Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sephora's December Haul 2010

This is a late post, but I believe it's better now than later... hehe~ :D During December, Sephora gave Beauty Insiders a $15 certificate. I really wanted to get the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II, but a lot of things happened. When the hardship was over, the eyeshadow palette was all sold out... lol~ I just think I wasn't meant to get that palette! :X Instead, I bought other stuff... hehe~

I got Urban Decay Get Baked palette, Smith's Rosebud Salve, and Nars eyeshadow. I also picked out three samples; Murad Pomegrante Exfoliating Mask, Dr. Brandt Lineless Lines No More (I already used this product, and I didn't see any difference), and Hanae Mori eau de toilette (I didn't pick this one out).
I've heard good stuff about Smith's Rosebud Perfume Co. salves and thought this might be a good chance to try them... hehe~ I believe but I could be wrong that this is a limited edition!!! They come in a tin with three lipbalms/salve; minted rose, strawberry, and the original rose salve. I can't say much about these since I haven't tried them out yet... lol~ :X Anything related to lipbalms, I tend to open the package when I'm about to use them. This has to get in line with the other lipbalms that I need to use... hehe~
I've been wanting this color for some time and decided it's time for me to get it... hehe~ This is Nars eyeshadow in Galapagos.
I swatched the eyeshadow, middle, and realized it looked very similar to the other colors I have. Nars Galapagos is a little bit darker but when applied on the eye, it looks the same as MAC Mulch and Urban Decay Twice Baked *sigh*. I need to stop buying similar colors!!!... eek~ :X
I did a look with the Nars eyeshadow in Galapagos. If you want detail colors, please ask. Otherwise, I'll just mention I used the Nars Galapagos on the crease and outer V.
The last thing I bought and going to go over is Urban Decay Get Baked eyeshadow palette. It comes in 4 different colors; Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside, and Baked.
I swatched the colors on my hand for you. It's from left to right; Twice Baked, Half Baked, Flipside, and Baked.

I did three looks with this palette only using these colors.

I used Half Baked on the inner half lid, Baked on the outer half lid, and Twice Baked on the outer V and the crease.

I used Twice Baked on the lid, Half Baked on the inner half crease, and Baked on the outer half crease.

I used Flipside on the lid, Half Baked on the inner half crease, and Twice Baked on the outer V and crease.

I'm going to end this post with my recent purchase this past weekend... wheee~
I bought this classic Mickey Mouse purse from Disneyland. :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Jamilla Camel said...

Gorgeous eye colours! I love the bag!

Dao said...

Nice haul! I guess after a while, all the eye colors start to look the same :) Love the first eye look you did, very elegant!

cLaRa711 said...

I <3 Everything you got! The NARS Eyeshadow looks very Beautiful!

I was going to Purchase the Urban Decay Baked palette Also but I talked myself out of it Lol

Cute Purse BTW


Mrs.Zeus said...

Love the eye look!

Great haul.

ndoodles said...

Oh Disneyland!! I miss going there. Haven't been there in a few years!

I love all the combos that you did with it. Its funny but I tend to gravitate towards similar colors too. BAD me!

Nicol said...

i love the outcome! the blending is amazing :)

i replied on my blog but thought ill reply on here:
i believe its a korean brand and yes, it does have spf


a.z.♥ said...

Ahleessa! Your blends are gorgeous! The same thing happened with me but instead of the book of shadows vol.2 it was the Get Baked palette. boohoo. But if you want something similar to the BOS vol.2 the alice in wonderland BOS is available! I would get that one but a lot of the colors are so similar to the BOS vol.2 so I opted not to.....and I don't have the moolahh. SIGH haha.

Neeyuh said...

Great haul!! I've tried all of the rosebud salves and my favorite is the strawberry it has a different texture than the other two but they're still good! That nars shadow looks similar to my favorite from the KVD palette, I like! Very pretty looks you did with the shadow and palette too!

I've only had the seche vite for a couple weeks so it's still new but I would think when it does get thick a little polish thinner would bring it back to orignial consistency well at least I hope! :)

Vanilla said...

awww i love ur eotds
the last one looks so pretty!:)

Kalmo said...

Hello hello!

Nice Sephora haul! I love lip balms, I got to try them all lol. I tried the Rosebud Strawberry one---smelled fantastic but not moisturizing enough for my constantly chapped lips. Hopefully it will work better for you. ^^

The NARS eyeshadow is gorgeous! I love neutrals. The EOTD you did is so pretty and understated. :) Great eyelining skills btw.

Cuuuute purse. <3 Mickey.

Askmewhats said...

I love it that you're back with EOTDs! I have Mickey Mouse bag too! yours look great! Mine is in Blue ! Not the same design but almost :)

Anonymous said...

Classic Mickey XD

What did you use for the middle colour for the Nars Look? I'm liking it~

All the looks look great, but that colour just popped out and spoke to me! lol

I was going to buy that tin too, cause I love collecting containers XD but alas the sephora online doesn't allow Canadians to use Gift Cards :T annother Sephora annoyance. Ah well, it was free so whatever right XD

Blair said...

Urban Decay! Did you manage to get the Alice in Wonderland palette?

Kalmo said...

I emailed you!! :D

Caby said...

Your eye looks are amazing! Love them all :)

Neeyuh said...

They carry the polish thinner at Sally's :)

Jannie said...

wow. those eye looks you made are very, very pretty. my favorite one is the one where you used flipside. i love how flipside blends in with the two brown/bronzy colors from the get baked palette. :)

i wanted the book of shadows II palette too. i was going to get it at ulta, but for some reason i held off on it and got a stila paint pot instead. i wonder if they're sold out there too. i like sephora better than ulta, but there is no sephora near me. waah. hehe...

back to the rain, yup, it rained a lot here. pretty much all day. yeah, i think it will go on the whole week.

ahh... so that's what the revlon lipsticks are called. colorburst. thanks for letting me know the name. :) i was trying to look for it on the label, but i couldn't find it. hehe... i'm gonna look again in wal-mart. maybe i just don't know what shelf it was on. hehe... yup, as soon as i saw that baby pink lipstick, i remembered you and the pic you posted of it on your blog. i'm sorry the color did not work for you. i haven't tried it yet. i hope it will be okay. i'm sure the soft nude color will look nice on you. it'll go perfect with those eyeshadows you bought from sephora. :D

yup, ben is my bf. hehe... you guessed right. :)

cute disney purse, btw. for something disney, it looks very stylish and all grown up too. now i miss disneyland.

sorry about the long comment again. haha... it's always nice to stop by and comment though. take care. :)

gio said...

Nice haul, everything looks so pretty!

I love your eotds, they're always beautiful.

sharlene said...

great haul!

i nominated u for an award on my blog=)


Christy said...

i have the same exact urban decay palette! your looks are gorgeous! i wish i could do that!

Jannie said...

hi, ahleessa! :)

yup. rain is good every now and then. with all this dry weather we get here, we sure can use it. i'm more scared of wildfires than rain. a lot more scared, actually.

ah. stila smudge pots are good. they work quite like mac's fluidline gel liners. i like them both. i might've accidentally typed paint pots. haha... i'm sorry. i think you can use them as eyeshadow base just like mac paint pots though, but i'm not sure. i think i'll just use them as liner. plus, the color i got (jade, a dark green) is more like a liner color.

i'm so glad there are blogs to refer to whenever we want ideas for products to buy or want more information about them. i'm pretty bad with remembering names of products. sometimes i accidentally mix up their names. makes me glad i don't do videos on youtube or i'll get laughed at. lol.

take care and enjoy your weekend. can't believe it's weekend already. hehe... :)

Jian said...

Ahh better late than never, I always say =)

The eye colours are really gorgeous! And the bag is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty!

Fabuless Beauty said...

That urban decay palette looks gorgeous!

Jannie said...

hi, ahleessa!

about the freshcover polishes, the giftgiver told me they were purchased at costco. i think they're about $19.99. something like that. that's not a bad deal for a pack of five. :)

ahh... i'm glad the sunshine is back. :) i heard it might rain during the week, but for one day only. i'm not sure though. i heard it from co-workers. hehe...

hope you're having a lovely weekend. take care. :)

SwatchCrazee said...

hey hun, thanks for the comment. no my cat tried but i just teased her. it's bad enough that she loves flaming hot cheetos. lol! luv the haul & ur eye looks.

Lisa said...

I have that Palette and I love it. Lovin' the looks you did too!

Ahleessa said...

Lisa: Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, commenting. I'm writing here because I noticed you don't have a blog. I hope that's okay!... hehe~

Thank you for the compliments!!!... wheee~ :)

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