Thursday, January 7, 2010

CVS Haul 2010

I debated about posting this now or later, and realized it's best to post it now... hehe~ I just don't want you guys to miss this opportunity. This past Sunday I visited CVS and noticed they had a lot of cosmetics on sale. They are either 50% or 75% off. In my opinion I could be wrong, I think they're clearing the old cosmetics to make wave for the new... wheee~

Here's what I bought. Do you believe all this was less than $6!?!?... woo baby~
The first thing I grabbed was the L'oreal Color Juice in #240 Cherry on Top. I remember some YouTuber mentioning this is one of her favorites that she recently bought. When I saw this on sale, I couldn't refuse... hehe~ At first, I thought the color was too bright for my taste. The second time around I applied a little and it looks very natural on my lips. :) By the way, there's a coupon in the Sunday times for a $1 off with any L'oreal lip products. ;)
When I saw this on sale, I had to grab it too... lol~ Another YouTuber mentioned about this exact blush, Rimmel #004 Pink Rose. To be honest, I don't know if I would had bought this if it wasn't on sale. I have always been very weary about Rimmel products, because in the past I bought couple eyeshadows and they weren't pigmented at all. I was in shocked when I swatched this at home!!! :O They're very pigmented and looks natural on your skin. Love it!!! :) By the way if you look around the cosmetic section, there's a coupon for a $1 off. If you use the coupon, this blush is free... wheee~ ;)
Here's a swatch of the L'oreal Color Juice in Cherry on Top and Rimmel blush in Pink Rose.
Here's how the blush, Rimmel in Pink Rose, looks on me.
I love Milani eyeshadow palettes and this is definitely one of them... wheee~ :) This one is in #01 Touch of Brown.
Here's a swatch of the eyeshadow palette in #01 Touch of Brown. It's clockwise from top left.
Here's how the eyeshadow palette looks on me. I think it came out nice!... wheee~
The other Milani palette I got was in #02 Sedona Sunset.
Here's the swatch of it. I can't tell you if I like it or not since I haven't played around with the palette yet... hehe~
The last thing I bought is the Milani nail polish in #51 Just Juicy. It's such a gorgeous orangy-peach color. Love it! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Little Miss Savvy said...

great buys! i saw lots of discounted makeup at cvs too but decided not to buy any (my new years resolution is to stop buying makeup!) lol

Little Miss Savvy said...

lol so i had to stop by cvs today and couldn't resist the makeup on sale this time so i got one of those milani quads and rimmel blushes as well. there goes my new years resolution!

just wanted to let you know i added you to my blogroll, hope thats ok!

M.A.C.nunu said...

I am jealous of you Americans with your CVS! Here our drugstores seem to each do their own thing when it comes to clearances.
I think the actual movie itself is only 2:30-40mins long, but we had to get there a half hour earlier just to get decent seats!It's been sold out for the past two weeks and we had to wake up extra early on a Sunday morning just to make it xD
Well worth it tho, you just MUST watch it on 3D!

Blair said...

I like the third shade in Sedona Sunset! Pwittiness! Aly, can you please swatch Sedona Sunset against Fasio?

I'm not sure either, but Tsuya Tsuya should be a Singaporean brand =D

ndoodles said...

How awesome! LOVE cheap finds!

Jannie said...

hi, ahleessa! i am loving the new look. new year, new look, huh? it's very pretty. :) sorry it took me a while to comment back. i also have yet to update my blog, but i have some posts in mind already. hehe...

i want to thank you for adding me to your links. i added you as well if that's okay with you. :) sorry you had a little trouble with the add at first. might've been blogger. it's happened to me before a couple times when i tried to add someone.

great hauls, btw. :) i am so happy cvs has a lot of their stuff on sale. i was able to get some no7 lipsticks and lashblasts for good deal. i gotta check out that rimmel stuff. so far, i like their lip, nail, and their mascaras are good too. :)

take care. :)

izumi said...

what a pretty orangey peach! :)

ah, makes me want to check out CVS, even if it'd just be for a giveaway hahaha.

miy0ung said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I decided to return the favor and check out yours.

You have very pretty eyes :). I am amazed at how people find good deals at CVS, because the CVS in my area doesn't have any good deals. We don't have anything on sale, unless we use a coupon. boo! lol

Vanessa M. said...

omg!! i got the brown quad too!! woo!!!!

Neeyuh said...

Wow you got a really great deal on everything! I must stop by cvs soon! Thank you for posting about the sale :)

Dao said...

Love your new blog skin. Nice haul, I love the Rimmel blushes, as well.

gio said...

You got some nice things and what a great deal!

Love the new layout too. Happy New Year!

Jnie said...

Something is wrong with blogger, I don't seem to get your update notifications anymore.

Happy New Year to you too. See i'm slow too.

I actually got the doggy cake from a dog bakery (Three dog Bakery). You see, I can't trust myself with baking a cake for her, I'm afraid I might add some wrong ingredient.
They have locations in u.s too. It actually wasn't that expensive, about 10-15 dollars.

Love your new layout.

50-75% off? Thats crazy, we never get any good deals up here. That or I suck at finding deals.

ndoodles said...

I used to have the Milani Touch of Brown quad but I thought I had something similar to that so I swapped it. But (and I say this everytime I reply to someone's CVS haul post) I need to, need to, get my butt to a CVS! It's not funny anymore. I actually went to my local CVS and stuff that was on sale did not appeal to me. But I might go again today :D

Anonymous said...

ahhhh look at all that awesomeness!!
kk, seriously these cvs hauls have been killing me!
anyway I like that they work so well togther/you did a great job in displaying well :)

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