Friday, July 18, 2014

Lancome Baume In Love Lipbalm in Very Cherry

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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I'm a little behind the trend but when I first saw the clear lipbalm from Lancome, I knew I had to get it.

Here's my haul about a month or two ago. I purchased the lipbalm and lipgloss.
Thankfully, I purchased during gift with purchase. I will try my best to review some of these products in a future post. For this post, I will focus on the lipbalm.
Product Review: Lancome Baume In Love Sheer Tinted Lipbalm Moisture & Comfort in #115 Very Cherry

Where to purchase: department stores and online at
Price: $26 for 35 mL/ 3.1 g/ 0.1 oz

Made in France

Description from the website: These neon-translucent shades saturate lips with comfort, moisture and lasting stain of color.
Thoughts: In all honesty, the only reason why I wanted this lipblam is that it's clear. It's very unique and typical me I fall for it.
Here's how the lipbalm looks without the top.
Here's a closer look at the lipbalm and it's very true to color!
Here's a swatch of the color. It's very sheer but there is a tint of color.
Here's how the lipbalm looks on me. It doesn't look like there's any color except for the shine, but there actually is a slight color on me.
Here's an overall look on me.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, there's a slight scent. It's not extremely noticeable unless you sniff the lipbalm. It has a very waxy smell to it or at least for me. Secondly, you do have to be careful with the lipbalm. You definitely don't want to leave it in your hot car or else it'll melt. While trying the lipbalm at the stand, I noticed how soft the product is. The consistency is definitely more a lipbalm than a lipstick. Don't get fool by the disguise. Third and even though it's sheer, it definitely gave me some color on my lip. It's probably only noticeable on pale pink lips like myself. If you have dark lips, I doubt the color will show up. You will probably get some shine and that's about it. Lastly and the most important, it is very hydrating. With each usage, my lips improved.

* Clear lipbalm; unique.
* Comes in a variety of colors.
* Not noticeable scent.
* Slight color for pale lips.
* Hydrating.
* Texture of the lips improve with usage.

* Expensive for a lipbalm.
* Need to be careful where you leave the lipbalm.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Sachi said...

I'm a sucker for sheer lippies too. they are great when you want a subtle look or when lips are dry and need a bit of moisture. love the color on you, looks like you just ate a popsicle

Kim A. said...

I am truly impressed! I was wondering about their lip balms. Love the color tint. Great gifts with it too Ahleessa. Really cute bag.

Beatriz Garcia said...

Uuuu that color is lovely! Looks fab on you!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you Uuuu!... hehe~ :)

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! I might give the bag away to sis-in-law but not too sure. I only purchase when you get gifts with purchase. It feels like you save money or maybe it's just me... hehe~

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! I love your description how it looks like I ate a Popsicle... wheee~

Bijin Blair said...

That's an awesome GWP - I would be swayed too! And your hair! When did you colour it?

Ahleessa said...

It is a great gift with purchase. I definitely gained than lost! I already told you when I colored my hair. :/ There's a post dedicated to it.

Elena Dal Maso said...

Dear Ahleessa, I know them both and I appreciate them a lot, especially Lip Lover, since the finish is glossy and it lasts long on the lips :)


Ahleessa said...

I'm happy to hear they're both great products! I haven't had the chance to play with the Lip Lover, but I can tell I will like it. :)

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