Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Christmas Gift

It's 6 in the morning on Christmas Eve. I woke up from my niece's kick on my ribs... lol~ Now I can't sleep *sigh*. :/ I thought I'll just update my blog since I'm wide awake... lol~ O_O

I want to wish every one of you guys a very Merry Christmas! I hope you guys are surrounded by love ones and share the goodness of this day! :)

I received a package from Blair some time ago. She was kind enough to send me a Christmas gift this year! :)
She sent me all these stuff including a cute letter (the note was too short... hehe~ :P) and candies... wheee~ They were delicious! :)
In the package, I received some masks. She told me the Deep Ocean Water is from My Scheming Beauty, one of her favorite brand of masks. I can't wait to try this!... wheee~
Some of the samples I received; Beauty Credit and Skin Food.
A peach flavored lip balm. I can't wait to try and smell this. To be honest, it has to wait... hehe~ I tend to open one lip balm at a time for some odd reason. I can't wait to test/swatch products out as soon as I get them home but when it comes to lip balms, I'm really good. :/ It's so strange!... lol~ :X At the moment, I'm using Etude House lip balm I received (thank you friend!). :D
I love how dramatic these lashes are. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see how it looks on me... wheee~
She gave me Dr. Jart+ Blemish Base.
She told me the main gifts were Canmake lipstick in Caramel Pink (#23). By the way, I really love this color lipstick. It looks great on me! She chose a great color... hehe~ :)
And the other is Fasio Glossy Layered Eyes in #001. The left side is the cream shadow and the rest are eyeshadows. She knows how much I love neutral colors... hehe~ ;)

I know you guys didn't ask for swatches, but I did it already... hehe~
The top color on top is the lipstick, Canmake in Caramel Pink, and the eyeshadow palette on the bottom (from left to right from the palette), Fasio in #001. For some odd reason, the sun washed the colors out. :/

I also did two looks with the eyeshadow palette.

Look #1:
I used the last three colors from the left on my eyes.

Look #2:
I also used the last three colors from the left... hehe~

Thank you Blair!!! :)

Tobey wishes a Merry Christmas too! This picture was taken last year but it's too cute not to put it up again... hehe~
*Head to the left* *Head to the right* Merry Christmas? What is that? I just want food!... lol~

Merry Dog-mas!!!


gio said...

You've got some lovely stuff! Tobey looks so cute!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

kk, awww well at least you got an early productive start to your day?
(though I would have forced myself to go back to sleep. Came back from church, and after I ate, knocked out for a few was delightful)
anyway merry christmas! hope that it was a wonderful one :)

Blair said...

Merry Christmas Aly!

I like your EOTDs! Especially the cut crease one! When will I ever be as good as you? ;D

Glossy Layered Eyes looks really pigmented on you! Did you have to layer a lot to get that intensity?

Jannie said...

hey, ahleessa!

hope you had a fun christmas. :) i see you got a lot of nice christmas goodies there. the caramel pink lipstick is so pretty and i would love to see how the lashes look on you. i bet they'll look amazing. :D

ah yes, the beauty rush double balmsticks are a must-try. they're not pasty and they taste good. :D i also like their soothing lip balms as well. i finally found them. thought i never would. hehe...

hope you have a fun and amazing new year. take care. :D

izumi said...

tobey is adorable :) and i like the looks you came up with!

Jnie said...

One word...Tobey!!!

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