Monday, September 27, 2010

Folica Haul, Buxon Mascara, and Los Angeles Korean Festival

End of August, I received my Folica haul. I wanted to post this haul as soon as I received it to make sure I receive it before mentioning about the glitch on their website. The day I received it, they fixed the glitch *sigh*. :/ Sorry, my bad! Anyways, to my haul.
I bought three Batiste Dry Shampoo (I will review these later), it was a package deal, and received a free, mini Solia 1/2" flat iron. That's where the glitch was. You're suppose to buy $50 worth of products to get the mini flat iron, but it worked out with $11 worth of products. :/

I was really excited to receive the mini, flat iron! I've always wanted one to take for traveling or on days when I only want to do my bangs... hehe~
In the box, it came with the mini flat iron, one hand glove, and an instruction. I've used it couple of times and think it's about time I review it... hehe~
Product Review: Solia 1/2" Mini Styling Iron

Where can you purchase this: anywhere they sell Solia brand, but I got it from Folica
Price: free, it's worth $40

Made in PRC

Information on top: Only 6" inches long. The Solia mini styling iron utilizes a unique concave/convex plate technology that offers you styling versatility from a sleek straight look to flips and curls for the ultimate frizz-free style.
My thoughts: Even though I knew it was suppose to be "MINI," I didn't expect it to be that small... lol~ :X It's the size of a hand or at least my hand... lol~ :P It's really cute to be honest, because of the size. Other than the size, the next thing I looked for was the on/off button and temperature adjustment. This doesn't have temperature adjustment. It heats up to the maximum of 400 degree Fahrenheit/200 degree Celsius. The last thing I tend to look for is the end of where the cord is. I hate any styling tools that can get tangle from styling your hair. Thankfully, this has a turn around cord where it shouldn't get tangles... hehe~
When I opened the box, what really excited me was the hand glove! All the flat irons I have/had didn't come with a hand glove. I had to deal with the heat very cautiously... hehe~ Now that I have a hand glove, I can use this with my other styling tools... yippie~ :)

I finally gave it a try and thought it was decent!

Here's how my bangs/top layer of my hair looked. I have super straight hair, but I have a tendency to tie my hair from the heat... hehe~ :P

Look hot straight it is now!... wheee~

* Solia; a great name brand.
* Mini size to take for traveling, and good for short hair and bangs.
* Comes with a hand glove.
* It straightens pretty decently.

* Only comes with one temperature; 400 degree Fahrenheit/200 degree Celsius.
* Doesn't come with a bag to put your flat iron in.

Would I buy this again: Yes.
Rating:  4/5 Tobey's Paws

This past week I visited Sephora inside JCPenny. They are giving out free, good size Buxon Mascara in Blackest Black.
I will review this later... hehe~ You need a coupon to get this freebie. ;)

I'm going to end this post with the Los Angeles Korean Festival coming this weekend. It starts Thursday, September 30th with Kim Yuna (Olympic, female ice skating champion) opening. The concert ends with Wonder Girls closing on Saturday, October 2nd. My favorite is the fair with yummy, delicious food and Korea products for cheap (both Saturday and Sunday)... hehe~ You can get more information on their website and Facebook. I hope for the people who are around LA, you can join. It's a fun event!... hehe~ :)

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are bought with my own money except for the Solia Mini flat iron, gift with purchase, and Buxom Mascara, freebie from Sephora inside JCPenny. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.


roxybeautyblog said...

I've heard great things about the buxom lash mascara. Very nice that they're giving samples out for free!


adin_22 (陳亞任) said...

Thanks for the review.....oh my I wish I live in LA...have fun this weekend..

Fruity Lashes said...

the mini iron is so cute. yay for free too. the glove is great so you don't burn yourself. i don't bother with those freebies anymore. everything runs out fast before i run to the store.

Karen said...

Hey girl! The flat iron is so "petite" and cute.. awesome that it came with a glove. I could use one of those haha. Wish I could go to the Korean festival.. no time to travel from Nor-cal to So-cal this week though :( hope you have fun there!! Maybe share some pics with us? :)

Jannie said...

that's a cute flat iron. it's so tiny and portable. :) it sure does come in handy to have a glove with it too. that gives me an idea. i need one when i use my iron. i can be klutzy sometimes and tend to accidentally touch the iron. well, luckily those incidents get rarer and rarer the more i use it. lol.

ooh, cute pics with you and your hair. honestly, i like BOTH the before and after pictures. your hair looks so healthy and shiny. wish i could get mine to shine like yours. :)

the pics of the dry shampoo reminds me to get a bottle. actually yesterday, one of my friends at work was talking about using one before work and i thought that i should buy one. then i forgot as i was done with work. now i need to remind myself again. probably sometime this or next week. haha...

the hazel palette colors from physicians formula will look gorgeous on you. i'd love to see you do a look with that. i love how those palettes are so easy to use. they're fun to play with too. :D

screw ball :) said...

I wish I could go the the korean fest!
They should have a korean fest in houston tx! :D I bet there would be lot of people who would go!

Ginny said...

great review. i dont use a flat iron tho, my hair is too straight already. i want it wavy tho. lol.

but i have the same dry shampoos. i love them!!! i haven't tried the tropical one yet but these are a life saver.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Girl, your hair is so shiny! Have you done a hair post yet? I'd love to know what products you use. :) And you rock for sharing that coupon with us! The festival looks like it will be fun! Kim Yuna and the Wonder Girls being there is super cool. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

(Haha, yeah ;)

Jannie said...

thanks for revealing your best kept secret about how your gorgeous hair stays shiny. :) i need to try that. heat protection and dry shampoo. yeah, my work buddy says that it's really great. :) i heard about baby powder being used as dry shampoo too. yup, it does seem messy. i can imagine i'd probably end up looking like george washington because i know klutzy me will end up pouring too much over my head. lol. i remember trying to put baby powder on my son's head because he did not want to take a bath one day. lol. luckily he has short hair, so it worked for him. lol.

ahh... i know for sure you still have that magical touch with makeup. based on your recent look, you still have it. it's gorgeous. i know for sure you can rock something pretty with that palette. :D

screw ball :) said...

The Korean community in Houston is actually quite large. thats why I was so surprised to find out that the Korean fest was taking place in Los Angeles.

Karen said...

haha compared to my bf.. I'm nowhere near a car fanatic as he! but it's okay :) I don't drive down to So-cal much at alll.. unfortunately it's so tiring. I would much rather fly hehe. Are you from So-cal?

Dina (XYYan) said...

I always want a mini flatiron. it's great that it comes with hand gloves!

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