Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smooth Away

This week blog posts has been about body... hehe~ Other than having bad skin, I also have terrible leg hairs!!! :'( I saw some reviews on YouTube and thought I'll try this product out since I've been hearing good things about it.
Product Review: Smooth Away

Where can you purchase this: drugstores and mass retailers
Price: $9.99 (I bought mine for $5 when they had 2 for $9.99. I ended up returning the other one.)

Made in China

Information on the direction: Thank you for your purchase of Smooth Away - the instant and pain free way to remove unwanted hair. Smooth Away's gentle vibrations stimulate the hair follicle for a closer, smoother hair-free finish.

1. Prepare skin for hair removal by thoroughly washing and drying the skin. For best results, hair should be no longer than a 1/4" long. Be sure that there is no cream, cosmetics or ointments left on skin.
2. The applicator surface must be clean and dry before applying the applicator pad. Prepare applicator by washing any dust or residue off of the applicator.
3. apply pad by peeling the protective backing from it to expose the adhesive backing. align the pad with the center of the applicator then carefully apply the pad to the applicator making sure it lies flat on the surface of the applicator.

My thoughts: Before I start talking about this product, I need to talk about my body hair. I am hairless in most of my body even armpit. I hardly have armpit hair that I pluck the ones I have... hehe~ I know too much info! :P For some odd reason, all the hair went to my legs (knee down). :/ I have terrible leg hairs; they're thick and long! :X I am constantly trying to get rid of them.

Now going back to this product, I was really excited to try this out after hearing great stuff on YouTube. They mentioned it will get rid of thick hairs really well, as well as, fine hairs. On the box, it says it is safe for anywhere from upper lip to armpit. It also is pain free, there is no chemicals, and gives no razor burn. It sounds great to me if it works!... hehe~

When you take out the items inside the box, you get quite a few things.
You have 1 travel case (green item), 1 large applicator (the big pink one), 1 small applicator (the small pink one), 5 large flex-crystal replacement pads (the big sand paper ones), and 5 small flex-crystal replacement pads (the small sand paper ones).
All the flex-crystal replacement pads have a back paper. You remove it.
Then you stick it on the applicator. This is the large applicator you use on legs, forearms, and so on. The small applicator you can for areas such as face or uneven areas such as the knee or ankle. Then you gently buff the area in a circular motions with slight pressure. Go clockwise 3 times in one area and then counter clockwise 3 times in the same area. You repeat until all the hair has been removed.

It definitely is pain free! I don't feel anything but a gentle movement around the area I choose. It does remove the hair from my experience. If you're asking to remove hair, this isn't it! It only removes to the layer of the skin. It's like shaving without the razor... hehe~ I don't like shaving because I have thick hair. Having thick hair, it means it grows back within the day *sigh*. I don't want to shave everyday I'm just lazy!... hehe~ :X Another thing I noticed is that it actually takes a lot of time to remove all the hair from your legs. After doing this one time, I gave up... lol~ I'm just too lazy to do this all the time unless you're doing this while watching TV... hehe~ ;)

* Doesn't hurt.
* Removes hair.

* Removes hair to the layer of skin.
* Tedious moving in circular motion; clockwise and counter clockwise.
* Takes a long time to remove hair if it's a big area like leg.
* Not for someone who is lazy.

Would I buy this again: No.
Rating:  2/5 Tobey's Paws


miRaCLe said...

woah!! same here! i hardly have armpit hair too! maybe one or two in 2 weeks :X but my legs have lots of ingrown hairs :(( *super SAD*
I can't even shave them off!! T_T i guess the only way is to save up and get them laser off!! :(((

ndoodles said...

You are lucky not to have to shave your armpit hair :) Hey no worries about TMI - I know what ya talking about. Too bad this product didn't work too well. I think when I shave, my razor somewhat irritates my skin so to get a good shave - I gotta use a good razor or remember to use shaving cream (which I'm always really lazy about).

Aradani said...

lol I've always refused the urge to buy that. How long does the hair have to be to use it?
fast growing leg hair is a pain. I've tried self-waxing, and that is just way too messy for a noob like me.

Thanks for the honest review. My urge to buy it is now gone.

Fruity Lashes said...

oh thanks for the review. i saw this in some stores and was skeptical about it. now i know i won't be getting it

Pop Champagne said...

lol i bought something like this a while ago, I find that it didn't work on me at all unlike what the commercial said haha sighhh

Denysia said...

Awww... I've seen this product everywhere! It sucks that it didn't work for you.

screw ball :) said...

Oh, well my mom and I have been arguing about whether or not this would ever work! thanks for settling the argument! ;)
too bad she's the one who one.. :X

Golden said...

Haha! I'm "blessed" with lots of body hair. Hehe. I'm too lazy to wax and shave my legs. That's why I don't show my legs in public. LOL.

Lots of love,

Dina (XYYan) said...

I have leg hair problem too! Too bad this product takes a lot of time...

Blovet Beauty said...

ooh I've been looking for a pain free and cut free method of shaving.Thks for this review !

Kalmo said...

Thanks for the informative review Alyssa! It's too bad that the product is too time consuming and that you didn't like it, I'll stay away from it too then. I just shave everyday but yeah, it's a PIA haha.

Wah I still need to meet up with you before I go!!

Gaby said...

Wow thanks for this great review Ahleessa! I've seen this product advertised on TV and also in Giant Tiger and some of my local drugstores but I didn't know what to think about it... now I know I won't be buying it!

Jannie said...

ahh! so this is the smooth away you've mentioned. i remember there used to be a kiosk of this product in the mall. i'm kinda afraid of the crystals and how my skin would probably react to them, so i never got around to trying it.

i'm glad it worked out fine on your skin. i remember seeing this one girl's review, i felt so bad to see pics of how it left red bumps on her legs. ouch. it's too bad the whole process of removing hair got too tedious though. i know i'd probably get tired of having to move these pads in all circular directions. hehehe...

hey. i have good news. i got the intergalactic meteor-eyes glitter e/s. it was the ONLY ONE left too. there were only two colors left. that and the green one. there were basically three pots left. two greens and one intergalactic. i was going to get the green one, but i think i have a color that's quite similar to it already.

i can imagine satin taupe looking very pretty on you. hey. in case you get intergalactic, that'll be great to pair off with satin taupe. :D

oh yeah, i finally heard your message this morning. thank you so much for talking to me last night. our conversation has been a lot of fun. :D you really are easy to talk to and i noticed we never run out of topics to talk about. :D

about being a night person, i'm the same way. more alive at night and a bit more sleepy during the day. you're lucky you can manage to fall asleep by 1 or 2 am. me, i really need to start sleeping before 3 am. it's so bad. i feel horrible when i wake up. hahaha... 3 am is WAAAY too late.

thank you once again for the phone call. we should definitely talk again soon. it was really fun. take care. :D

Nic Nic said...

ive tried something similar for facial hurt and it hurt as well taking out a layer of skiN! :( thankfully that was a long time ago.

I think i'll stick to razors! lol

Roxy said...

i tried this too and didnt like it! it does take forever to take off hair its so much faster to just shave!

Gaby said...

"Giant Tiger is your all Canadian family discount store offering everyday low prices." (I'm quoting the website LOL). It's a little like Wal-Mart; they offer almost everything at a low price. I always go to Giant Tiger before going to the mall for clothes (=

I'm not sure about Smooth Away... maybe I will give it a try somedays!

Pop Champagne said...

lol people raved about this product on youtube? really? i mean, I guess it does remove hair... but it also removed a layer of my skin too! ha!

The Beauty Bargainista said...

I remember tying a product similar to this back in middle school when my mom said I could "shave" my legs for the first time! It sucked then would think that after, well, lets just say a long time, they would improve something like this! I guess not! LOL!! :)

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