Monday, January 12, 2009

Pink/Purple Challenge

Trinh, my kim-chi eating buddy, has been very persistent I do my pink/purple challenge. Actually, let me rephrase that and she reminds me everyday since she gave me this challenge... lol~ :P She challenged me to do a pink/purple, and I challenged her to do silver/purple and orange/black challenge (she owed me one from a long time ago)... hehe~ :P I wanted to do something different which I have never done, and I think the purple came out nice. The pink, on the other hand, doesn't really stand out... lol~ :X Oh well, this is the best I could do at the last moment. Here's my look! :X

MAC Paint Pot in Perky
MAC Pigment in Helium on the lid and bottom foiled
MAC Pigment in Violet on the lid foiled
CG Sugar Rush as highlight
L'oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Black
Smashbox Cream Eye Liner Duo in Smashing Beacon on the inner corner and bottom 1/3
Hard Candy Mascara

So that's how my eye (yeah I only did one eye) looks open and slightly close.

What do you think?

My kim-chi eating buddy and I have been in talks about my arm warmers. I'm thinking and the key word is "thinking" of making another blog and trying to sell these. Here's a picture of my model, Tobey, wearing it to refresh your memories.
Isn't Tobey's hand so cute!?!?... hehe~ :) Anyways, it takes me two days to make these if I'm concentrated (one day for each arm). Yes, I'm that slow... hehe~ :P Another reason why I'm thinking of doing this is because it will help me out financially. The question is...

How much are you willing to pay for these arm warmers and would you buy these from me?


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!!!!! you finally posted. thank you honey! i love your look. i really like how the purple stands out! does tobey has his own pair of arm warmers? you could make him little booties for his little toesies! ooooooh cute!

fuzkittie said...

Love the purple liner!! You did a great job~

Askmewhats said...

Super pretty look! I love the liner!!! it really pops the eye!!!

Wow..wway to go girl for selling those arm warams, its time you should, sorry I won't be of help though coz we never have arm warmers here so I'm not sure how much people are wiling to pay, but goodluck with your business :) I'm sure a lot would love it!

so-FEE_ah said...

I love how the purple liner came out so gorgeous

Kimberly Tia said...

how cuuuuute!
good job on your tut, you and trinh are soo funny with your postings!!! ha ha ha

about your arm warmers, try going on girl and selling them or gauging how much you can sell them for on there!
I would say do them for $10-$15 with $5 s/h ^_^ they're reallly really cute! I just posted my custom made sackboy and all my craft/crochet projects. =)

word verif.: tagged

miemiemie said...

oh i remember that photo of tobey's paw, so cute!:) we have people selling those in my country..from shawls, cardigans, cellphone holders, etc. they don't sell that much here coz no one wants to buy them, its HOT here.. but if you'd sell them in foreign countries, much cooler countries, i guess they'll cost more.sorry no help at all...

and i love your pink-purple eye :) its pretty!

Digital Angel said...

This is really really pretty, I remember you did my contest while ago, I also liked that look. But I really like this now, I read like twice if you used actual liner, but I see that you used pigment in violet, I do have some of violeg pigment too but how did you make line that thin ? I am not sure if I do have that thin brush or liner. Looks very different!

yumeko said...

wow love the purple liner!
u should check on like Tia mentioned, i would check for u but tat's blocked at work XD

i probably wouldnt buy any as i dont wear arm warmers and am allergic to wool but i'd totally advertise on my site for u ^^

kawaiikao said...

those arm warmers are so cute! i would totally buy them only if my doggie didnt bite on all the clothes i buy her :[ i think it's a great idea though!

makemeup said...

This look color on you looks great,love the purple liner and the pink shimmery shadows!

Dao said...

Tobey is such a cute hand model! You definitely should open an Etsy store and sell those for $10-15 a pair, depending on what type of yarn you use.

Vanessa M. said...

very cool...i love love that purple liner!! and aww toby is cute :) hmm idk how much they go for, but say it soon cuz winter is almost over!

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