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April Favorites and Finished Products 2015

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post is bought with my own money except Bory, Mustaev, Morea, Adovia, Aveda, Body Merry, The Body Shop, DermOrganic, and BlenderCleanser. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

I wasn't able to do March Favorites and Finished Products. For that reason, I am combining both months together for April.

April Favorites

Bory Aqua Calming Cream: I received this moisturizer in my Memebox Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! At first, I thought it'll be too light for my dry skin. I was shocked it's extremely moisturizing. If this is hydrating for my dry skin, this will be great for every skin including sensitive. Not only that, it's so cooling. It's cooling in the sense it feels cold not the tingling sensation which I hate. It feels great on hot days.

Dose of Colors in Stone: This lip product came in a trio limited edition set. Out of the three, this is my favorite. Not only that, it fits with the trend of matte lip cream products. It goes on glossy and dries matte. It's long lasting, not drying, and doesn't feel like you're wearing anything.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener in Original: I've been using this since last year. It's the only thing I found that have kept my nails strong, and it only broke couple of times since I started using this. It's a miracle especially since my nails would break every two weeks.

Mustaev Eyeshadow in Gold Digger: I received this at The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2015. It's extremely soft and buttery. Not only that, it's opaque. I was pretty impressed. I think what impressed me more is that I actually dropped it, and it didn't crack. Since it's so soft and buttery, I was scared it'll crack if I drop it. For that reason, I was impressed. Other than that, I love the glittery gold. It's noticeable on the eyes and just plain gorgeous.

ColorPop Eyeshadow in I Heart This: Whenever I wear this, I get so many compliments. It's glossy, sparkly, and opaque. It's plain gorgeous and for a cream shadow it doesn't crease at all.

April Finished Products
Morea Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Age-Delaying Serum: I received this product to review. I'm glad I did. I love being introduced to brands that are not well know especially since it's natural and has antioxidants. Not only is it good for the skin, I saw improvements in hydrationg and less fine lines.

Would repurchase: Yes.

Adovia Mineral Eye Gel: I received this product to review. I really like this eye gel in the beginning. It's creamy, hydrating, and feels great on the skin. I put this to the side so I could test out other products. When I came back, the eye gel was creamy but dry at the same time. I tried massaging it onto my skin. The product would break and fall off my skin. If you do use this product, I highly recommend finishing before moving onto another eye product.

Would repurchase: Maybe.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Creme: I received a sample of this eye cream. It's thick and hydrating. This is great for aging skin who is worried about fine and deep lines. Unfortunately, the eye cream was only good for couple of days. I have no idea what the results would be.

Would repurchase: Maybe.

Body Merry Retinol Surge Moisturizer: I received this product to review. It's extremely thick and hydrating. It's great for dry skin individuals like myself. Not only that, I noticed an improvement on my skin. It helped with fine lines.

Would repurchase: Yes.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Mango: I received this as a gift from a friend. First of all, I never knew Body Butters from The Body Shop comes in a huge size. It lasted a good amount. Not only that, I love Body Butters from The Body Shop. I think they have the best Body Butters ever. They're extremely hydrating and my skin sucks up the product like no other. It's extremely great for winter, dry skin.

Would repurchase: Yes!!!

Bath & Body Works Body Lotion in Pink Sugarplum: This is my favorite holiday lotion from Bath & Body Works. It smells so good and I get a lot of compliments. People are always asking what I am wearing. I wish it was available all year round. Not only that, it's not the most hydrating product for my dry winter skin but it's great for my hands. I used this at work as a hand lotion.

Would repurchase: Yes.

DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo: I received this product in a goody bag. This is good for normal to oily hair individuals. Since I have dry hair from bleaching and hair dyes, this didn't do much for my hair. It felt crispy and dry.

Would repurchase: No!

Rusk Being Sexy Conditioner: My friend recommended this brand while shopping. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it. This is great for normal to oily hair individuals. Like again for my dry hair, this didn't do much. It sucked up a lot of conditioner every single time I washed my hair. This product disappeared after several usage.

Would repurchase: No!

BlenderCleanser: I received this as a sample when I purchased some products. It's easy to use and cleans very well. The only thing I didn't like is the smell. It has a strong, musky scent. The smell was too over bearing for my taste.

Would repurchase: No.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: I bought this curler long time ago at an outlet. If you are like me, you use the curler until it gets bad. I hate to admit this I use my curler until it pulls my lashes. I know it's not good but I wasn't sure how long you're suppose to use curlers for. I recently learned last year at The Makeup Show they recommend you use the curler for 6 months and the extra piece you put in the curler for another 6 months. So a total of a year. Am I the only one who uses it longer than a year? :X After using Shu Uemura curlers, now I understand why people like this brand. It curls and holds the lashes. The only thing I noticed it's a little small for my eyes especially at the ends. I noticed the ends don't curl too well for me.

Would repurchase: Yes.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post is bought with my own money except Bory, Mustaev, Morea, Adovia, Aveda, Body Merry, The Body Shop, DermOrganic, and BlenderCleanser. I am not affiliated with the companies nor getting paid to advertise the products. This post is written with my honest opinion.

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