Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Palette in Sparkle 'Til Morning

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Happy belated Halloween! I hope you had a great one with candies. :)

Wet N Wild recently came out with three LE (limited edition) ColorIcon Palettes for the Holiday 2012 Collection "Where's the Party?"
I picked up two out of the three. I got #33917 Sparkle 'Til Morning and #33918 Drinking A Glass Of Shine. I did not pick up the third one #33919 Shimmer The Night Away. For this post, I'm going to review Sparkle 'Til Morning.
Product Review: Wet N Wild ColorIcon Palette in Sparkle 'Til Morning

Where to purchase: drugstores and online
Price: $4.99 for 0.3 oz/ 8.5 g

Made in USA

Description from the back: A stunning collection of 8 silky, ultra-pigmented day-to-night colors. Mix-and-match for a variety of looks from sweet to wild!
* All-day, crease-resistant color
Thoughts: Out of the three palettes, I was most excited about this palette. I knew I would get the most out of this palette since most of the colors are what I wear in daily basis. The packaging fits well with all Wet N Wild 8-Shadows Palettes. I like how they're all the same size, dimension, as well as, same design. It's easier to store together compared to some palettes being bigger than others. One thing I like about their packaging is that it comes with a clear lid. It helps to distinguish the different palettes and know which color decision to choose.
The palette comes with one sponge/brush applicator. I'm not fan of the brush applicator. The hairs spreads out and it's not compacted.
Here's a swatch of the left column.
Now for the right column.

I honestly think the shadows are true to their swatches. They have different textures from glittery (eyelid on the right column) to semi-matte (crease on the right column). I like how the palette does not consist only of shimmery shadows or glittery.

Now for my opinion on this palette... If you're looking for original/unique colors, this palette isn't it. Most of the colors I have seen, as well as, you can find dupes of them in other Wet N Wild Palettes (Trios and/or ColorIcons). With that said, I still like this palette. I'm a palette-type of girl. I rather have colors that I can mix from one place rather than choosing one color here and there. Maybe that's why I hardly buy single eyeshadows, and the ones I do have I hardly reach for them. :X

Compared to the other ColorIcons palettes, the shadows seem a little bit more compacted. I see less loose powder after usage. The definer on the right column has the most loose powder after usage. With that said, I still don't think this palette is travel friendly. I can see the shadows breaking with travel and if you drop the palette.

Here's two looks I did with this palette.
Look #1:
I used most of the colors from the left column.

Look #2:
I only used the right column for this look.

I used a primer, UDPP, with the shadows and they lasted all day long. There's no creasing and the eyeshadows did not fade.

* Wet N Wild; brand that's cheap with good quality.
* Same dimension.
* Clear lid.
* Multi-texture shadows.
* Pigmented.
* Lasts all day.

* Brush applicator hair spreads out.
* Not travel friendly.
* Not unique/original colors.

Would repurchase: Yes.
Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Last week, I've been obsessed with making this knitted scarf.
So obsessed it only took me three days. I guess three nights of 2-3 hours each. Here's my final result. I actually love it a lot! :) It was a lot of fun and easy. I want to make another one. :X


Jennifer Huang said...

love the first look :D very light and smokey~ I want these palettes now T.T damn. love the scarf too!! Reminds me of the pretty designs you see on doilies XD

L e n a said...

wet 'n' wild is the strongest among the more affordable drugstore brands for sure. the palette looks like an awesome deal. many wearable shades!
i really like the look you created. simple but it could work for holiday if paired with bold lips, i think. ;)

(how talented are you? i can't knit anything!! the scarf is so gorgeous.)

Ahleessa said...

If you like neutral/warm palettes, then this one is for you. :) I think it'll look great with your gorgeous eye shape.

Thank you for the compliment on the scarf!

Ahleessa said...

What do you mean the strongest? :/ This is a good palette. It definitely have wearable shades... hehe~

I can knit, but this scarf is extremely easy to make. You don't need knitting skills... hehe~

L e n a said...

ah i meant..wet 'n' wild is definitely on the more affordable side even for a drugstore jordana, NYX, etc. and i think they are quite strong with solid products like this palette. ;)

Ahleessa said...

Ahhh~ I understand now. I like Wet N Wild products, but I feel like they're either a hit or a miss. Never in-between, but that's my opinion... hehe~

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