Sunday, September 27, 2009

Olive and Brown Look Tutorial

Howdy!!! :) All I can say is it feels weird to post after several weeks away from the blogging world... hehe~ :X Anyways, Blair requested a tutorial of a look I showed her. I usually don't post tutorials, because it seems like people are not interested in my eye makeup look *sigh*. I know I'm not a makeup guru, but this is how I do my eye look. I hope you guys like it... wheee~ :)

What I used:
[T-B, L-R: MAC Paint Pot in Moss Scape, MAC in Sumptuous Olive, MAC in Mulch, CG in Sugar Rush (farthest right the cream color), Smashbox in Smashing Beacon (farthest right the white color), UDPP, L'oreal Lash Architect in Black Noir, MF Pensilks in Black Velvet]

What tools I used:
(T-B: CS eyeshadow brush, Laneigh eyeshadow brush, Sonia Kashuk large crease brush, Sonia Kashuk eyeliner brush, Essence of Beauty eyeliner brush)

My look:
I prep my eyes with UDPP or else my makeup with crease. I recommend this if your eyelid is oily. If it's not, I don't think you need to do it. You get a small amount on each eye and blend with your finger. DON'T forget to put some on the bottom of your eyes and the inner corner.
With my finger, I apply MAC Paint Pot in Moss Scape to my lids. I make sure it's the brightest towards the lashes and the lightest on the crease. You don't need to color your crease but I noticed when I apply UDPP, it's harder to blend or maybe it's just my lack of experience... lol~ :P For that reason I have some base on my crease making it easier to blend. :)
Using an eyeshadow brush (I used Laneigh), I pat on MAC eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive on my lid. You don't have to use a brush you can still use a sponge applicator. Just make sure you pat it instead of brushing it side to side. The reason why you pat the eyeshadow is to make the color bolder.
With your crease brush, dip it into MAC eyeshadow in Mulch.
I always start from the outer corner in. I find the eye socket on my outer "V" area.
It should look like that on the outer corner. ;)
Then I blend from the outer corner to inner crease. I usually stop 2/3rds in. If you need to grab more Mulch and blend more color, feel free to do so. ;)
Then I grab more Mulch and color from the outer corner to 1/3rd in the lid. I like the look of transition from olive color to brown. I'm not too keen about having green lid and brown crease. Coloring the brown over the green gives you a transition color or maybe it's just me... hehe~ ;)
It'll look like this. :)
Then I color my eyebrow which isn't shown and with a thicker eyeshadow brush (Coastal Scents), I highlight using CG Sugar Rush. I make sure it's the brightest right underneat the eyebrows. ;)
With the Max Factor eyeliner pencil, I line the top lid. By the way, I'm not too keen on the Max Factor eyeliner pencil but it got a good rating on Makeup Alley (85%)... lol~ :X I used to use the L'oreal HIP cream eyeliner in Black, but it dried out. It got to the point where weting my brush didn't work anymore *sigh*. I wouldn't buy that again... lol~ :X
Then I line the bottom with MAC eyeshadow in Mulch and Smashbox cream eyeliner in Smashing Beacon (the white side). I also use the Smashbox cream eyeliner in the inner corner of my eyes. I usually don't line my waterline since nothing seems to work on me. :/
Then I curl my eyelashes and put mascara on. Here's my final look *wipe sweat*... wheee~ :)

What do you think?

I'm going to end this post with an apple I made. I made this for a lady I know.
You can get the pattern at Lion Brand Yarn (click here).


Blovet Beauty said...

i think ur crease shading is very lovely btw:-) oh, ur apple is so cute! wat's inside? i really like the apple @@

Blair said...

Thanks for the super clear tutorial!!! I'm going to save it hehee~

Your apple is adorable! How big is it? Around the size of a real apple, or bigger?

Jamilla Camel said...

I LOVE your eyeliner!

The apple is so cute!

ndoodles said...

Hello! Your result looks really great! Good blending!

I feel sometimes when I use my rubenesque paint pot the color is not disposed very well. Maybe it's my lack of experience though ;p

Kalmo said...

Welcome back! ^^

I'm always interested in anything you post, especially the cooking stuff, since I'm such a fan of your blog. Good job hitting pan on your eyeshadows too. Great tutorial, all your pictures and instructions are so clear. The apple is super cute. ^^

Dao said...

That is one lovely and simple look! Don't beat yourself down too much, you can do some nice looks, too!

izumi said...

i think this tut is great :D and would love to see more!

Stacieee said...

Very nice look girl! and the apple is so adorable!!

Jo said...

nice to see you back girl! how's your 'no-buy' deal going? i'm thinking of doing it... but it would be toooo hard! haha

FriendzCentury said...

Nice EOTD and thanks for the tutorial. That apple is super cute!!

gio said...

I love this look, it'simple but vey pretty.

The apple is so cute!

Jian said...

OMG. I never thought of using green and brown like that. Looks so pretty~~! Thanks for the tut. I will definitely try this!

Also really loving the apple!

ⓚ☪ said...

first time seeing your tutorial post on your eotd. Nice~ and cute apple!

Vanessa M. said...

omg! i posted one like this today! lol but yours is way better!

Babybubblz said...

Wow, I love that green to brown. Beautiful blending =)

Mrs.Zeus said...

Awesome tutorial!
I love how you laid out everything and even the brushes you used!

rasilla said...

wah~~~ great tutorial~
clean and clear XD
So recently I saw an apply cosey...
and here I see you with a crochet apple :P
Anyway love seeing these creations of yours~ so fun.

Kalmo said...


Sorry for my late response but I would be soooooo sad if you stopped blogging. :( I really like your blog and the personality that shines through! I remember reading it for so long back when you had a white layout and used paw prints as a review gauge. :) I recall your nail art tutorials and really enjoying all your posts, still am!

I think you can blog about non-beauty things. I get burned out of talking about makeup/skin care sometimes heh.

Anyways, not sure where I am going other than showing you some love Ahlessa! (hugs)

mayaari said...

very pretty eye makeup - love the olive green :) the little apple you made is so cute!

Blair said...

Yay! I'm glad that you think my photography skills has improved. The weird thing is the lighting and everything was the same as the EOTD that I sent to you in an e-mail haha!

Sandiebaby~ said...

unni .. annyong haseyo.
happy chuseok day for you .. although it's a bit late? -_-;; i love sumptous olive e/s... i love the look too ^^;; i think i will go buy sumptuous olive e/s the next time im at mac ... hahahahaha :P

i will definitely do an entry on my makeup stash. plz dont be suprised ... -_-;; jinjah ... !

AvyGyaru said...

I think the look is good. Your blending is nice and the colours you pick are great together. I think your lashes or liner could meet better. Do you wiggle the mascarra wand at the base of your lashes first? It's a BIG help. If you do it right, you don't even need to line your upper lashes unless you really want it done that way.

As for the waterline problem you mentioned, try Maybelline Define a Line automatic liner. It's really soft and creamy to put on.You barely have to touch it to your skin. It's the only pencil I use now because the others tend to irritate my eye.

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