Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seaweed Soup (mi-yuk gook)

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday either early or belated!!! It was really sweet... hehe~ :)

Anyways, I made this soup long time ago. I think 2 months ago or so. I'm not too sure... lol~ :X In the Korean culture, you make this soup for health since seaweed is good for you. We eat this soup during birthdays, as well as, for someone who just came out of the hospital either from giving birth or sickness. I need to make this soon for myself. ;)

If you need some guidance with the ingredients, you can check my Korean Cooking 101. ;)

dried seaweed
1 spoonful of sesame oil
chopped garlic
black pepper

Step 1:
Grab a pot and add water, beef, garlic, and ginger. Cook the broth until the beef is done. While it's cooking, the fat will float to the top. Take it out with a spoon. I'm sure you don't want to eat the fat... hehe~ ;)
Once the beef is done, let it cool and then cut it into small pieces.

Step 2:
Get a bowl and add water to the dried seaweed. Let it soak for 30 minutes maximum. If you soak the dried seaweed for too long, it will be very soft. I usually like it crunchy that's why I only soak it for 30 minutes.
Since I like my seaweed a little bit crunchier, I fry it in a pan. I squeeze out the water with my hand and cut it into smaller pieces. Once the water is squeeze out, I fry it in sesame oil and chopped garlic for about 5 minutes.
I take out the garlic and ginger from the broth. Then I add the fried seaweed and chopped beef. Cook for about 30 minutes and seasoned it to your taste. I usually just added salt and black pepper.
Now you can eat with rice and kim-chi! :)

Yesterday, I checked out this small shop owned by a Korean. I really need help... lol~ :P I bought another headband with a ribbon *sigh*!!! :X
The best part is that it only cost $1.99!!! I got such a good deal or at least I think so... hehe~
Then I checked out Forever 21. I've been wanting to get this hair pin for a month now. They finally carry it... wheee~ It's kind of funny because I wanted the blue one, but I ended up getting the cream one. I thought the cream looked better on my hair than the blue. :)

I'm also going to end this post with the last Hello Kitty doll I made or at least for some time (need to make one more for my niece who's birthday is in September).
Here's a picture of all the Hello Kitty dolls I made for my nieces (click here and here to see the first two).
These dolls are for my oldest brother's children (he has 3 daughters only). They're birthdays are in April, May, and this coming June. The only reason why they haven't received their gifts yet is because I haven't seen them yet. They're coming to visit this coming weekend which I'm excited!!!... wheee~ I hope they like it!!! :/

I tried to make different colored dresses because the dresses has buttons on the back. I thought it'll be fun if they switch the outfits or maybe that's the child in me... lol~ :P The only thing I tried to do is adjust to their favorite color with the ribbon by the ear. The two oldest like blue and the youngest like purple. Excuse me I meant lavendar or that's what she says to me... lol~ They're too cute! :)


Jamilla Camel said...

I love Seaweed Soup! Thanks for the recipe!

Your bows and your kitties are SOOO KAWAII!

izumi said...

awwwww! way cute :) i love your dolls! and i love those cream colored bows too~ i wanna see a pic w/ you wearing them! :3

miRaCLe said...

ahhh!! I missed out your previous post! :((
sorry for the late greeting! T.T
but HAPPY Belated Birthday!! :D
Wish ya had a GREAT one! ^^

delicious soup!! always see them in korean drama~~hahas :D
those hair accessories are so lovely!
love it all!
and the three kitty is too cute!! i'm sure your nieces gonna LOVE them alot!! :)))

Askmewhats said...

I just had Korean dish over the weekend, after my class, I thought of you :D

awww..Kitty looks so pretty, that's sweet of you to make that for your nieces :)

ⓚ☪ said...

yum, thank goodness its dinner time! hope u had a nice bday!

Tia said...

I must be late, but happy birthday to you!! Today is my bf's 26th birthday... =)

I love seaweed soup, thanks for the step-to-step recipe! I love it. Have a great week!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that looks yummy!

my students kept on telling me about this soup but i just haven't tried it yet...

you really have a talent for knitting!

BeautyRx said...

yum! is it ok for me to assume you are korean?

aww... the hellokitties u made are so darn cute! :) i'm sure they'll LOVE it! you should take a picture of them with their hello kitty.

Lulu said...

wow you are sooo good with everything! you make yummy soup, you can crochet cute HK! Is there anything you can't do? :) :)

I love that ribbon hairband you got! It's really cute!

Anonymous said...

I really love your recipe posts, you should do more!

kawaiikao said...

yay birthday seaweed soup!! hope you had a great one :]

Blair said...

Yummy soup! Thanks for this recipe!!!

~Mel said...

mmm.. yumm! the HK is soo cute! =)

Ahleessa said...

Anonymous: Thank you for commenting! :) I'll definitely post more recipes as time goes on, but I try to post at least once a week or two.

gio said...

The hello kitty dolls are so cute! I'm sure your nieces will love them.

Nice headband too!

ilovepink said...

ahh i love miyukgook!! hehe i used to make it so often that i got sick of it haha.. i should make some tomorrow hehe.. =)

Blair said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Is it on the 18th or 19th? I received your comment on the 19th, but it should be 18th at your place, so I'm assuming it's on the 18th? I MUST remember to send a birthday surprise to you next year =)

Anonymous said...

making miyukgook soon...
so are we to wish you happy early? im starting to get confused...but happy early/belated birthday! lol that way it covers both...even though indirectly :P
i should learn how to make it on my many shoulds... :T

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

awwww HK dolls! theyre so cute!

mmm @ soup

prettybeautiful said...

i am a fan of seaweed!!!:D
tho i am not a fan of hello kitty, but the kitties u made are really sweeet and cute!

Tish said...

Been looking for a cbox but couldn't find one so I decided to show some luvin' here. I just have to say that I love your blog. Your Korean cooking 101 is amazing and cute. I wish I could cook them. My favorite's jap chae (is that how you spell it?) hehe

TanyaLasagna said...

HEY GIRL! :D You and your bow hair accessories .. Every time I see one in the What Did You Buy Today thread of soompi, I think it's you. LOL!

I have a request!! I wanted to learn how to make dukbokgi; do you think you can make a tutorial on that? There's tons of tuts out there, but yours are really thorough and easy to follow so yeah! =)

verina oei said...

awww that is so cute u make dolls for ur niece.loll
and that is one cute headband.i sell headbands too,us hud buy one too.bahahahhaha


AvyGyaru said...

OMG I can make that soup right now! But we just had dinner :-( Oh well.

Love the bows. They're too cute!I learned how to make a bow from my hair--which is fun, but unless I temp dye my hair every time, the hair-bow bow gets old lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh those are cute. The soup looks good too, it's making me hungry, lol.

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