Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara

September of last year, I received a free Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara from Sephora inside JCPenny. I've been using this mascara for the past three months. I think it's about time I review it... hehe~
Product Review: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

Where can you purchase this: Sephora
Price: $18 (I got mine for free)

Made in USA

Description on the back: Our amazing, antioxidant-rich mascara intensely volumizes lashes up to 300%. The vitamin-enriched formula deepens, darkens, and thickens from root to tip.

Our curvy, talented hourglass-shaped brush ensures every single lash is evenly coated with our silky, clump-free formula.
My thoughts: I wasn't too sure what to expect from this mascara... hehe~ The first thing I noticed is the interesting brush shape.
It's curvy being thin in the middle and fatter towards the end. I am not too sure why, but it doesn't hurt to try different shaped mascaras... hehe~ I thought it would bother me or feel weird trying this shaped mascara, but it wasn't either. It actually was pretty comfortable.

Other than the shape of the mascara and to be honest, I was worried since it doesn't say anywhere it's waterproof. Having Asian lashes, non-waterproof mascaras tend to weigh my lashes down. I was pretty impressed it didn't weigh my lashes down at all!... yippie~ It actually kept it pretty curly which is a big plus. It also darken and made my eyes look like I have more lashes than I do... yippie~
See how curly they are?
The makeup on both pictures are Too Faced Baked Eyeshadow in Amber Asteroid. They're taken at different days with different style of using the eyeshadows... hehe~

Since it's not waterproof, I was worried if it would smudge throughout the day. I was pretty impressed it didn't smudge much. It did smudge a little but barely noticeable... hehe~

*Bare Escentuals.
* Antioxidant.
* Curve shape which helps to coat every lashes.
* Clump-free.
* Holds up the curls.
* Doesn't weigh the lashes down.
* Darkens and thickens.
* Easy to clean since it's not waterproof.

* Not waterproof.
* Smudges a little.

Would I repurchase: Maybe, but it is kind of costly. I strongly believe in drugstore mascaras... hehe~
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post I got free from Sephora inside JCPenny; they have a monthly freebie. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Dao said...

Your lashes look natural. I've heard a lot of nice things about Buxom lash mascara and I'm glad it works for you!

Denysia said...

I have this mascara! I haven't really used it though, thanks for the review! :)

Neeyuh said...

Thank you for the review! I've been wanting to try this mascara for quite a while now maybe I'll try it out soon.

Shen said...

i heard a lot of good things baout the buxom line. :) i heard they improve your lashes.. :) i like the effects on yours!! i'm hoping to try this soon. :)

ndoodles said...

Wow that brush looks intense!!! I love your eye looks in both pics! What eye liner were you using?

Jessica Dee said...

Your lashes look great. Though I'm totally OVER expensive mascaaras when the drugstore ones work JUST FINE ^___^ great review though

Fruity Lashes said...

love the mascara and your review~!!! you got really long lashes. so jealous hehe

silvia Navarro said...

great blog!!! this post is ...very nice
love your style...
follow u

With Love, Elle said...

yeah im over too expensive mascara too coz they dried up pretty fast but this looks good! and can get the bottom lashes too? thats a major plus

xoxo elle

Jennifer said...

I received this from a giveaway but I haven't started on using it :) thanks for the review though!! The brush design looks interesting though! looks like an electric razor to me haha

Oreleona said...

wow it looks good!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a decent mascara!

TheMadTwins said...

what a great mascara! I look so natural!

xxx London and Paris

ps: maybe you like tho join our Hugo Boss and Armani giveaways?

Fabuless Beauty said...

Sounds promising! But I am too in favor of drugstore mascaras!

DinaXYYan said...

Thanks for the review! It's great that it holds up the curls, I have to use mascara base to holds up them.

ryc: So sorry for the late reply, I've been too busy lately. As for the pineapple tarts, they actually last pretty long if we store them at dry place, they won't go bad till a month! :D

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