Monday, August 9, 2010

L'occitane Almond Delicious Paste

End of last year, I checked out L'occitane outlet and bought a body exfoliate. I bought the travel size to make sure what I thought about it before investing money in the future of this product. I'm almost at the end of this product and I think it's about time I review it!... hehe~
Product Review: L'occitane Almond Delicious Paste

Where can you purchase this: L'occitane store, outlet, or online at
Price: $8 for the travel size, 1.7 oz. (I believe the outlet was cheaper but NOT 100% sure)

Made in France

Information on the back: A delicious blend of almond butter and almond oil, infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals this exfoliating butter offers perfect exfoliation for the entire body.

Description on the website: A pure and delectable body treatment. Crushed almond nuts and sugar crystals, whipped with nourishing almond oil and almond butter, stimulate cellular activity and gently exfoliate skin. Massage the paste over wet skin to release the nourishing benefits of almond proteins. Skin will be smoother with its contours better defined and toned.


My thoughts: Before I talk about this product, I thought I would tell you about my body skin. I have horrible body skin and I'm ashamed of it! :X I have bumps on my arms and legs, and no matter what I do they never go away *sigh*. For that reason, I exfoliate and use rough sponges when I shower. I also moisturize my body every time I come out of the shower. If I don't do this, my skin gets worst *sigh*! By doing this, it hasn't improved my skin but it helps not getting worst... lol~ :X If anyone knows how to improve my body skin, PLEASE tell me!!!

The first thing I do with anything is smell the product... lol~ It's very nutty smelling. If you like nutty smells, you will like this. Since I'm not a big fan of nutty smells, I didn't like the smell much... lol~ :X The good thing is the smell disappears pretty quickly. You will smell it while exfoliating but once you wash it off, it's gone... wheee~ I also noticed the smell seems very organic. It seems very natural not chemically made which I really like! :)

The next thing I noticed is how gritty the product is... duh~ :X Of course, it will be gritty since it's made out of almonds... hehe~ :P
You could definitely see the crushed almonds in the paste. The best part is that it's not only for the looks but you can actually feel it. I have tried body scrubs/exfoliates in the past that has a lot of particles, but you cannot feel it. With this, you can definitely feel it working on your skin.

* L'occitane; their products are usually good.
* Organic smell.
* Exfoliates; the particles don't disappear.
* Can see the grind up almonds.
* It feels like it's working because you can feel the exfoliation.

* L'occitane; their products tend to be on the expensive side.
* Smells nutty.
* Can see the grind up almonds on the tub.

Would I buy this again: Yes, just wish it was cheaper... hehe~
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

When I bought the paste, they were kind enough to give me a sample... wheee~

They gave me L'occitane Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream. I was really excited to try this sample out because I'm a big body cream/lotion person. I have to if I want to improve my body skin... hehe~ :P I'm not going to thoroughly review this product, but just a quick note for myself. I have a tendency to forget what products I have tried and liked/disliked. I have a tendency to buy things again... lol~ When I write it on my blog, I can come back to look and remind myself. :X Yes, I'm that forgetful!... lol~ :P

Anyways from what I remember, I hated the smell!!! Oh mi gosh it was one of the worst smelling lotion/cream I have tried!!! :X If the smell was decent, I would have loved this product. I cannot pinpoint the smell but it was something I have never smelled before... lol~ In my honest opinion, I thought I would love the smell because I love fruity/citrus smells more than anything but this wasn't citrus-y at all. :/ Other than the smell, it was really moisturizing and reminded me of The Body Shop Body Butter; how it melt into your skin. I review The Body Shop Body Butter and you can see why I love it... hehe~ This cream was very moisturizing and felt great on the skin! Too bad the smell over powered the texture. :X

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roxy said...

sounds interesting!


wuguimei said...

Mmm, reminds me of Mario Badescu's Almond & Honey Face Scrub-- cept the almond chunks looks more refined in your case. Thanks for the review!

Jannie said...

now that i read your review, i need to buy exfoliator one of these days. my problem area is my upper arms. for some reason, it feels scaly. i don't know why.

nutty smell? hmm... i guess that'll be okay. it would not be fun finding crushed almonds all around the bathtub though. hahaha... i remember finding these oatmeal particles when i used that aveeno soothing bath thingy. i didn't want anyone to think i ate oatmeal in the tub or something silly like that. hahaha...

about the fake driving in disneyland, that was fun. hahaha... even though the pedal was heavy, i enjoyed it and felt like i was a real driver. lol.

about married friends, it sometimes is frustrating to get hold of them. we have a schedule to work around too, so they should be able to go with our time as well.

hmm... i wonder how often i cry. maybe once a month or a bit more than that. with unpredictable whammies going on, it's always good to be armed with waterproof mascara. you can still look fierce even while teary-eyed. hehe... :D

i was at CVS last night and i kick myself for not getting the bronzer. then again, i'm trying not to go too crazy with spending on makeup. before getting that, i'd like the hard candy meteor glitter e/s first. maybe you'll get them before me. hehehe... i'm going to try to just get one or two makeup items per week or every other. so yeah, i'll probably wait another week to get mine.

the UD naked palette is so pretty. it has a big neutral color selection too. i want that too. plus, it has UDPP and a dual-ended eyeliner too. :D i hope sephora does not run out right away. i'd like to get it in a few weeks.

so many neat things to buy. oh yeah, back to NYC. they have really nice blushable cream sticks too. i think they're less than $4. :D

Dao said...

L'Occitane is really good but it's soooo expensive. I had a deluxe sample from Sephora once and I tried not to use it up.

It seems like you have the same skin issue as my dad's. He also ex foliates a lot, too. His cheap way to do it is to rub coarse sea salt on his body before washing with body wash. You can mix olive oil, honey, and sugar as a scrub and use it, too. It's very moisturizing.

Denysia said...

I've been in the L'occitane store once, and everything looked very nice!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks for the review! I've only tried L'occitane hand cream, and it's pretty good. I'm too lazy to exfoliate my body nowadays, I think I should do it more often :D

Aradani said...

Hey lovely, you sure you don't have keratosis pilaris? I remembered reading on fuz's blog something about bumpy skin problems and she mentioned keratosis pilaris.

Jannie said...

thanks for the compliment on the new layout. i got kinda tired of the plaid one. plus, i wanted to change the title of my blog. the new title is more me. now that it has my name on it. hehehe... :D

wow. thanks for the advice to fix the scaly arm. i probably might need moisturizer or some kind of lotion. it must be very dry. thank goodness it's not as bad as fish scales yet, but it's getting there. lol. it's quite rough and bit bumpy, i guess. like tiny bumps.

luckily nobody sees your tub. my parents sometimes use mine when they're too lazy to clean their bathtub. thank goodness i cleaned off all that oatmeal stuff from the calming bath or they'd probably get all mad at me for a dirty tub. hehehe... that would be weird though if someone randomly looks at a bathtub for no reason. hey. maybe the crushed almonds will make them hungry. lol.

oh, gosh. i'd be too shy to call a friend really late at night. that's too bad one of them is only available for phone calls late at night. she probably must have her hands really full during the day. then again, it would be tiring to call someone late at night. for me, i'd just feel weird making a phone call past midnight.

pms sure triggers a lot of crying. i'm usually in a bad mood when that time of month comes. lol. i do it for no reason too. do you get cravings too during times like that? i always want to eat a lot of chocolate. i guess even on a regular day i still do. hahaha...

yeah, i hope that naked palette does not get sold out right away. they should wait for us. those meteor glitter shadows should wait for us too. i hope those don't sell fast. that way, the colors we want are still there for us.

same here. i haven't been wearing makeup. i've been lazy. i guess it's nice to give the face a break from makeup. skin can breathe. i know for sure you probably look like you're in your teens without makeup. :D wish i still had the ability to pretend to be a teen. hahaha... can't get away with that anymore. lol.

take care. :D

Nic Nic said...

it sounds so yummy!!

Im so lazy when it comes to using body scrubs. I only use body exfoliating clothes, i find that exfoliating enough.

Ive never bought anything from L'Occitane but this sounds really nice!

izumi said...

the name SOUNDS delicioussss :)

Jannie said...

hi, alyssa! hey. thanks for texting me. i really appreciate it. :D i hope it goes well tomorrow too. i'm getting kinda nervous. i'm hoping this visit will get things resolved.

thanks for the tip about softening scaly skin. i'll try it. anything to get rid of those scales. hehehe...

wow. another thing we have in common. being productive at night. are you a night person? i am. i don't really sleep at night. i have trouble. i try to get things done by then. i must be a vampire, i guess. lol.

lol. yeah. during that time of month, it's not hard to crave for everything. i am constantly eating. that's when i break good exercise and diet habits. not only do i eat a lot at that time, but i'm lazy too. i'll blame it on the hormones. hehehe...

can't wait to hear what you say about hard candy's meteor glitter e/s too in case you get them. i bet the colors will look so pretty on you. i can imagine you rocking the black and gold one. the intergalactic one will look very nice on you as well. :D

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