Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lorac PRO To Go Palette

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

In August 2013, I was fortunate to attend Beauty Con LA 2013 Part 1. I received Lorac PRO To Go Palette. Now that it's available to purchase this week, I though it's the perfect time to review this product.

Product Review: LORAC Pro To Go Palette Eye/Cheek Palette

Where to purchase: ULTA, Sephora and online at
Price: $38 for 0.44 oz/ 12.8 g (eyeshadows) and 0.36 oz/ 10.2 g (blushes)

Made in USA

Description from the back: Go PRO with LORAC! Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette includes 3 Shimmer and 3 Matte Eye Shadows, 2 Eye Shadow Brushes, 2 Blushes, and a Bronzer - everything you need to look glamorous on the go. LORAC's velvety-smooth Eye Shadows and Blushes are ultra-pigmented and packed with long-lasting PRO power so you can easily contour, shade, line and define, just like a PRO!
Thoughts: I'm a huge fan of the LORAC PRO Palette (I haven't reviewed) so when I saw this product, I was stoked with excitement! Before I talk about the quality of the Pro To Go Palette, let me show you the packaging.
The size of the palette is similar to the size of my hand or most females' hand. In comparison to the Pro Palette, it's longer not by much and the width is a lot smaller (a little bit longer than half the width). The big difference is the height. The Pro Palette only has one layer. The Pro To Go has two layers.

Here's the first layer...
It comes with 6 eyeshadows. The top 3 are shimmers (Pearl, Chai, Mink) and the bottom 3 are mattes (Shell, Cafe, Black). It also comes with a mirror and an attachable brush.
Here's a better look at the eyeshadows. The only color that's a repeat from the Pro Palette is Black. Some of the colors might seem similar to the eyeshadows from the Pro Palette, but they're not when swatched.
Here's a closer look at one of the eyeshadows, Chai. This has to be my favorite eyeshadow color from the palette. It's gorgeous and so my color!
Here's a swatch of the top 3 colors, the shimmers (Pearl, Chai, Mink), from left to right.
Here's a swatch of the bottom 3 colors, the mattes (Shell, Cafe, Black), from left to right.

Now for the second layer...
It comes with 2 blushes (Coral, Pink) and a bronzer (Bronze). It also comes with another attachable brush. The thing that doesn't make sense is why is this part of the blush layer when it's an eyeshadow brush.
Here's a better look at the blushes and bronzer. This is definitely new compared to the Pro Palette that doesn't have one.
Here's a closer look at one of the blushes, Coral. This is an everyday color for most individuals.
Here's a swatch of the blushes and bronzer (Coral, Pink, Bronze) from left to right.
The palette came with two eyeshadow brushes, shadow and define.
Here's a closer look at the brushes. The definer brush is actually pretty decent! I used it to line my eyes with gel liner.

Now for a look I did with this palette...
I applied Chai on the lid and blended out with Mink on the outer v and crease. On the center of the lid, I applied Pearl. The mixture of Chai and Pearl makes a gorgeous taupe color. On the bottom lid, I applied Chai and Mink on the outer and Pearl in the inner. Then I highlighted the look with Shell below my eyebrows.
Here's an overall look with the eyeshadows and blush in Coral.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, I love that the eyeshadows are separated from the blushes/bronzer. I guess it's not that much of a problem since they're both powder products. I hate when powder products are with cream products like lipglosses. The reason why I had them together is that I hate seeing the loose powder get into the cream products. It just turns me off and makes me not want to use the cream products. It just doesn't look clean in my opinion. Secondly, it comes with 2 eye brushes. It's great for beginners who need some brushes to use. In all honesty, most people don't use those brushes or at least the shadow brush. I have used the definer brush to line my eyes and it's pretty decent. Third, this palette is extremely opaque. You don't need to struggle to apply the products. It glides on smoothly and it's extremely easy to blend. If you're looking for unique colors, this palette isn't it. They're very typical colors you can find in other palettes or singles. With that said, do I still think they're worth it? Yes!!! It's just travel-friendly and everything in one palette. You don't have to carry both eyeshadow and blush palettes. You can just carry one.

* Eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzer in one.
* Palette is small enough to carry.
* Eyeshadows and blushes/bronzer are separated.
* Comes with shimmery and matte eyeshadows.
* Comes with matte and glittery blush.
* Comes with a bronzer for most skin types.
* Colors are pigmented.
* Easy to apply and blend.
* Comes with 2 eyeshadow brushes.
* Neutral palette.

* Does not come with a blush brush.
* Colors are not unique.

Would repurchase: Yes!
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

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Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.


YomiC said...

It looks nice and simple, but true it's the most basics color that it's not much special about it...

L e n a said...

you look so lovely, Alyssa! :)
i was curious about this palettes, so thanks for reviewing and swatching them.
very versatile and neutral, looks perfect for any occasion. :)

Karen Law said...

I love the look you created Ahleessa! I agree though - the colours are not really original but they are very wearable. I love matte eyeshadows on myself so the matte colours look really pretty - but I wonder why two of the shadows (pearl and shell) come in a larger pan than the other four colours? And I know what you mean - I wouldn't want powder products mixed with creme based products in a palette. That's so neat that you got this palette before it was released!

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! :) I tend to reach for shimmery colors. For that reason, I can see myself using the top three most often. That's funny because I also wondered why the far left is bigger in size than the rest. I realized those are versatile colors you can use as a highlighter underneath the brow, as well as, highlighter on the cheeks. It'll probably get more used or at least that's what I would like to think... hehe~

Ahleessa said...

Thank you and you're very welcome! :) Are you going to get this palette?

L e n a said...

i'm very tempted although i can't get any more neutral palettes..(ahhhh) ;p

Ahleessa said...

You can never have enough neutral palettes... lol~ :P

Amna Ahsan said...

The texture looks really amazing

✿Amna's Blog✿

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! It is an amazing palette. :)

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