Thursday, September 11, 2014

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum For Body

Disclaimer: Press Release

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"Arbonne Intelligence Genius Booster Serum For Body: A truly accomplished performer. This lightweight, concentrated serum absorbs quickly to hydrate, illuminate and improve the look of skin firmness. Ths high-performance formula includes our PBR+ complex - a mix of Arbonne's proprietary Phytinol™, bakuchiol and retinoid - that brightens skin and keeps it looking refreshed and toned. Add a few drops to your favorite body moisturizer to boost benefits or use this luxurious serum by itself to enhance skin's natural radiance. Finally, a product that's mastered the art of gorgeous skin.; $55

How to use:
* Combine with your favorite moisturizer and apply all over body, morning and evening.

What it does:
* Improves skin texture tone
* Enhances skin radiance and clarity
* Promotes the look of skin firmness and elasticity
* Provides Luxurious hydration and moisturization

Disclaimer: Press Release


Andrijana Bozic said...

It looks good.

You have give away on my blog: :)

Kim A. said...

I've tried serums for my face, but never my body. This sounds lovely!!! :)

Ahleessa said...

I never knew there was serum for the body until this. I'm excited and curious.

Ahleessa said...


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