Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in B-1 and B-3

Couple of weeks ago, October 10th to be exact, I visited my makeup buddy. I haven't seen her for a long time so it was nice seeing her, at the same time, to pick up my Japanese haul. Her brother went to Japan during the summer and I asked her if he can picked me up some. He was nice enough to do that. Thanks bro!!! :)

I got two Visee palettes. They were 1680 yen each which is about $17 American money.
The first Visee palette is in B-1.
I swatched clockwise from top left.
The second Visee palette is in B-3.
The swatched is clockwise from the top left.

I know no one asked for it, but I did a look with both palettes. Here's how they look on me.
I really like how the B-1 came out on me! :)
Here's how the B-3 looks on me. I think I could had done a better job.

This is my opinion and you can disagree, but I always thought colored contact lens or circle lens make the eye makeup look much better. I wanted to see how it looked with my natural color versus a gray colored lens.

Natural colored eyes:
Gray colored contact:
What do you think? Natural or colored contacts look better with the makeup?

My makeup buddy and I spent a day at the CCO, as well as, the outlet. I bought two lipglosses from MAC. By the way, this is part of the exception of the No Buy deal (click here for the post). I didn't break my deal.
I really love my CremeSheen Lipglosses. This is my second one from MAC. I got it in Melt In Your Mouth. The first one is in Petite Indulgence (click here for the post).
The second lipgloss is from the DazzleGlass. I got it in Sugarrimmed. It's a very light, sparkly color that you can put on any lipstick. I have three more which I haven't posted about.

My makeup buddy also gave me a nail polish from L.A. Colors.
It's a unique color and I love it. Thanks makeup buddy!

I'm going to end this post with an update on Tobey (click here for the post about Tobey's accident). Thank you for the people who asked about him!!! :) He is doing much better. In fact, he got his stitches removed today (Monday, October 19th).

WARNING: The Picture Might Be Graphic!!!
This is how his wound looks like. All he needs to do is grow hair back.
Look how happy he looks like without his stitches and the cone around his head!. Isn't he adorable!?!? :)


Vanilla said...

haaa look at tobey's face !awwww
tobey really makes me wanna have a dog !lol
visee?never heard of that brand,oh quite pricey and the color pay off,is it just me or it doesnt really show up?hehehe

Jamilla Camel said...

I just love Visee!! Your circle lenses are nice!

Jamilla Camel said...

And congrats on Tobey's recovery...Tommy had one of his cheeks shaved, and it did take a while for the fur to grow back--but it did!!

izumi said...

ohhh poor tobey! glad he's feeling better though ^__^

love the eotd's! and with the circle lens, it looks awesome!

Dao said...

Ooh, Tobey is getting better. He is so cute! I like how B1 looks on you, you blend your eyeshadows very well.

kawaiikao said...

yay i'm glad he's healing nicely!! great hauls :]

Jnie said...

Awww....Tobey is so cute in that picture =) I love big dogs.

That look is really pretty especially with the contacts. What type of contacts are they?

Blovet Beauty said...

hehehe... glad ur sweetheart is looking all better. he's got eyes no one could resist!
oh sweetie, the Visee palette looks really beautiful on u. I love both loooks though.. what contacts are those?? they are really pretty!!
Also, could u do a swatch for melt in ur mouth and sugar rimmed?

Jo said...

i've never known of another dog biting another dog so good to see tobey is recovering well. poor thing must've been traumatised :(

i think you have such pretty eyes. i wanna see the whole fotd!

Blair said...

They both look a little on the powdery side in your swatches... Are there any fallouts?

I love your EOTDs, please keep them coming!! :)

Jian said...

Im so glad Tobey got his stitches removed! I've never even had stitches. I feel really sorry for him ><

The Visee palettes look really nice and shimmery. =D I got put off by them compared to KATE palettes because I think they were more expensive..?

Kalmo said...

Great haul! Makeup from Asia is so nice! Your EOTDs are super pretty too and I love those gray colored contacts on you. :)

Those lip glosses look very nice as well.

Aww I'm so happy Tobey got his stitches out and is doing better. He looks so sweet and earnest in the picture (kisses!).

Popcorn said...

awww....i just saw this pic of your cute dog and i just had to go back to your previous posts and read about what happened. good thing he recovered!! then what happened to the evil dog that bit him? Tobey is a strong and brave one!!

gio said...

I'm glad Tobey is better, he's adorable!

I like your EOTDS, they are so pretty and the lenses look very nice!

Toothfairy said...

how cute is your toby! I love the looks, esp. the brown-ish one, I'm such a sucker for brown shadows..


Fabuless Beauty said...

I really like how the colored contacts look like on you. You look great! =)

Vanilla said...

yeah thats why im very confused,in order to have super fabolous eotd,most people also do their waterline.im pretty sure its gonna smudge like hell

ndoodles said...

TOBY!!! He is adorable! Posing for the camera. My dog is def. camera shy and would not look at the camera even if I force him.

Anyways, I like those eye contacts. I wish I had lighter eyes - doesn't even have to be blue or green... just lighter brown eyes or even gray - that'll be cool. My parents and I had an intense discussion about my eye color. They keep saying they're black but they are BROWN - just really dark brown! Ha ha anyways - nice haul.

Shen said...

that's great news for tobey. he' looking great. I love Melt in your mouth!! If I was there, i'll buy quite a few pieces of it. :) its great for smokey eyes. and smokey eyes with those palette are pretty, esp with the contact. :) i've missed you! sorry i wasn't commenting so much. :(

Daituf said...

Wowie! What kind of lens is that? It's so dazzling :D
I want...

Anonymous said...

Very pretty circle lenses. I love circle lenses too!


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