Thursday, April 29, 2010

Le Dekor Moisture Rich foaming Cleanser

Around October/November of last year, they have an annual Korean Festival at K-town. I went last year with my father and bought some beauty products... hehe~ I've been using the sample cleanser they gave me when I bought makeup wipes. I will review these wipes in the future posts... hehe~ ;)

Product Review: Le Dekor Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser

Where can you purchase this: Korean beauty shop
Price: free for the sample size, 1 oz.

Made in Korea

Direction on the back: Luxurious creme foams into a moisture-rich lather to gently clean, calm and soften skin.

My thoughts: I didn't know what to expect since I have never heard of this brand. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try... hehe~ I first started using this during the winter weather where my skin was extremely dry. This cleanser is made for people with normal to dry skin, but hot dang my skin was tight after using this... hehe~ Now that it's spring-time, it feels fine on my skin... wheee~ You don't need much of this product because it will foam while washing your face. This small little sample will last a long time... hehe~ One thing that is cool is that the cleanser is pink. It's so pretty!... hehe~ :)

* For normal to dry skin.
* Don't need to use much, a little goes a long way.
* The cleanser is pink.
* Does not dry out your skin or feel tight.
* Face feels clean afterwards.
* Decent smell.

* Definitely not for someone with extremely dry skin.

Would I buy this again? If I could find it anywhere, yes... hehe~
Rating: [Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg] 4/5 Tobey's Paws

Hints of cleansing your face:
* Before you start cleansing your face, splash your face with warm to hot water. Make sure you don't burn yourself! ;) The warm to hot water will open your pores and prepare for cleansing.
* Once you're done with cleansing your face, end with splashes of cold water. The cold water will close your pores. It also helps with toner afterwards since it's on the cold side... hehe~
* Don't splash water and rub on your face. It's a very common thing Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows show us. That's how I learned the wrong way... lol~ :X
* When you towel dry your face, pat instead of rubbing. Another thing I learned wrong from Korean dramas, movies, and variety shows... hehe~ :X

While I was at the festival, I received some free stuff.
I got a cute, flowery Missha nail file. It's so cute but unfortunately, I don't use any files... hehe~ I might give this away to someone. Don't know who though... hehe~ :X
I also received a sample of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. I gave this sample away because it has SPF. I'm allergic to SPF products. Actually, I recently found out I'm allergic to the chemical oxybenzone or avobenzone. Basically, I'm allergic to the benzone family... hehe~ Now I wish I knew what ingredients this BB Cream has. Who knows I might be okay with it!... hehe~

I have other products I bought, makeup wipes and eye cream, and a sample eye mask to review.  For that reason, I'm not posting here... hehe~ ;)

I'm going to end this post with my collection of the Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks. I don't have much but I think it'll be helpful for the people who want to know the colors of the ones I have... hehe~
This is in #015 Born With It.
This is in #025 Pink Please.
This is in #135 Make Me Pink.

By the way, I know the lipstick looks brand new but I have used them. I took these pictures before I started using them... hehe~ Now for the swatches.
From left to right, it's Born With It, Pink Please, and Make Me Pink. I actually like all of them but my favorite has to be Born With It... hehe~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for the Missha nail file and sample BB cream. I received it as a freebie. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

End of last year, I bought couple of samples from The Body Shop. One of the things I bought was the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. Since not many people review The Body Shop, I decided to review this one... hehe~

Monday, April 19, 2010

Noodle Soup (kal guk-su)

I posted kim-chi kal guk-su (click here to see the recipe), but I need to post the original dish... hehe~ Here is my recipe for kal guk-su. I hope you guys like it! :) If you guys have made my recipe, PLEASE tell me how it turned out and how you like it. I would love to know if these recipes even help anybody... hehe~

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

dried seaweed/kelp
dried shiitake mushroom
chopped garlic
black pepper
garlic powder
chopped green onion

Step 1:
Before you make the dish, you need to have the broth ready. In a pot, add the ingredients for the broth; anchovies, dried kelp, and dried shiitake mushroom (not pictured here). Cook the broth for 15-20 minutes. Once the broth is ready, you will take out all the ingredients. The only one you will throw away is the anchovies. Save the kelp and mushroom for later.
One thing I noticed about noodles is that they expand and make the soup thick. It's probably from the starch... hehe~ I decided to try this method like jja-jjang-myun (click here for the recipe) and see how it will turn out. I boil the noodles separately instead of adding it into the soup/broth. It actually made the soup cleaner in my opinion... hehe~ :) So in a pot, boil the water. When it starts boiling, add the noodles. Cook the noodles until it is done. Get rid of the water and rinse the noodles. Keep the noodles for later... hehe~ ;)

Step 2:
Back to the broth, add the ingredients. First, add the chopped garlic. Then add clams but I only add 3 or 4. It tastes better with a lot of clams but clams have cholesterol which isn't too good especially for my dad. For that reason, I only add a little to give the broth some taste... hehe~ Oh yeah, it is up to you but I tend to rinse my clams before I throw it into the soup. It gets rid of sand, as well as, it feels cleaner to me... hehe~ The dried shiitake mushroom you used for the broth should have expanded. Cut the mushroom into julienne pieces and throw it back into the broth.
Then I chop my onions into julienne pieces and throw them in.
Then I chop squash and throw that in.
If you're making this for a guest, you wouldn't do this part... hehe~  You would separate your yolk and whites, and fried them separately.  Cut them into julienne pieces and top the soup.  Since this is only for my father and me, I just threw the egg into the soup... hehe~  Once you put the egg into the soup, make sure to break the yolk or else you will have one big chunk of yolk... lol~  It only takes minutes for the soup to cook the egg.  After couple of minutes, I add the seasoning; black pepper, garlic powder, and salt.  If you don't have garlic powder, you don't need to worry about it... hehe~ ;)
With jja-jang-myun, you put the noodle in the dish and then top it. You could do that with this dish; put the cooked noodles and top it with the soup. I decided to just add the noodles toward the end with chopped green onion and julienne pieces of the kelp you used for the broth. You don't need to use the kelp if you don't want too... hehe~ ;) I made sure it tasted well. If the taste changes from these added ingredients, add more seasoning (salt and/or black pepper).
Here's the end dish. Top the soup with dried seaweed. I usually just toast it on the stove, both sides, and cut it into julienne pieces. You can crunch it with your hands or even in a plastic bag. It is up to you... hehe~  You can eat this with kim-chi... wheee~ :)

This past week I went to visit the Lancome stand in Macy. I had a coupon for 10 day supply of their foundation (click here for the coupon). I've been curious about Lancome foundation because it seems like the majority of the Koreans in my community uses their foundation. They say it's the best out of all the brands so I've been curious about it... hehe~ :/ While getting a foundation match, the makeup artist (by the way she wasn't that good) was telling me there's a freebie going on.  If you apply for the Macy's card even if you get rejected, you get a bag full of goodies.  I thought it didn't hurt since there's no risk and money involved... hehe~
Here's what I got... I got a huge makeup bag, makeup remover, some lift product, moisturizer, two Juicy Tubes, and a mascara. I will review the products when I use them, but for the Juicy Tubes I swatched them for you... hehe~
On the left, it's Tickled Pink. It's such a gorgeous color! On the right, it's Fifth Avenue Frosting. By the way, this one smells bad or at least for me... hehe~ :X I think it has a vanilla scent which I'm not too keen on.

I thought I would tell you this deal going on so you guys can get your own freebies without purchasing anything... hehe~ The reason why I think the makeup artist isn't good is because she couldn't swatch the foundation on me *sigh*. :X She kept applying darker colors that didn't even match my skin.

I'm going to end this post with a picture of Tobey. I'm warning you ahead it's hilarious or at least I had a major crack up with tears!!!... LOL~

He wanted to be a part of the beauty community and dress up like one of the Japanese girls... hehe~  I'm just kidding!  I did this picture from PuriCute (click here for the link). I hope you guys had a great laugh... LOL~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are given to me as a freebie from Lancome. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Maybelline Haul

Several weeks ago, it actually might be a month by now, I bought quite a few Maybelline products (click here to see my posts on past Maybelline products)... hehe~  For someone who wasn't into Maybelline and thought they weren't good, it sure has changed my opinion within the last several months... hehe~ :X

Ulta had a sale last month, buy two get one free deal, which isn't that cheap if you think about it.  The one thing good about Ulta is that you can use coupons, theirs and the products itself.  If you add all the coupons to the sale, it actually comes out pretty decent... wheee~ :)  Now for what I bought...

The first three things, one being a freebie, were...
a Maybelline palette in Buzz-Worthy Bronze.  I thought the colors were gorgeous and I have been into greens lately!... hehe~
Here is the swatch of the eyeshadow palette clockwise from bottom left (brow bone, lid, crease, and outer corner).
Here's a look I came up with.  I really did like this look, but I decided to return it and exchange it for something I don't have... hehe~ :X  I came to a realization how many greens do I need eh. :X

The second thing I got was...
Maybelline blush in Pinch of Peach.  I have been into peach colored blushes and feel like I need to make up for the one I didn't get, MAC blush in Ripe Peach (it's sold out)... hehe~  I thought the blush was gorgeous with the flower pattern.  I know it's hard to see in this picture but it's there.
Here's a swatch of the blush on my hand.
Here's how the blush look on me.  I was really disappointed because I had to layered for it to show slightly.  This product was bad y'all!!!... hehe~  I regretted getting it so I went back to exchange it... hehe~

The third thing I got was...
Maybelline EyeStudio palette in #50 Taupe Temptress.
Here's a swatch of the eyeshadows from the palette from left to right.
Here's a look I came up with from the palette.  I actually liked it! :)  It's not my typical neutral browns or golds which is a plus, but at the same time, it's on the neutral side.  I'm sure you guys are bored with my browns and golds... hehe~ :X  This is the only thing I decided to keep. :X

I exchanged the first two with another Maybelline EyeStudio palette and a mouse concealer, this one is a gift for someone's birthday gift... hehe~  She knows who it is. ;)
The EyeStudio palette I got in #110 Legendary Lilac.
Here's a swatch of it from the left to right.  I wasn't blown away with the swatch to be honest... hehe~ :X
I actually liked it on though!... wheee~ :)  I can't seem to pull off full on purple/lilac color.  I need some pink on my eyes for it to look decent... hehe~

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Misikko Hana Elite 1" Flat Iron Giveaway Winner

Thank you Misikko for sponsoring this giveaway! A lot more people entered the giveaway than I have ever expected!... hehe~ :)

Thank you again Misikko!!! :)

Now for what you readers have been wanting *drum rolls*...
I had a lot of readers who entered, as well as, entries. For that reason, I had to write everything down on an excel sheet. The winner is...


Congrats jess and you have 48 hours to contact me with your e-mail and home address. My e-mail is aly_4realz (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you don't contact me within 48 hours, I will announce a new winner.

Couple of months ago, I bought quite a few masks (click here to read my post on the masks). I think it's about time to review the one type of masks that I bought three flavors of... hehe~

Product Review: The Ylang Gallery Sheet Masks

Where can you purchase this: Korean/Japanese beauty store, market, or online at
Price: about $1

Made in Korea

Direction on the back:
1. After cleansing, soothe your face with toning water.
2. Apply the mask on the face, smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin.
3. Leave it for 15-20 minutes until the nutrients of the mask are absorbed, and then remove the mask.
4. If essence is left on your face after taking off the mask, tap your face completely being absorbed into your skin.

1. Avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin.
2. Stop using if skin becomes red, swollen, itchy during and after use.
3. If pain persists after mask is peeled off and above sings occur, discontinue immediately and consult your doctor.
4. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.
5. For external use only.
6. Keep away from children.

My thoughts: When it comes to masks, I'm definitely a newbie... hehe~  I'm going to make a fool out of myself but that's the fun part; to laugh about something stupid you do... hehe~ :D  When I did my first sheet mask last year, I didn't know why it was so wet.  I squeezed the sheet mask before putting it on my face!... lol~  From that experience, I learned what I did wrong.  The next time I did a sheet mask, I toned my face afterwards.  I actually didn't know you have to tone before the sheet mask, as well as, pat your face with the essence from the sheet mask. :X  Now I know better and what to look for... hehe~ :D  The mask is very cooling to the face, as well as, leaves a plump of youthfulness which I definitely need. :X  Unfortunately with all products, the plumpness disappears when you stop using it.  From all the masks I have been using, I cannot see anything from this brand that makes it worst compared to others.

* For all skin type.
* It's very hydrating to the skin.
* Leaves a plumpness.
* Comes in many flavors.
* The scent is decent.
* The cost isn't bad.

* Never heard of this brand.
* It's not easily accessible.

Would I buy this again? Yes, of course... hehe~
Rating: [Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg][Color+Paw.jpg] 4/5 Tobey's Paws

Now I will say a little something about each masks I used... hehe~

* There wasn't a particular smell.

* It smelled orange/tangerine-like, citrus.
* I wanted some orange during this sheet mask... lol~

* I didn't smell the cherry.

I'm going to end this post with a package I received last week from Pandagrl's Care Package. Please check the blog out!  She wants to send out care packages of goodies to people you care.  I think that's a sweet and smart idea... hehe~ :)
She gave out samples to the first 50 people who e-mailed her.  I was one of them... hehe~ :)  I received the package really quickly within 2 days.
This is what was in the package.  I got chocolate Pocky, strawberry Yan Yan, rice crispy treat, chewy candy, 2 hi-chew, marshmallow, and a gum.  This was more than I expected!  I gobbled the whole thing in one night... lol~ :X

Thank you Pandagrl!!! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for the food care package.  I signed up to receive a sample. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.
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