Thursday, September 16, 2010

Napoleon Perdis Event

Several weeks ago, my local Ulta had an event dedicated to Napoleon Perdis. They had a group of makeup artists doing makeup on people, food and drink, KIIS FM came to DJ, and the special guest Napoleon Perdis himself was there. It was actually pretty fun and the food was delicious! Now you know where my mind was at, food... lol~ :X I debated if I wanted to have a makeup done by one of the artists and at the end, I gave in.

To have a makeover, you needed to buy at least two Napoleon Perdis products. If you buy $40 worth of Napoleon Perdis, you get a lipgloss and nail polish set. If you buy $100 worth of Napoleon Perdis, you get the lipgloss and nail polish set AND a brush set.

All I could say is I was pretty disappointed with the makeover... lol~ The makeup artist I had kept telling me she sees fresh face look. She went crazy with yellow, purple, blue, and pink. She didn't even want to line my eyes which I persist for her to do so. She finally gave in. :/ Towards the end of the makeover, Napoleon Perdis came over and fixed the makeup. To be honest, it looked better after he fixed it!... lol~ He was a really sweet guy but hot dang his tan was dark!... lol~ :X I loved his accent and he did what I always see in the movies; give air kisses on the cheeks. He did that to me and I was flattered, because I never got air kisses before... lol~ :P I even got to take a picture with him... woo hoo~

Now for the lipgloss and nail polish set after you buy $40 worth of Napoleon Perdis products.
You had a choice between purple (Milan) and red. I choose red at first, and then Napoleon Perdis's assistant (she had such a cute accent) told me I would look better with purple and that purple is the in thing this fall. For that reason, I changed it to purple... lol~
In all honesty, the Milan is gorgeous! My fear is how am I going to pull this off... lol~
The lipgloss comes with a brush not a sponge.
When I swatched the lipgloss, it wasn't what I expected in a good way... hehe~ I thought the lipgloss would be dark purple, but it wasn't... woo hoo~ It was a gorgeous light purple with glitters. I actually like it a lot!!! :)
The nail polish, on the other hand, was dark purple. It's a gorgeous color as well! :)
Here's the ingredients for both nail polish (top one) and lipgloss (bottom one).

If you buy $100 worth of Napoleon Perdis products, you get the lipgloss and nail polish set AND a brush set.
The brush set comes in a cute, gold brush case.
Here's how the brush case looks when it's open. I wasn't able to take a picture and hold the brush case at the same time. I'm not the most talented person in the world!... lol~ :P
The brush set came with 6 mini-brushes. I was pretty impressed how soft they are, as well as, they didn't bleed and shed through washing! They're actually pretty decent brushes... hehe~

Edit: I debated for a long time about this and decided to upload the picture I took with Napoleon Perdis. I cut myself out to be anonymous, as well as, I look awful... lol~ :P

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are gifts with purchases. I am not affiliated with the company, Napoleon Perdis, nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


Jannie said...

whoa! OMG! i'm jealous. haha... you got to meet napoleon perdis. lucky girl. :D i've watched him do makeovers before on australia's next top model. he does seem like a really nice and sweet guy. plus, he does fabulous makeup. that's so cool he retouched your makeover and you got a picture with him. :D wow. looks like you had a great time at the event. and yes, a makeup event is always fabulous with food present. hehe... :D

great choice of lipgloss and nail polish. i know you can rock the lipgloss, girl. :D that shade of purple will look pretty on you. :D

the brush set looks nice too. they look very elegant. i love the fancy looking case too.

it was awesome seeing your post on the event. take care. :D

wuguimei said...

Aww, air kisses! How cute, hahaha. You're so lucky to have met Napoleon Perdis! :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hot dang that brush set is nice! I love the part where you described him. So cute and funny. *^_^* Good thing he fixed your makeup!

Gaby said...

Great buys! I have received a Napoleon Perdis lipgloss from Meg's Makeup but haven' tried it yet.

I would have love to see the makeover! That sucks that you were disappointed with it though )=

libbeh ♥ said...

Ohhh, lucky! You had your makeup done by NP himself!

Jannie said...

ah! ripe peach! hehe... i wanted to get that when that spring forecast collection came out. i was crazy not to get it. i got the vintage grape one instead, which i love too. i should've gotten ripe peach as well though.

it's a good thing you guys turn your air conditioner on. ours is off pretty much most of the time. maybe because the house is empty for most of the day. it does get a bit cooler at night, so i just leave both my windows open. at work, our AC is quite weak. even though it's on, a lot of us still feel sweaty and gross. LOL.

that's so cool napoleon perdis actually came up to you to touch up your makeup. i thought the air kiss was cool too. :D kinda like something from the red carpet. hehe... :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

I've never got any air kisses too :D
Love the brush set! It's really pretty~

Becky said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm now a follower of yours (^_^)

Pop Champagne said...

oh very nice. the brushes don't bleed of shed huh, that's cool, I hate it when they shed while you're putting on eyeshadows hehe. have a great weekend!

Ginny said...

hi sweetie, love your blog. please check out the link below, thanks!!

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