Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Catrin Natural 100 Mineral SunKill, Korean Product (Memebox #7)

Disclaimer: Press Release

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Have you heard of Memebox? It's a subscription box full of beauty products. It's similar to Glossybox, Birchbox, and so on. The big difference is that Memebox is full of Korean products! I am lucky to announce one of the products in Memebox #7.

Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sunkill. If you're like me and never heard of Catrin, it's a natural mineral brand from Korea.
Here's some information about Catrin Natural 100 Mineral Sunkill.
* 100% natural mineral
* No chemical
* Oil-free
* Physical UV protection, SPF 42
* Hypoallergenic

What's the difference between Ultraviolet ray A and B:
* Ultraviolet ray A (internal skin): Cause of increasing melanin pigment and atypical pigment mole of Melasma, freckle. If your skin is exposed for 1 hour, it causes dull, dark skin and aging skin and wrinkle.
* Ultraviolet ray B (outer layer skin): Cause of red skin because it makes skin sensitive and extend blood vessel. If your skin is exposed for 30 minutes, the result will be same as Ultraviolet ray A which is 1 hour exposure.

Why choose Mineral Sunkill?
* It protect both UV A and B.
* Physical UV protection (reflects the rays and forms a layer to protect the skin) not chemical (absorbs the ray and releases onto the skin).
* Pure sunscreen that all ages can use with minimal irritation.
Here's a closer look at the puff. You dip it into the mineral product and apply it onto your skin.

Disclaimer: Press Release


Sachi said...

o0o will you be reviewing this? I am kinda obsessive about sunscreen and I need a powder I can apply during the day.

Ahleessa said...

To answer your question, I don't know... lol~ They are going to choose 3 people who wrote about this product to receive the full-sized product. I hope I am one of them but the chance is slim. At first, I did not know what to expect. After researching and learning about this product, I want to try it badly!... hehe~

ALINA said...

hello , where is it from ?
is it a korea product?

Ahleessa said...

Yes, it's a Korean brand. You can actually find it on Amazon. I hope that helps. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. :)

penny said...

I can't find it in amazon...how did you find it?

Ahleessa said...

I tried searching on Amazon and the only products I found from this brand is Blooming Mineral and Magic Covering. When I wrote this post, I found the product. Sorry I wasn't much of a helpe!

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