Monday, December 23, 2013

Manicure Monday: Maybelline Color Show Brocades in Embellished Blues

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.

This is my second Maybelline nail polish. The first one is Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots in Drops of Jade. You can check out my review and swatch.

Product Review: Maybelline Color Show Brocades in #755 Embellished Blues

Where to purchase: drugstores, mass merchandiser, and online at
Price: $4.99 for 0.23 fl oz/ 7 mL

Made in USA

Description from the website: Our multi-faceted formula weaves metallic glitters into a golden, holographic base, to give you a rich look and texture

Why You'll Love It
Chip-resistant nail polish formula for bolder color that just won't quit.

Easy-flow brush.
Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene free.

For Best Results
First apply a clear base coat to prevent your nails from yellowing and to help your nail color last longer. With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish up the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip. For the cleanest look, be sure to leave a small space at the base of the nail. Then apply color to the rest of the nail.
Thoughts: I first heard the Brocades Collection through Instagram. If you want to follow my Instagram, I would be flattered. I'm thinking of putting my hauls there instead of my blog. Should I post my hauls here as well or just my Instagram? Anyways, I heard on Instagram it's a limited edition. For that reason, I was intrigued. When I saw the Brocades Collection at my drugstore, I knew I had to get one. I got Embellished Blues.
Here's a closer look at the nail polish. It's very true to color!
Here's a closer look at the brush. I usually compare the brushes to OPI which I consider as medium-width. Maybelline is on the thinner-side.
I applied 2 coats of Maybelline in Embellished Blues and topped it off with Seche Vite Top Coat.

Now for my overall opinion... Before I talk about this particular nail polish, let me tell you a little about the first one I bought from Maybelline (Polka Dots in Drops of Jade). With Drops of Jade, I wasn't 100% positive I was in love with it. Then again, I didn't hate it. I was pretty neutral with mixed feelings. For that reason, I wanted to give Maybelline another try. I tend to give brands a try. If they fail me once, I tend to never go back when it comes to nail polishes. Now I will talk about Embellished Blues. First of all, it's a gorgeous color and I love how up-to-date Maybelline is. Secondly after painting my nails, I wasn't too sure if this is just a glitter polish or a textured. They mentioned textured on the website, but they weren't that clear to me at least. I wasn't too sure if they meant textured polishes that is the trend or the polish texture if that makes sense. :/ They also did not mention if we should top it off with top coat or not. I wish they were kind of clearer on the website. So after painting my nails and topping it off with top coat, it was not smooth. If this is a textured polish, then it makes sense. If it isn't, I'm not too sure why it's not smooth. Finally, the lasting power did not even last a day. I painted my nails at night and by the next day, mid-day, it started cracking like crazy. It wasn't even chipping. I saw big chunks of nail polish come off. To me the worst part was while chopping food, I saw polished crack onto the food. Honestly, that just grossed me out! I'm not too sure if it's because I wore a top coat or not, but I'm not willing to try without a top coat. Unfortunately, it just left a bad taste. I really wanted to love Maybelline polishes and I'm not too sure if it's just me, they don't seem to last that long.

* Maybelline; up-to-date with the the trend.
* Comes in a variety of colors.
* Medium consistency.
* Thin brush making it easy to apply the glitters.
* Glitters are spread out and easy to grab.
* Gorgeous color!

* Not too sure if it needs a top coat or not.
* Lasting power isn't even a day.
* Big chunks of polish comes off.
* Hard to remove the glitters.

Would repurchase: No!!!
Rating:  2/5 Tobey's Paws

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Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is bought with my money. I am not affiliated with the company nor getting paid to advertise the product. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Lena L said...

Aww, sorry to hear this one is a disappointment. I don't really consider Maybelline as a strong brand for polishes so I haven't bought anything for some time now.
For what it's worth, the color is very pretty. I still don't know what to think about these glittery crusty(?) textured polishes although they seem to be very happening everywhere..

Ahleessa said...

I actually like the textured nail polishes. I'm always looking for a new one but unfortunately, this isn't it. How come you don't like Maybelline nail polishes (it might convince me for the future)?

Sachi said...

awwww, its such an amazing color! too bad it was a dud

Ahleessa said...

I know I love the color too! I wish it was better quality.

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