Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tokidoki Brushes and Hello Kitty Case

In December, Sephora gave Beauty Insiders either $15 or $20 for VIP members. If you're not a member of Beauty Insiders, I definitely recommend it. You also get a free birthday gift every year... hehe~ ;) Last year (2010), we got Sephora eye kit that includes a small eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. This year you get a Philosophy shower gel/bubble bath.

With the $15 discount, I bought Tokidoki brushes and 3 samples.
Let me tell you how adorable these brushes are!... hehe~ I'm a huge fan of tokidoki, as well as, anything cute like Hello Kitty! :D As soon as I received these, I took pictures and washed them... wheee~ I just couldn't wait to use them. :)
Product Review: Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set

Where can you purchase this: Sephora or sephora website
Price: $35

Made in China

Description from the website: Create the eye look of your dreams, with the help of your favorite Tokidoki characters. Each brush in this must-have set is adorned to represent one character, from top to handle, giving your makeup routine a dose of adorable personality.

Mozzarella eyeshadow brush
Adios Amigos crease brush
Donutella angled eyeliner brush
My thoughts: My initial reaction is how cute is the packaging! It has pictures of different characters on the outside.
To be honest, the packaging is so cute but what will I do with the packaging?... hehe~ I kind of wish they made it out of something other than plastic. What will I do with plastic? :/ If you have suggestions, PLEASE tell me... hehe~
Then I took out the brushes and OMG it is love!... hehe~
Look at the characters on the top of the brushes. I just love it!... hehe~ To be honest, I debated over these brushes because I'm not keen on characters or double-ended brushes. I put my brushes in a cup and having double-ended or characters make it difficult to put them in the cup. :/ I made an exception with these. I just couldn't resist... hehe~ :X
The brush hairs are cute too!... hehe~ The tip of the hair are the same colors as the theme of the brush.

After the initial reaction of all these cuteness, I washed them. I was pretty impressed how soft they were and no shedding!... wheee~ They're also very dense which is good for the eyeshadow and eyeliner brush. I'm not too sure about the crease brush. If you have monolids or small crease area, I think it's fine. If you have bigger crease like me, not too great. If I want to apply it to a small area on my crease after the main color, I think it's fine... hehe~ I'll still use the crease brush but not that often I guess you can say.

After using these brushes for couple of weeks, I'm still pretty impressed. Usually I can see one or two hair fall off but these haven't shed one hair yet!... yippie~

* It's so cute!
* The tip of the hair is colored.
* Comes in a cute packaging.
* The brushes are dense.
* It doesn't shed.
* The crease brush is good for small area.

* It has a head which makes it hard to put in a cup.
* Packaging is useless since it's plastic.
* The crease brush is good for small area.

Would I repurchase: Yes, but I hope not... hehe~
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

Speaking of cute things, I'm going to end with this Hello Kitty case.
You can use it for any electronics, but I'm using it for my cell phone... wheee~ :)


Denysia said...

Wow, those brushes are super cute! I love tokidoki as well! everything from them is super cute!

amynaree said...

I was contemplating getting these brushes too when I got the VIB discount! but then I decided to get something that I needed at the moment which was an eye cream. These are so cute though I wish I gotten them!

Dao said...

You can make a Sephora-inspired brush jar holder thingy out of the case the way EnKore did. Just get some cheap pebbles at dollar store and pour it to the bottom. I'm sure it's going to look gorgeous!

Askmewhats said...

OH MY! I am hyperventilating! That TokiDoki brush set is to die for! So cute!!! I want to use it!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's sooooooooooooo cute~!

i want to be able to own one as well. though now that i think of it, it's too cute for me to use & i fear that the bristles will stain & won't come off....

but what the heck?!

if every brushes are made like these, i'll definitely be purchasing each & every one of it

Nikkay said...

those brushes are so friggin' cute! They look great quality too x

..R May A.. said...

these brushes are so cute :)
not sure how i'd store them though..

Shop N' Chomp said...

"Would I repurchase: Yes, but I hope not... hehe~" cute *^_^*

I saw these at the store and it took everything I had not to buy it. Still soo tempting though. Yay to you for getting it! I like your new HK case too! =D

♥Piper♥ said...

Those are too cute. I'm going to go and click on relevant google ads to show my appreciation for all of the work you have done here. Every little bit helps. God bless.
Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

Shop N' Chomp said...

It tastes a little different and fresher in my opinion. Plus it doesn't go flat as fast either. :)

I wouldn't say the HK container is really bad but I don't think it warrants that price tag either.

Happy weekend!

DinaXYYan said...

The Tokidoki brushes are so cute! They too cute to use though, hehe...

Fabuless Beauty said...

I LOVE love LOVE Tokidoki! I'm glad the brushes are of good quality! I was a bit skeptical of the Tokidoki products sold at Sephora.

Blair said...

These Tokidoki brushes are uber adorable!!! If I were you, I won't use them for eye makeup instead I'll most prolly display them as a decoration hahaha~

RYC, I reviewed my NYC lipgloss in this post:

Tammy said...

Super cute!!! I really like these, but I think they're too pricey at the full price. Glad you got a discount on them.

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