Sunday, January 18, 2009

GEO Cleansing Tissue

Last year, my sister-in-law gave me a two boxes of GEO Cleansing Tissue. I think this is the right time to do a product review since I am almost done with my second box... hehe~ ;)
It comes in a box with small packages of wipes.
Each package comes with 10 individual wipes.

Product Review: GEO Cleansing Tissue

Where can you purchase this: any Korean beauty stores
no clue since these two boxes were given as gifts

Made in Korea

Description on the back: A tissue-type cleanser formulated with high moisture containing cleansing water along with other beauty ingredients and Vitamin C derivatives for purified skin tone. Designed for convenient use by all skin types and women of all ages.

How to use: Pull out a sheet at a time and gently wipe off makeup or any other impurities along the skin texture. Close the lid completely to avoid drying after each use.

For use:
* For makeup or removal
* After exercise
* When traveling, moving or climbing
* Before and after eating
* When driving
* When washing patients in hospital

My thoughts: I've tried many different wipes (Ponds to MAC) in the past, but I keep coming to this one. It's really refreshing, removes the makeup, doesn't feel harsh, and best of all it smells good. What more can I ask of this! :)
Here's a picture of four different eyeliners on my hand. From left to right, I have a regular eye pencil (Max Factor), two liquid eyeliners (The Body Shop... click here to see my posts), and cream eyeliner (L'oreal).
I took this picture after one wipe. Can you imagine what damage it can do using these wipes!?!? :)
Here's a picture of the wipe after one swoop across the eyeliners.

* It's really refreshing and cooling to the skin.
* It isn't harsh on the skin.
* Removes makeup well.
* Doesn't smell alcohol-like compare to some wipes.
* It smells fruity.
* I think it's comparable to MAC wipes, but this one smells better!
* You can take these for travels.
* You can carry it in your purse.

* Hard to find.

Would I buy this again? Yes! :)

Rating: 4.5/5 Tobey's Paws


fuzkittie said...

Nice! But I have NEVER seen these, haha.

M said...

I love how you use tobey's paws to do your rating :P uber cute

i saw these cleaning wipes at the korean store the other day, too bad i didn't have the time to try one >.<

thanks for the review! ;D

Askmewhats said...

that looks like a great product! too bad it's not available widely!!! said...

I wonder how much it cost. I'd love to try them.

Dao said...

Wow, nice! Looks like it's really soft. I'm using my EDM wipes sparingly because I don't know if it's being discontinued or not.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

they look awesome to use!! i find that cleansing towel dont remove as much as lotion, but i always do a 2nd cleansing after wearing makeup though.

miemiemie said...

that's pretty interesting. you should try the makeup remover wipes from the face shop! smells heavenly! i hate scented stuff, but the scent of these are so addicting..i really can't describe it though..but its nice in my opinion and it takes off my waterproof mascara in a snap! amazing stuff, korean brands are pretty good. :)

Neeyuh said...

Thank you for the review!! I wish I knew where to find them around here, I really need something like this.

Anonymous said...

those look like they work pretty well! i've never tried mac's face cloths. i used the ones from everyday minerals. those work nice. i need some more face wipes though. sometimes i'm lazy to wash my face! ahhhh

L said...

thanks for tha review aly, i agree with fuz, ive NEVER seen these wipes. maybe its cuz im in japan? lol

i use babywipes! unscented! LOL


(( K@Y )) said...

Looks pretty good since you give it a 4.5.

Ahleessa said...

((K@Y)): These are pretty good. I like them a lot... hehe~ :)

Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

its too bad they are hard to find and seems like a lot of us never seen them

dang all these HG products are hard to find hee

Jnie said...

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I tried bringing her into my room last night. Because we don't have a crate/cage, I put a diaper on her and let her sleep in my room. No crying at all.
You think I should just ignore her altogether? she's just so young can tell who's winning huh, darn..

Fabuless Beauty said...

I love your Tobey's paw rating system =)

Anonymous said...

where can I buy them from?

Ahleessa said...

Anonymous: The only place I know is a Korean beauty store. Other than that, I don't know. This is a hard to buy item I think. Sorry I wasn't much help!

cherry89 said...

I have oily skin that sometimes breaks out and these are definately amazing. They are not too drying just the right amount of moisture and actually don't make my skin oily when i wake up which happens with others. I like to use them when i can't wash or as a toner depending on my pocketbook. Im definately gonna invest on buying the big boxes though as the nearby korean beauty store now has the big boxes not just the little packets.

Ahleessa said...

At the moment, I buy Kirkland wipes from Costco since it's easily accessible and close by. In all honesty, I still think Geo Cleansing Tissue is the best I've tried so far! I'm glad to hear this worked well for you. Thank you for telling me! :)

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