you look carefully, you will notice a face on the screen. :X

I'm going to end with a product I never knew existed!... lol~
Did you guys know there are frozen dog yogurts? When I saw this, I couldn't refuse to buy one for Tobey... hehe~ He loved it so much!!! He wouldn't take his mouth out of the container and ripped the package in pieces. He loved it that much!... wheee~

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Blair said...

Soft Nude reminds me of Japanese lippies, it has a shine to it and I'm assuming that it's slightly on the sheer side?

#538 Perennial Pink and #512 Timeless Nude are so pretty! Revlon Malaysia better bring em in soon!

Oooh la la! You bought a Juicy bag! I like it!!! =D

FriendzCentury said...

A Happy Belated New Year to you too sweetie. I love the hat that you knitted, it's absolutely adorable. It's great to see new pics of the Maybelline/Revlon products too.

Fabuless Beauty said...

Happy New Year!! Those new Maybelline eyeshadows look gorgeous! And that's a cute Juicy purse =)

ndoodles said...

Hi Ahleesa! Glad to hear from you again. OH THIS POST MAKES ME SO EXCITED ABOUT 2010 stuff!!! I have one of the Revlon Lipglazes but I have it in a frosty pink color - and like you... I don't like frosty pinks. But I am excited to see that they have come out w/ more colors and in cremes too. I think I might check out Timeless Nude :D SO EXCITED! Also, I think these smell like grapefruit and I think they smell better than the NYX!
Also, I don't know if I want the quad or the baked shadows from Maybelline. The quad looks way too shimmery for me... and I don't see taupes in there. I love taupes! I guess we'll have to see.
But anyways, I'm excited to have you back blogging. Happy New Year.

Little Miss Savvy said...

Hey, I am on soompi, under the same name.

I love the hat you made for your nephew, it's the cutest thing!

ndoodles said...

Doggy Frozen yogurt? WOW you def. spoil your dog more that I spoil mine :) but it is Xmas! ha ha. Great haul and awesome pictures. I hate frosty pink lippies too and my lipglaze that I bought is definitely frosty so I think I need to give that one away and mayb eget the Timeless Nude - that looks gorgeous. LOL - I wouldn't mind if you give me your extra lipstick! :D That looks great though. I think definitely worth checking out!

Hang said...

In regards to yuor question about your blog, I would love to see more food recipes (I'm trying to experiment and branch out to making other types of dishes other than American/Vietnamese ones) and more on your crochet/knitting projects. It's one of my goals for 2010 to start a new hobby and I chose to learn how to knit.

I had no idea there was such thing as frozen dog yogurt! I would love to let my dogs try some. Can you only find those at pets stores?

Love your blog, happy new year :)

Ahleessa said...

Hang: I've been trying to comment on your blog, but the comment box isn't up. I think it's disabled but I could be wrong... hehe~ For that reason, I e-mailed you but you haven't responded. Either you haven't checked your e-mail or my e-mail didn't go to you. :/

Anyways to answer your question... I bought the frozen dog yogurt from a pet shop, but I heard they sale it at American markets. You just need to go to the pet section and they have a freezer. I never knew that!... lol~

Happy New Year to you! I'm so glad you love my blog especially when my readers has been decreasing *sigh*. :)

I'll definitely try to add more Korean recipes and knitting/crochet projects.

izumi said...

hahah aww doggy frozen treats! how cute :)

Jnie said...

Those new maybelline shadows are gorgeous. They're all very shimmery and I have to stop myself from buying them everytime I see them.

We don't have those Revlon l/s yet..! Soft Nude looks like a must for me.

Nicol said...

the revlon lipstick looks nice. tempted to buy one now xD

rasilla said...

yoghund!!! lol
awesome :) lucky tobey~!

Fifi said...

The new Revlon lipsticks look sophisticated. Too bad they're not available here yet :(

I definitely am in love with your juicy bag!!

Jannie said...

i saw the baby pink revlon lipstick. i thought of your post and decided to get it. hehe... it's very pretty and i love the packaging. i'll probably wear it tomorrow. i'll buy the nude color on my next trip to target. are those limited edition, btw? i didn't see those at wal-mart.

miRaCLe said...

i just got the soft nude last week!! i think i'm loving it except for the smell! :( hmm. they just get this collection in Singapore after so LONG!! =.= your post is in January!! O.O

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