Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain in A Stiff Pink

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you get everything you wish for. :)

While looking around CVS, I saw the display for the new Wet n Wild Balm Stains. Unfortunately, I was late. It only had one stain which I took as a sign to buy.
Product Review: Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Color in #127 A Stiff Pink

Where to purchase: drugstores, mass merchandisers, and online at
Price: $2.99 for 0.10 oz/ 3 g

Made in China

Description from the website: Now you can amp up your lips with one stick for a kissable pout in no time. To keep you pucker-perfect, these all NEW lip balm stains glide on smoothly while conditioning the lips. Enriched with Acai Palm Oil, this amazing formula forms a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering. Complete with six great shades and continuous moisture, the formula leaves the lips with a unique minty, cooling sensation. No matter how long the kiss, this balm will last and last.
Thoughts: When I saw the display, I knew I had to get one but I wish I had the opportunity to choose. Thankfully when I got home and did some research, I ended up with the one I wanted. It was a sign that I'm suppose to have this! Okay, I'm in denial. What a beauty blogger would say to convince herself. :X
Here's a closer look at the color. It's very true!
Now for a swatch and let me tell you the stain lasted all day long on my hand!

How the lip stain looks on me...
It's a gorgeous, medium to bright toned pink. When you first apply it, it's on the medium-side. It gets brighter as time goes on just like a lot of stains.
Here's an overall look with the lip stain.
I found the stain a little too bright for my taste. I blotted the color to look more natural. I like it this way on me. :)

Now for my overall opinion... First of all, I actually like the packaging. Most Wet n Wild lip products are not appealing to my taste. They just don't look sturdy enough, as well as, the quality isn't comparable to other drugstore brands. This Balm Stain proved Wet n Wild lip products are comparable. It's sturdy, well-made, and the color is appealing to the eyes. I also like that the Balm Stain is retractable. Secondly, this has no scent whatsoever. Third, it's mentioned on the website the stain has minty, cooling sensation. I've wore this couple of times and have never noticed any. It feels like a typical lip balm. I was shocked when I read that section on the website. If they had a sensation, I would be the first to notice. I have really sensitive lips. If I have an allergic reaction, the first place it shows is on my lips. Next, the consistency of the Balm Stain is soft. It feels like you're applying a lip balm not a stain. Even when I swatch it on my hand, I noticed how soft the Balm Stain is. It left a dent at the tip of the stain. I also noticed when applying it on my lips, it goes on smoothly. Finally, the lasting power is amazing. It lasts all day long even blotting it on your lips. It's hard to remove.

* Sturdy, well-made packaging.
* Retractable.
* No scent.
* No minty, cooling sensation.
* Consistency is soft.
* Applies like lip balm; goes on smoothly.
* Stain does not come off easily.
* Lasts all day long.

* Not travel-friendly; I can see it melt if let in the sun.
* Hard to remove from the lips.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is bought with my own money. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.


LauraLeia said...

It's quite bright but very sweet! I also like to dab with tissue if a lip colour is too bright. XD
Merry Christmas, Ahleessa! :)

Lena L said...

Oooh, gorgeous! I like how juicy it looks on the swatch. And yes, lippies tend to last longer on our hands or arms than on our lips. LOL

xlicious said...

love your lip stain. i have a similar type product coming in the mail. can't wait to test it out since i've never used anything like it before. happy holidays!

xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)

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Popblush said...

Omg, I love bright pink lip shades on you!!

The Beautiful Essence said...

I love the colour of the lip stick, so bright!

Ahleessa said...

Merry Christmas or should I say belated. How about Happy New Year! That sounds better. :) Thank you! The color is really pretty if people like bright lip colors.

Ahleessa said...

When I swatched this color, I imagined you wearing it. I think it's so your color. :)

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! I'm not used to bright colors on me... hehe~

I was thinking about you recently. I miss your random messages on Twitter.

Ahleessa said...

Thank you! It is pretty. :)

Sachi said...

How fun and bright! I can't wait to get my hands on these

Popblush said...

Naww, miss chatting with you on Twitter too! xx

Ahleessa said...

Thanks for the random messages on Twitter... hehe~ :)

Ahleessa said...

I think you will love them! :)

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

I think it looks so pretty! They are so fun!!! i just bought this color and the red one! :)

Ahleessa said...

You have such nice skin! I think both red and this color will look hot on you! I can't seem to pull this one off but when I make it a stain, I love it.

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