Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Belated Chuseok (Thanksgiving) and Tobey's Update

Happy belated Chuseok everyone!

I hope everyone had a good Chuseok and you guys ate dduk (rice cake). :) It's Korean tradition to eat dduk on this day, as well as, New Years. I hope people are thankful for the things you have... hehe~ I know I am on this day! :)

The reason why I am thankful is because Tobey is okay!!! :) My day I spent it in the emergency room, as well as, taking care of Tobey. So for the people who don't know what happened I took Tobey to the dog park. I do this every morning or almost every morning since I started in March of this year. I walk him around the dog park so he, as well as, I will get some exercise. Typical Saturday I woke up early in the morning to take him to the dog park. We walked around until I got tired than I sat down at a bench. Some dog I have never seen sneaked from the back and took a big bite out of Tobey. All I saw was a chunk of hair gone and his skin. A minute later it started bleeding like crazy. I took him to the emergency room. They told me the bite was pretty deep so they had to sedate him, shave around the area, clean the wound, and stitch him up. Poor baby!!! :'(

I took pictures of Tobey and his stitch that night. Since he's able to lick/take out the stitches, they have him wearing a cone around his head.
It's gigantic!... lol~ He's not able to walk through the door, jump on the bed, and so on. Doesn't he look cute though!?!?

WARNING: The Next Picture Is Graphic!!!

That's how the stitch looks like. There's one staple I noticed and everything else was stitched up with a thread; I would say about 10 stitches.

I just have to put this picture up, because he just looks so cute!!! :)

This past weekend was really stressful for me. Tobey was the strong one... lol~ I was the emotional wreck. :X I couldn't stop crying because I felt guilty. I blamed myself what if I did this or that. If only, then he wouldn't have been bitten. I know it's no one's fault but that dog, but it really broke my heart seeing Tobey hurt!!! :'(

I just want to thank the people who listened and comforted me during this hard time. Thank you for the people in Twitter (vansmakeupride, MrsZeus, & miraclekoh) and especially two people who really comforted me through direct messages (rasilla and spankedelic). My real life friend through Facebook (Kathryn) and MSN last night (you know who you are... hehe~). I really appreciate it!

Thank you!!! :)


Dao said...

Oh, poor baby! It's not your fault but the other dog and his owner. I hope Tobey will heal up soon. He's so cute!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Awwwww poor Tobey, 10 stitches?!?!
I hope he's feeling a lot better and you too.

Vanessa M. said...

awe poor toby :( he does look cute just laying there tho hehe
I remember last year sometime, my BFs dog Sam got run over by a truck :( it was so sad! the jerk just took off and we had to take him to the ER too and sam was so quiet, but shakin gon the way :( he had to wear a big cone too (hehe) and a doggie cast... they had said they might have to amputate it but thank goodness they didnt.. that one leg he got ran over is his weak leg. he cant lay or sit on it too long and from time to time he limps :( BUT as long as their still here with us we will continue to take care of these little giant puppies hehe <3

Jamilla Camel said...

Poor Tobey! My cat used to get into scraps with a neighbourhood cat, and he's been hospitalized more than once with abscesses where the other cat bit him on the face!

Happy T., and hope Tobey recovers soon!

ⓚ☪ said...

Ouch, poor tobey! I hope he has a full recovery. Never in my mind would I have thought something this bad would happen to him. Make sure to buy him some extra goody treats to cheer him up during his recovery period.

kawaiikao said...

omgosh that dog just came out of no where!?!? that's so mean! and tobey looks so friendly :[ well im glad hes okay!!

Jnie said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry for what happened. You must have been devastated. I'm assuming the other dog was off leash? Did you get them to pay for the vet bill?

I hope your baby makes a speedy recovery so we can see more pictures. Although, He does look very cute with the cone.

Vanilla said...

awww hunney !that must have been really hard time for u!:(
thats why i dont wanna have any dog,its like having a new family member and it hurts u really bad if something happen to ur dog,but maybe the benefits outweigh the risks.hehe
its great to know he is now okay.:)

ndoodles said...

AWE!! POOR TOBEY! Yay for him being okay and yay for that ginormous cone :D

Kalmo said...

Oh no, I'm so so sorry to hear that happened to poor Tobey! I would be very upset as well but thank goodness he is alright and healing. I wish him a speedy recovery! It's so sad, sorry for both of you. :( I hope you both feel better soon.

BeautyRx said...

OMG, I'm so sorry but I'm happy to see that Tobey is ok. :) I can't believe that dog! Did you tell the owner?

Beauty Snap said...

Oh poor Tobey!! How can some nasty dog go and bite him like that... T_T
I hope you had a nice chuseok holiday~ A town nearby had a Chuseok festival because my area has a highly concentrated Korean population.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

im so sorry to hear tobey being sick
i can't imagine my dog being sick too
at least he is well now..which is good.
he is very lucky to have you because you are really taking good care of him,hun
im pretty sure he'll get well asap with lots of care & love from you

rasilla said...

first off...
last pic of tobey IS cute XD

and second, What would be the point in building a bridge between two bloggers, if we can't support one another in times of need XD
So I'm glad that I could have helped in any little way during this time.

ps for the entire time I thought you said that the dog bit off a chunk of tobeys NOSE! lol I was shocked when I saw the tail in the picture...
"I don't get it...Where is his head? I'm sure I'm looking at Tobey's butt...but I thought she said that it was his nose..."
^yup...exact thought that was going through my mind! haha...I blame the cold meds :P

Blovet Beauty said...

I used to have a dog too and it got hit by a car once.. it was really traumatic. So I really wish ur dog a speedy recovery and don't be too hard on urself.. things happen and u love ur dog!! take care!

FriendzCentury said...

Sorry to hear about poor Tobey, I do hope he gets well soon.

Jian said...

Aww! Don't blame yourself! It's not your fault some crazy dog came up and bit your lovely Tobey! At least you got him sorted, I think he should be fine =)

gio said...

Aww poor Tobey! Hope he recovers soon!

Kalmo said...


I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better, hopefully Tobey is adjusting fine too.

Aww thank you for your sweet comments about my video. :) I've always been self-conscious about my lips because people have said they're too big haha.

Keep in touch! :D

Blair said...

Hey Aly, how are you and Tobey doing?

I was waiting for a further update after that short e-mail that you sent me. But I didn't want to e-mail you and further bother you.

I'm glad that Tobey is out from the ER! I'm sure he'll be fine in no time :)

rasilla said...

I'm crazy.
No WHERE did you mention it was the nose...actually you just said bit..nothing about where either...and here i assume its the nose.
gg me...gg...lol

ⓚ☪ said...

hehe thats nice your spoiling him. I know the brand Beauty Credit actually knew of the brand many years ago and been in their retail store overseas and they have one in LA. Beverly mall~ but ya, BC and BM are totally different brands because BM is a Taiwanese brand- Makeup artist Kevin's brand. I'm pretty much just waiting for something to hit the pan before I decide I must indulge in more goodies.

kawaiikao said...

wait what?! he wasn't a random dog?! did the owner pay for the stitches at least?!?! what a mean dog :[ those definitely should not be allowed at the friendly doggie places :[

izumi said...

awwww! poor puppy :( man, i had a similar experience except we were out walking our dog when a pit bull attacked my dog's throat!! it was soooooo scary, i kept freaking out and it took FOREVR for that shitfuck owner to get his dog off!!! then he said it wasn't his fault!! and i got home and i couldn't stop crying :(

you can't control dogs! or people for that matter :\ sighh. i hope he gets better soon!!

Yumeko said...

hope tobey gets well soon!

Sandiebaby~ said...

tobey is a strong fella. he'll be all good within few days :) xx

it's a shame that i couldn't celebrate chuseok with the bf. he went back to nz before chuseok :( i hate long distance relationships!! lol

nup. i havent got sumptous olive e/s yet... i will buy it sometime. i have some other things in mind ^_^ oyster girl lipglass on top of myth lipstick :D

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