Thursday, October 24, 2013

BA*Star Lip Color in Holiday Red

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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I'm fortunate to receive another product from BA*Star. I already reviewed their Zebra Lip Gloss in Super Sparkle.

Product Review: BA*Star Lip Color in Holiday Red

Where to purchase:
Price: $8.75 for 0.088 oz

Made in USA

Description from the website:
* Full Coverage Lip Pencil
* Lines & Colors
* Stays All Day
* Add Shine: Lip Gloss or Glitter
* Sharpen with Duo Hole Pencil Sharpener
Thoughts: When it comes to bright lip products, I usually avoid it. For some odd reason, I cannot pull it off. I remember this experience I went to a department makeup counter and tried this bright pink color. The salesperson/makeup artist just looked at me and suggested I try this light lip color. I just laughed because she wasn't direct. Even though I cannot pull off bright colors, I still try them hoping one day I will find one I will like. For that reason, I was excited to try this product!
Here's a closer look at the lip color. I'm a big fan of pencils because they tend to be more precise than coming from a tube. It just might be me.
I found the lip color interesting! It looks like burgundy with a metallic sheen. This is very true to color! The reason why I found this interesting is the initial reaction. I would have not expect this lip color to be red. Another thing interesting about this lip color is the metallic sheen is only on the outside. Once the area with the sheen is used, it'll just be normal burgundy. Unfortunately, this pencil isn't retractable. You actually have to sharpen and you need to have the bigger size sharpener. I actually don't mind sharpening. It some sense it can get messy and for that reason, I think a lot of people prefer retractable.
Here's a swatch of the color. Isn't it gorgeous!?!?
Here's a swatch of the color on my lips. You need to be careful with the lip color! If you accidentally apply it outside your lips, it'll take a lot of effort to remove it.
Here's an overall look. I made sure the rest of the face was neutral since the color is bright.
Here's another look I did with the lip color. I just stained my lips lightly and added clear lipgloss on top. I also added some blush to add some color on my face.

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, I love that it's in a pencil form. It's easy to maneuver or at least for me. I think it's especially important to maneuver with this lip color. It's bright and it also leaves a stain. You definitely don't want to stain outside of your lips. Trust me I accidentally did and it wasn't a pretty sight. :X I had to rub a lot with tissue, as well as, put powder over my mistake. Secondly, I did not even notice until now but it smells like vanilla coffee. While you're applying the lip color on your lips, you will not notice the scent or at least I did not. I just noticed the scent because I just sniffed it out of curiosity. Now for the most important thing, the color is bright red and it's the perfect red color you can imagine. It's really gorgeous and I can see a lot of people pull it off. Unfortunately, I don't think I am one of them. Even though I cannot pull of the red, you can lighten the color to fit to your taste. It's very pigmented, long lasting, and does not dry out your lips. Since I have dry lips, most products tend to dry them out. For that reason, I tend to look for lip balms or moisturizing lipsticks. This product did not dry out my lips and it lasted until I ate a meal. It didn't completely take the lip color off. It left a pretty stain on my lips even after eating.

* Comes in a pencil form.
* Pigmented.
* Versatile; can be light to dark and matte to glossy.
* Leaves a stain; doesn't last a long time.
* Does not dry out lips.
* Long lasting.

* Cannot find in stores.
* Cannot test out before purchasing.
* Visual appearance does not match the color.
* Need to sharpen the pencil.
* Vanilla coffee scent.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

Reader Discount: 50% Off
Reader Discount Code: BBLIPS

BA*Star was kind enough to give my readers a discount to their website. I am not affiliated with the website. I will not get paid if you use the code.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is given to me. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Sachi said...

Love this color! It looks great on you. I love the pencil lip products, much easier than a big o tube

Valens said...

It looks very comfortable to use and it is really a true red!!! :)
I liked your first picture wearing this lipstick, I think you look great with it even if it's a bright tone!
Have a fab day

Ahleessa said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliment! :) I felt it was way too red for me, but I like the muted color. I also agree I love that it comes in a pencil than a tube.

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! You guys are so sweet! :)

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