Monday, January 24, 2011

Princess Lee False Eyelashes and Eye's Chic Glue

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are given to me to review on my blog. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I recently received false eyelashes to review on my blog from KKCenterHK. Not only do they sell different brands of falsies, they sell other things from makeup to shoes. The company is located in Hong Kong, but the delivery time is pretty decent. I received my package in a week and a half... hehe~

The PR gave me the opportunity to choose the falsies I would like to try. I wear falsies during special occasion, but it's really seldom... hehe~ The only reason I hardly wear them is because they're uncomfortable. :X Being a newbie in this area, I researched before I choose the falsies I would like. I noticed Princess Lee falsies got good review which interest my curiosity... hehe~

Where can you purchase this: KKCenterHK
Price: $17.60

Made in Taiwan

My thoughts: When I was given a chance to review falsies on my blog, I was really excited! I keep hearing about Asian brand falsies and it intrigued my curiosity. The only falsies I have tried are American brand, Ardell, and Korean brand, Darkness (I know these are Asian brands... hehe~). They are both on the thick side when it comes to the band. When I received the Princess Lee, the first thing I noticed is the band and how thin they are!!!
Here's a picture of the Princess Lee versus Darkness; both Asia brands. Do you notice the thickness of the bands? Another thing I noticed about the thickness of the band is that it relates to the stability of the lashes. Princess Lee is more sensitive and flexible. Darkness, on the other hand, is sturdy and already shaped.

Now I was curious, how it would feel on my eyes... hehe~
I grabbed one of the falsies and had to cut on the ends to the shape of my eyes. Luckily for me, I only needed to cut the part with no lashes... hehe~ The band felt like I was cutting a string. You know how you cut a string and the ends kind of flatter off or am I making no sense... lol~ :X Anyways, it felt like I was cutting a string... hehe~
After cutting the ends, I grabbed the ends with two fingers of each hand and shaped it to an eye shape... hehe~ This is how it looked after I shaped it.
I used the eyelash glue they sent me. I will review this at the end... hehe~ I waited 30 seconds for it to dry before applying the falsies on my eyes.

Here's how it looks on my eyes...
It looks very natural in my opinion... hehe~ Princess Lee falsies are good for daily wear. It gave me more lashes than I naturally have... hehe~
Here's how the falsies look when you look from the top.
Side-view of the falsies.

After trying these falsies, now I can see why people like Asian brand falsies. The thinness of the band makes it extremely comfortable to the eyes. It's easily bendable to fit to your eyes, as well as, it looks very natural. I highly recommend these bands. Just be careful how you handle the lashes or else you cannot re-use them again... hehe~ ;)

* Princess Lee; a well known brand in Taiwan.
* 100% handmade.
* Thin band.
* Flexible lashes.
* Easily fit to your eye shape.
* Looks natural.
* Gives you more lashes than you have.
* Very comfortable.

* The lashes are not sturdy.

Would I repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Not only did I get Princess Lee Eyelashes, they were kind enough to include an eyelash glue for my new falsies... yippie~
Product Review: Eye's Chic Eyelashes Glue in Double Eyelid White

Where can you purchase this: KKCenterHK
Price: $8.30

Made in Japan

Click on the picture to see the original size.
My thoughts: When I first received the package, I was kind of hoping for the black eyelash glue other blogs gotten when they review the falsies. I've always wanted to try dark eyelash glue... hehe~ Oh well, I was still happy to receive an eyelash glue... wheee~ :) I wasn't too sure what to think of the glue since most glues I own are in tube.
The eyelash glue comes with a thin brush. It kind of feels like you're painting your nails, but you're not... lol~ You're painting the band of your falsies with the brush. I wasn't too sure what to think of it it since I have never tried a brush. After trying the glue, I had mixed feelings... hehe~ The good is that it's very easy to use. You just brush the glue onto the band as much as you can. You have full control of how much glue you put on the falsies.... wheee~ When you use a tube, you don't know how much glue you will squeeze out of the tube. With the brush, you have full control. Another good thing is, you don't get your fingers dirty. Without knowing how much you squeeze out of the tube, sometimes you have to use your fingers to clean up the mess if you squeeze too much.

The bad thing about using the brush is that you put the brush back into the container. You're kind of squeezing air into the container when you put it back. PLEASE don't pump up and down which is a big NO NO... hehe~ If the falsies are new, then you don't have to worry about bacteria. If the falsies are being re-used and you still cleaned it, I get scared there might still be some bacteria... lol~ :X With the tube, you don't have to worry about this... hehe~

* Comes in two colors, black and white.
* Comes with a brush.
* Full control of the glue on the band.
* Easy to use.
* Fingers don't get dirty.

* Put the brush back into the container.
* Pump air into the container.
* Can get bacteria inside the container.

Would I repurchase: I'm not too sure... hehe~
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

Thank you KKCenterHK for the chance to review false eyelashes and glue!!! :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are given to me to review on my blog. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


amynaree said...

i keep hearing good things about princess lee eyelashes too and they look great on you! very natural looking :)

Jennifer said...

it looks very natural ^_^!! i made taiwanese style 'cold' veggie stew instead XD i googled for kimchi recipe and it seems they need a certain type of veggie isn't it? i think we have similar kinds selling here but it's not exactly the same >_< i don't know if those work...

i just received another box of lashes from them, i didn't know they would include lash glue!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

HitomiNeko said...

nice~ i love the softer kind.. it’s so comfortable <3

xoxo hitomineko xoxo

Shop N' Chomp said...

Nice reviews, girlie :) I definitely love how natural and fluttery these lashes look on you!

(It tastes like green tea with a splash of mango :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi hi :) Hmm, good question..I actually don't know if they are affiliated with that magazine...

Nic Nic said...

they look really natural on you, and it's nice you can get so many in a box!

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for this! I love false lashes. They look great on you! Honestly, I'm not a fan of Darkness lashes. It definitely gives length, but it lacks fullness. But I'm a huge fan of Red Cherry!

..R May A.. said...

definately going to check these lashes out :)

Tammy said...

Those are really nice lashes! I'm terrible at applying falsies, but these look easier because of the thinner band.

Anonymous said...

Please stop with the incessant "hehe's" in your posts! It's super obnoxious to have to read it every 5 seconds. Your writing is great on its own and that just distracts from it because it's super annoying. It's like a spastic giggle from those girls trying too hard to be cute. You don't need all those in there!

DinaXYYan said...

The lashes look natural yet really pretty! Thanks for the review :)

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

They look really pretty and natural on you! :) Good choice ;) x

Ahleessa said...

Anonymous: Thank you for your comment! I didn't know my giggles on my blog was obnoxious. I think everyone has different opinions, and I wanted to add my personality. In real life, I laugh and giggle a lot. I try to be a happy person and I was hoping to put that into my blog. Now that I know, I will try to do it less. I can't promise you since I type faster than I think... lol~ :X

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